A world of text adventure is waiting for you.

Welcome to Materia Magica, an online fantasy game where your imagination is the only system requirement.

For over two decades, our players have journeyed to the magical world of Alyria for adventures in fun, old-school, multiplayer text-based gaming. It's completely free to play: no ads, no in-app purchases required.

Play Now

To connect to Materia Magica with your own client, the address is:
materiamagica.com, port 23 (or 4000).

Rich Fantasy Adventure

Updated continuously with new quests, features, and content, there's practically limitless adventure for all. Come experience the Materia Magica universe!

Text-Based Accessibility

In old school MUD tradition, players adventure via text descriptions and commands, making it highly accessible for screen readers, or pretty much any computer or mobile device.

100% Free to Play

There's no subscriptions or hidden fees. Materia Magica is and has always been entirely supported by its fantastic and dedicated players.

“Materia Magica, a MUD with a 20 year history, is undertaking a project as ambitious as it is surprisingly straightforward: It wants to make this most visual of genres accessible to the visually impaired.”

— “How Blind Players Made a Text-Only RPG More Accessible”, VICE Waypoint

What Is a MUD, Anyway?

Before the modern age of MMORPGs with cutting-edge 3D graphics, text adventure games were everywhere. MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) are text-based, real-time multiplayer games that combine the best parts of role-playing games, hack-and-slash combat, interactive fiction, and online chat.

MUDs like Materia Magica allow you to explore a virtual world with other players, requiring nothing but your own imagination.

Screenshot of Materia Magica being played in a MUD client window.