Creating Your First Character



races - the many playable races of Alyria

There are 14 different adventuring races in Alyria:

Human       Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Ogre       Fey        Sahuagin
Gnome       Halfling    Dracon      Minotaur    Drow       Sidhe      Sporefolk


human - a playable race which is average, with no downsides and great flexibility

Averaging between five and six feet in height, Humans are the most
populous race in the world.  The Humans have established settlements on
every continent, and their appearances vary widely depending on ancestry.
Almost any hair, eye, or skin color that you can imagine can be found on a
group of Humans somewhere.

Although they have no special biological talents like the other races,
Humans are far more versatile, able to be trained in almost all classes.
The Humans were the first to discover how to focus magical energies, and
as a result they can utilize items to enhance their attributes more
effectively than any other race.  Additionally, the Human religions
encourage a very personal connection with the Powers, and allow quicker
reincarnation to occur.

Humans racial bonuses: 
   A (level/15) power bonus to religious spells.
   6 additional spells to spellbook capacity.

   8% more frequent skill betters.
   20% shorter death timer.


elf - a playable race which specializes in spellcasting

Elves are slightly shorter than humans, and have a much lighter build.
They lack the strength and stamina of the larger races, but are far more
agile, both in body and mind.  Elves tend to make their homes deep within
secluded forests, but always remain in touch with the world around them.
The easiest way to recognize an elf is by their pointy ears.

Because of their affinity with nature, Elves posses the ability to blend
in with their surroundings, can see in the dark, and are difficult to
control through magic.  They tend to have strong morals, and can
instinctively sense evil creatures.  While their intelligence allows them
to pursue almost any type of magical or religious training they desire,
Elves are limited in their choices of other vocations.

Elves' racial ability is to be able to innately determine when they are in a
wooded area, and to deal 15% more damage with spells while in the woods.


half-elf - a playable race with many of the benefits of both humans and elves

Half-Elves are the result of a cross-breeding between a Human and an Elf,
the only interracial pairing that can successfully produce offspring.
Half-Elves possess the strength of a Human and the agility of an Elf, and
fall somewhere between the two in height and weight.  They are readily
accepted in either Elven or Human society, but because of their unusual
heritage Half-Elves are unable to reproduce.  

While they can see in the dark and resist magical control like their Elven
ancestors, Half-Elves also inherit Human versatility and can be trained in
most classes.  They seem to regenerate faster and are less likely to get
sick than either Elves or Humans, most likely because of their genetic

Half-elves' racial ability is to be able to innately determine when they are
in a wooded area, and to have a 30% chance per tick to cure their own poison
while in the woods. Half-elves and their mounts are immune to tangle vines.
Half-elves deal 14% more damage with slug-thrower and archery weapons.


dwarf - a hardy playable race from the underground

Dwarves are short, stocky demi-humans, known for their foul tempers.  They

often prefer building their cities underground, and enjoy working with the

earth.  Dwarves are excellent miners, and possess more detailed knowledge on

gems and metalsmithing than any other race.  They can easily be identified

by the long beards that both males and females alike wear proudly.  

While Dwarves are not as smart as some of the other races, they are usually

wiser due to their long lifespans.  Their great physical strength and

stamina makes them resistant to the effects of poison, disease, and magic,

and centuries of working underground have given the Dwarves a keen ability

to see in the dark.  While they are excellent fighters, Dwarves are not very

dexterous and often distrust the use of magical spells.  

Dwarves' racial ability is to deal 10% more damage with bashing weapons. 

Dwarves dig more effectively than others, possessing a baseline of +25 dig. 

While in Underground wildernesses, Dwarves can see 2 distance further.  In

addition, dwarves' hardiness not only makes them resistant to disease and

poison, but reduces 10% of critical hits taken to non-critical.


ogre - a playable race that focuses on the physical, brutish aspects of life

Ogres are the largest and strongest of the races, averaging over seven feet

in height.  They resemble enormous humans, but tend to be almost hairless. 

While Ogres often organize into tightly-knit communities, they tend not to

interact much with the other races.  Their cities are usually located in

mountainous or hilly areas, and their buildings are made from stones so

large that no other people would be able to move them.  

Because of their massive size and strength, Ogres make excellent fighters,

and they are always greatly feared by their enemies.  Their thick skins

provide them a bonus to their armor resistance which increases as they gain

in experience and makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold.  They also

tend to be a bit dull-witted and thus somewhat open to mental attacks. 

Their lack of intellect also prevents Ogres from using magic very well, and

their massive size makes them ineffective as thieves.  

Ogres typically have poor vision, and their ranged combat abilities suffer

from it.  Ogres suffer from 50% increased distance penalties in combat. 

(for more information, see HELP MYOPIA)

Ogres' racial ability is to gain twice as much a damage bonus from heavy

weapons.  (for more information, see HELP WEIGHT)


fey - a playable race from the ethereal plane who resemble demons

The Fey are an evil race of bloodthirsty creatures from the plane of
faerie, who have come to the world of Alyria in order to gain power.  They
are small, twisted humanoids, with sharp fangs used to drink the blood of
mortals.  While the Fey do have wings like their cousins the Sidhe, they
are small and leathery, like those of a bat.

Because they are not native to the physical plane, Fey are immune to
poison and resistant to disease and magical control. They also have the
special ability to assume the semblance of any living being, and can fade
out of existence to avoid attacks.  Unfortunately, due to their ethereal
nature, Fey are harmed by sunlight, water, and the touch of iron, since
these things disrupt their physical forms on this plane.  Though limited
in power in the mortal realms, the Fey are still considered formidable

The racial ability of the Fey is an increase of 1 skillpower for every 2
units of blood in their room while casting offensive spells.


gnome - a playable race that focuses on invention and cleverness

Gnomes have been the enemies of Dwarves for many centuries.  The two races

descended from a common ancestor, and the conflict between them arose when

the Gnomes wished to focus on mechanical innovation rather than subterranean

exploration.  They found that their interests aligned closely with those of

the Humans, and left the Dwarven cities to live with humankind.  With the

increased interaction between races, Gnomes have gradually learned to become

more tolerant of their cousins.  

While Gnomes are much shorter than Humans, their wiry forms are more and

durable.  They have an incredible ability to regenerate, and resistance to

poison, disease, and magical attacks.  Their intelligence and quickness make

them well-suited for many different professions, although they are not as

skilled in fighting as some of the other races, with a maximum of 90


Gnomes' racial ability is a 25% reduction in items' decay and spark rates.


halfling - a playable race that are stealthy and focus on ambushing opponents

Halflings are the most diminutive humanoid race, averaging about four feet

in height.  Like the elves, they tend to live in secluded communities, and

are very much in tune with nature.  While Halflings lack physical strength

and stamina, they are quite dexterous and intelligent, relying on their wits

and skill to survive.  They are also one of the hairiest races of all,

sprouting tufts all over their bodies, especially their feet, leading them

to eschew footwear of any kind.  

Because they are so small and agile, Halflings can move much faster than

most of the larger races, often getting in two attacks before an opponent

can make one.  They also have the ability to avoid detection, and can easily

find creatures that are attempting to hide.  Because of their strong

connection with the natural world, Halflings are resistant to all magical


Halflings' racial ability is to be able to sneak between rooms affected by

room spells such as circle of fire and circle of thorns undetected, as well

as a 15% chance to evade snares while sneaking.  Halflings all receive

triple benefits from cunning strikes.


dracon - a playable race descended from dracons, with tough, scaly skin

The Dracons are a race of large humanoids who were magically evolved from
dragons.  They strongly resemble their ancestors, and although they are
only about five feet tall, they still have scaly skin, sharp teeth, long
tails, and massive wings.  Because of their origins, Dracons are innately
evil.  They are natural enemies of the Minotaurs, and will attempt to
attack and kill them whenever possible.

Along with their appearance, the Dracons also inherited many abilities
from their ancestors.  One power that they still possess is the skill to
breathe fire, frost, lightning, gas, or acid at their foes.  Dracons also
have limited flying ability, and retain their thick hides.  As a result,
Dracons gain a bonus to their armor resistance which increases as they
gain experience and are resistant to fire and to bashing weapons. A flaw
in their skin makes them vulnerable to extreme cold.  While they are
physically strong, they tend to be rather dull-witted and can only be
trained in a few different classes.

Dracons' racial ability is to make elemental breath attacks without hindrance.


minotaur - a playable race with the heads of bulls, strong and aloof

 Minotaurs are an elite, somewhat aloof group of humanoid creatures, who
 believe themselves to be far better than other races.  They were
 originally created as a magical experiment designed to make the perfect
 race, and their ancestry is revealed by the fact that they have the head
 and tail of a bull.  Minotaurs are covered with thick, warm fur, and
 thrive on the arctic continent of Avros.  Due to their thick pelts and
 frigid home, Minotaurs are vulnerable to fire.

 Standing almost seven feet tall, Minotaurs are resistant to disease,
 poison, and bashing weapons.  While they are by nature excellent fighters,
 their arrogance sometimes causes them to underestimate their opponents.
 Minotaurs also refuse to train in classes that they consider beneath them,
 and are somewhat limited in their choice of profession. Minotaurs can
 also bash opponents in combat with their fists instead of a shield.

 Minotaurs' racial ability is a 10% reduction in damage taken for 24 Alyrian 
 seconds after bashing with their fists.

 While they are in labyrinths, minotaurs will heal 10% more effectively and 
 receive GMCP (mapper) updates. In addition, minotaurs can flawlessly see 
 and walk through dizzy rooms.


drow - a playable race of elvish descent, who seek to acquire power at all costs

A Drow is an outcast Elf who, against normal Elven nature, worships the
forces of darkness.  Reviled by most, the Drow work in secret, learning as
much as they can about black magic. They tend to dwell in underground
lairs or in deep, dark forests, and avoid contact with other races unless
it will help them further their knowledge of evil.  They are stockier than
other Elves, and tend to have darker skin as well.

Although few Elves are willing to admit it, Drow possess some of the same
abilities that they do. They can see in the dark, and are able to locate
hidden creatures with ease. Drow are difficult to control through magical
means, and in addition can avoid the effects of the necromantic forces
that they know so well. However, Drow are highly vulnerable to the forces
of goodness, and are often easily dispatched by holy weapons and spells.


sidhe - a playable race from the ethereal plane who resemble angels

The Sidhe are faeries from the ethereal plane; thin, up to six feet in

height, handsome and young-looking despite their great age.  Their forms are

shadowy, and they can only fully materialize in the presence of another

humanoid.  Even their beauty is that of another world.  Their skin is soft,

their hair long and flowing, their clothes blindingly white.  Their voices

are sweet and seductive, and they have shimmering translucent wings, like

those of a butterfly.  

The Sidhe have the ability to cast a glamour over weaker beings, which lets

them influence the behavior of others, slip by dangerous places virtually

undetected, or assume the form of another creature.  Because they are

inherently good beings, Sidhe are difficult to control with magic, and can

sense the presence of evil creatures.  Although their powers are greatest on

the ethereal plane, they are yet powerful in the mortal realms, impervious

to the effects of poison and resistant to disease.  However, they are still

vulnerable to the cold touch of iron.  

Sidhe' superior eyesight and possession of object permanence grant a

baseline of +25 search.  Use of this knowledge in combat can be used to

evade attackers while Glamoured, provided "combat defense evasion" is