Creating Your First Character

Basic Attributes and Vital Stats


attributes - describe various character attributes

 The values describing your character's strength, sanity,
 stamina, knowledge, wisdom, agility, personality, courage,
 luck, and vitality are commonly known as STATISTICS (stats)
 or ATTRIBUTES. Each attribute will affect your character in
 a different way.

 Depending on the race you chose for your character, some
 attributes may have the ability to be trained higher or
 lower than others.

 Each class has a "prime" attribute, one that the class needs
 most of all in order to learn the skills of that class. You
 can find a list of each classes' prime attributes by viewing
 the helpfile for each individual class. Gaining points in your
 prime attribute can also increase the number of skills that
 you can automatically increase as you progress through levels
 of experience.

 Please be aware your HP/SP/ST gains from each level are
 no longer based on your CURRENT statistics (such as wisdom) -
 these gains are now calculated based on your MAXIMUM of that 
 stat. Leveling gear (items with specific stat boosts) is thus 
 NO LONGER NECESSARY, nor is training statistics solely for the 
 purpose of increasing leveling gains. For more information, 

     This is a measure of the brute force one can bring to bear
     in any given endeavor. It affects how much you can carry,
     and will allow stronger characters to wield heavier
     armor and weaponry. It will also increase the damage you do
     with weapons.

     This is a measure of the intelligence of your character.
     The higher the knowledge of a character, the less effort
     he or she will need to expend in spell casting, and learning
     new skills.

     This is a measure of the "common sense" of a character. It
     allows for self-improvement, and in some cases, helps a
     character resist certain works of deceit. 

     This is a measure of the speed and precision of a character.
     It affects many things, but its affects are most obvious
     in a combat role, as agile characters are more likely to hit
     a target, and conversely, cause an opponent to miss them.

     This is a measure of a character's charm. It is not just a
     measure of how likable a character is, but helps to measure
     his or her ability to lead, negotiate, or otherwise interact
     with other characters.

     This is a measure of a character's general health and well-
     being. More robust characters are able to take more hits
     in combat, travel farther distances, and tend to need less
     sleep than is normal. Vitality also helps in the regeneration
     of hit points and stamina.

     This is a measure of how lucky a character is. This attribute
     is used quite often with just about everything.

     This is a measure of a character's ability to conquer his
     or her fear. Some monsters generate a magical fear which
     instills a completely irrational terror in players and mobiles         
     surrounding it. Courage can, for instance, help a character
     override this fear and act normally for a period of time.

     This is a measure of a character's ability to resist insanity,
     and his or her ability to control magical forces. Characters
     with a high sanity characteristically recover from their
     spellcasting efforts in less time, and can sometimes force a
     spell to finish regardless of the absence of material
     components through sheer will power.


vital statistics - information on hit points, stamina, and spell power

 Hit points, stamina, and spell power are often referred to as
 your vital statistics, and are the values that are shown on
 the prompt.

     Your hit points are used up when you are injured; whether
     through combat, spells, or other miscellaneous factors. If
     these points reach zero, your character will die.

     Spell power is used up when you cast magical spells or use
     certain magical abilities.
     Stamina is very important in Alyria - your stamina is used
     up slowly when you do battle, move around in the world, or
     use certain exhausting commands.