Creating Your First Character


Here is a list of classes available to play.


classes - the primary different pursuits and disciplines of Adventurers

Character classes in Alyria are as follows:

FIGHTER          MAGE          CLERIC          THIEF
Barbarian        Wizard        Priest          Rogue
Cavalier         Monk          Druid           Bard
Valkyrie         Ranger        Shaman          Knave
Paladin          Psionic       Witch


barbarian - a fighter class that focuses on tanking and dealing damage

Barbarians are nomadic warriors who journey across the vast lands of
the world, often making their livings as mercenaries. Devoting their
lives to the improvement of their bodies, Barbarians strive to reach a
state of physical perfection. They tend to be the most powerful class of
fighters, relying upon brute strength to crush their opponents. Years of
endurance training give Barbarians the ability to heal their wounds very
quickly, although they are also experts at defensive techniques.

Barbarians are masters of all forms of armed and unarmed combat. Once
experienced, they are able to attack much faster than their enemies, and
tend to do more damage with each blow. Because axes can cleave through
opponents with the greatest force, they are the preferred weapons of most
Barbarians. Other bladed weapons are also popular, including daggers,
swords, spears, and halberds. While Barbarians believe that it is
somewhat cowardly to use axes and spears as throwing weapons, they are
still trained to fight with them in this manner.

Various tribes of Barbarians can be found in different parts of the world.
While they seldom battle against each other, two tribes sometimes end up
fighting as hired mercenaries on opposites sides of a war. Young
Barbarians wishing to test their abilities often travel to Tellerium, a
city located on the continent of Avros. Because its residents distrust
the use of magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to hone combat skill.

A Barbarian's primary attribute is STRENGTH.

The following races may choose Barbarian:

Human       Half-elf    Dwarf       Ogre      Fey       Halfling
Dracon      Minotaur    Drow        Sahuagin  Sporefolk


cavalier - a fighter class which relies on its mounts

Cavaliers are an elite class of top-notch fighters. Only the most
skilled warriors are accepted into the training, and must go through years
of practice. The main focus of the Cavaliers is mounted combat, and they
must be masterful riders on horses and various other animals. The program
is extremely demanding and requires a great deal of endurance, making
vitality the most important concern of the Cavalier.

Because they almost always fight while mounted, the polearm is the weapon
of choice for Cavaliers. They are also trained in other weapons that can
be used in the saddle, including lances, pikes, halberds, swords, maces,
and throwing knives. In fact, Cavaliers are far more effective while
riding, and feel somewhat out of place in combat on the ground. They are
still able to strike harder and more quickly than most opponents, and can
regenerate faster after being wounded.

The Cavalier's guild began as an equestrian club centuries ago, but
gradually evolved to include combat training. Due to keeping their techniques
modern while retaining their historical panache and combat styles,
Cavaliers are still some of the best fighters around. Young
Cavaliers wishing to test their abilities often travel to Tellerium, a
city located on the continent of Avros.  Because its residents distrust
the use of magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to hone combat skill.

A Cavalier's primary attribute is VITALITY.

The following races may choose Cavalier:

Human       Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Halfling    Minotaur
Drow        Sidhe       Sporefolk


valkyrie - a fighter class which focuses on defense and not dying

Valkyries are an exclusive group of top-notch warriors. Although their name
is derived from a mythical tribe of warrior women, they accept all genders in
their ranks, and like their namesakes, Valkyries are famous around
the world for their prowess in battle. They often make their livings
working as mercenaries, and tend to receive higher wages than most other
fighters. Because they value courage above all other virtues, Valkyries
are proud and dedicated soldiers.

Well trained for combat situations, Valkyries prefer fighting with long
spears.  In addition, they are skilled in the use of flails, polearms,
swords, whips, and axes or spears that can be thrown. They can strike
as hard and as fast as normal Barbarians, and are also more skilled
in evasion tactics than any other class.

The various tribes of Valkyries are composed of individuals who have
rejected the patriarchal structure found in normal society. They seek to
demonstrate that women can be aggressive, powerful, and competent
warriors, and they are among the most feared enemies of most other groups.
It has been proven time and time again that they fight as well as (or
better than) most men. Young Valkyries sometimes leave their tribes to combat
inequality in the world, and often travel to Tellerium, a city located on
the continent of Avros.  Because its residents distrust the use of
magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to demonstrate combat skill.

A Valkyrie's primary attribute is COURAGE.

The following races may choose Valkyrie:

Human       Elf       Half-elf    Ogre        Fey       Gnome
Drow      Sidhe       Sahuagin    Sporefolk


paladin - a fighter class that specializes in healing others

Paladins are holy knights, venturing into foreign lands to defend
their faith. These valiant crusaders often journey with clerics,
defending them in situations where physical force becomes necessary.
Paladins strive to do good deeds in the name of the Powers, and will
struggle to prevent injustice wherever they find it. They are well-known
around the world for their extraordinary courage in the face of danger.

While Paladins are highly versatile, able to use a wider variety of
weapons than any other class, they prefer to fight with a sword.  They can
strike harder and faster than almost any foe, and are just as effective in
combat while mounted. In addition to their prowess in battle, Paladins
can channel the power of the Powers in order to perform minor magical feats
such as granting protection, curing ailments, and helping the faithful.

The Holy Order of the Paladin was established by the minor Powers many
centuries ago. Only the purest and strongest among the faithful are granted
this divine favor, since it is a solemn responsibility that requires lifelong
dedication. Paladins are charged with the defense of all that is holy,
and must respect all religions as their own.  When they are called by the
Powers, young Paladins travel to the city of Tellerium, in order to hone
their combat skills before traveling out into the world.

A Paladin's primary attribute is COURAGE.

The following races may choose Paladin:

Human       Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Gnome     Halfling
Sidhe       Sahuagin


wizards - a mage class that knows utility and damage spells

Wizards are the most versatile type of magic-users, usually not specializing
in any one discipline. Their spellcasting style has remained unchanged
since magic was first discovered, and works by reshaping the very fabric
of reality. Wizards are experts at focusing the ethereal energy around
them, which can produce many powerful effects.

While Wizards tend to classify themselves as white or black magicians,
they are all familiar with the same types of spells. White Wizards use
their powers for good, while Black Wizards further the forces of evil.  A
Wizard can use magic to enhance their own abilities, strike down a foe,
travel through space, or manipulate the world around them. Because the
arcane arts require intense concentration and study, Wizards are not
very skilled in non-magical combat, preferring to fight with daggers
or other simple weapons such as hooks, scythes, or swords.

The Council of the Arcane is a group of the seven most powerful Wizards in
the world, and one of its most important duties is the discussion of new
directions that magical research should take; the primary concern of
all Wizards is the pursuit of knowledge. The Council also settles any
disputes that arise between members of the class, since no other courts
truly understand the intricate politics of the Wizards. Young Wizards
often journey to the city of Sigil, located on the continent of Auryn.
Because the moons imbue this part of the world with a high concentration
of magical energy, the city provides the best environment for occult

A wizard's primary attribute is KNOWLEDGE.

The following races may choose Wizard:

Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Ogre      Fey 
Gnome     Halfling    Dracon      Minotaur    Drow      Sidhe


monk - mages who have abandoned greater goals and seek personal glory

The traditional life of a monk in a hermitage isn't all that it was sold as.

Vows of chastity and poverty and asceticism kept adherents faithful by

restricting their worldview, and in the ever-widening perspective of the

world of the future, those vows simply aren't that appealing anymore, and

perhaps never were at all.  

That entire previous approach to understanding faith becomes foreign, as the

existing monastic orders empty out and continue to fail to attract new

followers.  The lived existence of being a monk or nun changes, from one of

sacrosanct poverty that rejects the material world, to one that embraces the

world's mysteries and seeks to understand it.  

As expressions of faith bring the personal relationship with the divine into

focus, more scholarly monks have emphasized community, collecting the

threads of humanity and weaving them into a metaphorical tapestry in order

to understand the larger world in a comprehensible way.  

Other monks spiral away from their former lives, disenchanted by entire

lives now rejected and too naive to resist temptation.  These dispossessed

souls still retain all of their knowledge, but lack the wisdom to steer away

from selfishness, and embrace the wonders of the world in order to abuse and

exploit them for personal gain.  The Monks of Metonychoseuthis have risen in

power catastrophically, as a result.  

As their roles in society change, monks' historical pursuits tend to fall by

the wayside, they inevitably find new ones, more attuned to their interests

and the lives they lead.  

These avenues of exploration can manifest as physical discipline, sparring

with others' bodies as ably as they do their rhetorical ideas; as rejecting

the materialist world in favor of sublime naturalism; as embracing the

opacity of the unknown; or any of a thousand other lives.  

Whatever affinity remains for the historical institutions, survives most

hardily in Sigil, home of one of the largest magical libraries in existence.

A Monk's primary attribute is KNOWLEDGE.  

The following races may choose Monk:

Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Gnome     Halfling

Drow      Sidhe       Sahuagin


rangers - a mage class that receives a wide variety of magic

 Rangers are mages who draw their power from the world around them.
 They are very closely attuned to the cycles and voices of nature, and can
 use this ability to channel the ethereal energy that flows through all
 living things. By harnessing the forces of nature, Rangers are able to
 enhance their own abilities, strike out against opponents, or even reshape
 the world around them. Their knowledge of plants and herbs allows rangers
 to make many useful concoctions as well.
 Because they spend so much time outdoors, Rangers possess a variety of
 useful skills that do not depend on magic. Heightened perception allows
 them to scan far along the horizon or track down almost any quarry, and
 even carefully hidden traps look out of place to a skilled Ranger. As
 part of their attunement with nature, Rangers keep themselves in excellent
 physical shape, and are far more agile than other classes of magicians.
 When engaging in combat, Rangers prefer fighting with a sword, but are
 also skilled with hunting weapons such as daggers, darts, spears, yo-yos,
 and throwing knives or stars.
 In order to become a part of nature, Rangers lead solitary lives, residing
 in secluded forests. Some Rangers eventually choose to journey throughout
 the world, and most often start by visiting the city of Sigil. Because it
 is located on the continent of Auryn, the city is imbued with strong
 magical energy by the moons, and provides an excellent environment for
 occult studies.
 A Ranger's primary attribute is AGILITY.
 The following races may choose Ranger:
 Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf     Ogre      Fey 
 Gnome     Halfling    Minotaur    Drow      Sidhe     Sporefolk


psionic - a mage class that receives unique magic which targets other Adventurers

Psionics are advanced scholars in the science of the mind and its use
over the material world. Unlike other mages, they are able to control
ethereal energy around them merely by willing it, and therefore do not
require the use of spellbooks or magical reagents. Their focus on mental
control makes sanity their paramount concern, for in casting a spell a
Psionic must be able to withstand the rigors of manipulating reality
with the mind.

Psionics have a unique selection of spells to choose from, as the magic of
the mind is different from the magic of other mages. However, their
spells achieve some of the same effects, such as enhancing the abilities
of the caster or lashing out at enemies. Psionics also have many unique
powers, and can assume the appearance of a common object, view the world
through the eyes of another, or even cause others to forget they were ever
there.  While they can usually protect themselves with magic, Psionics can
also do battle with whips, or with simple weapons like maces or daggers.

Cloistered away in a monastary-like training environment for ten years,
Psionics have a mental discipline that is almost incomprehensible to most
people.  After completing their education, they often seek adventure and
excitement, and look for any opportunity to use their enhanced brain
power.  Many young Psionics journey to Sigil, because it is located on the
continent of Auryn.  The city is imbued with strong magical energy by the
moons, and provides an excellent environment for occult studies.

A Psionic's primary attribute is SANITY.

The following races may choose Psionic:

Human       Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Fey       Gnome
Halfling    Dracon      Minotaur    Drow        Sahuagin  Sporefolk


priest - a cleric class focused on healing and defense

Priests are a class of religious missionaries. They venture into
unknown lands to seek new followers for the Power they follow, although
different groups tend to use different styles of evangelization.
Priests usually represent organized religions, and come from many races.
They rely upon the blessing of their deity to perform magic, and are
often the most self-righteous class of clerics.

Because they command the favor of the Power they follow, Priests have
the ability to call down holy energies to empower themselves. Using prayer
and meditation techniques, they can remove virulent curses, exorcise
demons, protect themselves and their brethren, or perform simple
tasks such as creating food and water. Priests seldom go forth to face
the heathens unprepared, and receive limited combat training with blunt,
usually non-fatal weapons such as the mace. They are also skilled in the
use of shields, and with weapons that can be used defensively, such as
flails, polearms, and whips.

In addition to the seeking of converts, Priests journey around the world
in search of wisdom and enlightenment. Because there are Priests of many
different faiths, their beliefs vary widely, and sometimes they are
completely opposite. The different churches seldom agree with each other,
often competing for followers. Young clerics often make pilgrimages to
Xaventry, a town located on the continent of Sepharia, because it is the
birthplace of most religions practiced today.

A Priest's primary attribute is WISDOM.

The following races may choose Priest:

Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Halfling    Drow      Sidhe


druid - a cleric class which uses nature magic to perform a variety of tasks

Druids are clerics who have an intimate bond with the natural world.
When magic was still young, a group of Gray Wizards emerged from among the
black and white magicians, wanting to remain neutral in the conflict
between good and evil. After discovering that their views did not fit
into society, they withdrew into the secluded forests of Alyria.

Calling themselves Druids, these secluded mages are dedicated to
understanding the universe, and seek knowledge wherever they go. Using
the life energy found on the physical plane, Druids are able to invoke or
evoke elemental powers from the ethereal plane, producing a wide variety
of unique effects. Druids also have heightened perception which allows
them to scan far along the horizon, and are able to identify even the most
obscure items. They prefer fighting with flails, but can also wield
daggers, hooks, maces, or nunchaku.

Little is known about the organizations of the Druids, since they are
generally not a part of society.  The fabled Ivory Tower is said to be
their true home, although only a few people have claimed to encounter them
there. Some young Druids choose to travel the world in order to protect
the environment, and they often begin their journeys in the city of
Xaventry, since there is a high concentration of life energy there.

A Druid's primary attribute is KNOWLEDGE.

The following races may choose Druid:

Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Gnome     Halfling
Sidhe     Sahuagin    Sporefolk


shaman - a cleric class which focuses on healing and defensive magic

Shamans are a class of spiritual missionaries.  Representing less
organized sects than their formalized counterparts the Priests, Shamanic
religions tend to worship a pantheon rather than a single Power. Shamans
venture into unknown lands, fighting against anything that is offensive to
the Powers they serve. They prefer being armed only with a mace and a shield,
although they are also skilled in combat with flails, nunchaku, polearms,
staves, whips, and yo-yos.

Because they command the favor of their Powers, Shamans have the ability to
call down holy (or unholy) energies to empower themselves. Using mystic
rites and symbols, they can envelop enemies in pillars of flame, exorcise
demons, protect themselves and their brethren, or perform simple tasks
such as creating food and water.

In addition to defending their faith, Shamans journey around the world in
search of wisdom and enlightenment. Because Shamans come from many
different races, their beliefs vary widely, and in fact they are often
completely opposite from one another. The denominations have a long
history of warring with each other, and with various other religious
groups. Young Shamans often wage jihads in Xaventry, a town located on
the continent of Sepharia, as many other religions are centered there.

A Shaman's primary attribute is WISDOM.

The following races may choose Shaman:

Ogre      Fey    Gnome     Dracon      Minotaur    Sahuagin    Human


witch - a cleric class specializing in debuffs, but lacking in healing

A witch is a rare type of spellcaster. Witches eschew the more dramatic
forms of magic, preferring the more subtle arts of hexes, jinxes, and
curses. They are quite adept at summoning and controlling spirits - those
that have not yet passed beyond the Ethereal Void, and indeed it is this
natural ability of spirit control that separates the dabblers from the
truly powerful. Witches can be both men and women, although more women
seem to be witches than men.

Witches tend to study what could be loosely catalogued as "black magic"
- some of them lean towards neutral use, and in rare cases, good use
of such magics, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Of course,
a witch would never define what she does as black magic, for in the
mind of a witch magic is merely a tool to be used, and they believe if
they were not intended to use it as they wished, they would not possess
the abilities they do. Witches believe in a natural balance between
suffering and compassion, and therefore they do not worry about whether
or not their magic helps or harms so long as they achieve the results they
desire. As far as the witch is concerned, if they cause an individual to
suffer, the individual will receive an equal amount of good to offset the
bad. Whether it occurs in this life or the next isn't the concern of the

When a witch gains a certain amount of experience, she may choose to bind
herself to an aerial spirit. Such a binding increases the power of the
witch significantly, and is not something to be undertaken lightly. The
binding is irrevocable and lasts until the final end of the witches' life.
The binding allows the witch to tap into forces - through the aerial spirit
- that enable her most powerful spells.

Witches have a natural affinity with the towne of Xaventry due to the
high concentration of spirit energy to be found there.

A Witch's primary attribute is WISDOM.

The following races may choose Witch:

Human     Ogre      Fey       Dracon      Drow      Sahuagin


rogue - a thief class which specializes in being unseen and mobile

Rogues are a group of devious thieves who walk the shadows of the
night, and make their livings by stealing from other people. They are
experts at many mischievous skills, including picking locks and pockets,
finding traps and disarming them, identifying obscure items and easy
marks, scanning for victims, and tracking them down. Rogues are also
masters of escaping from danger, learning multiple methods of evasion.
Because of their amazing agility, they are very difficult to hit during

Since Rogues are able to move without being detected, they often strike
their victims with a quick but deadly stab to the back. Rogues prefer
using easily-concealable but dangerous weapons, especially daggers.
Hooks, nunchaku, whips, and yo-yos are also popular, along with knives or
stars that can be thrown at enemies from a distance. While they try to
avoid fights that are not weighted heavily in their favor, Rogues are
still competent warriors, and are able to attack much more quickly than
all but the most skilled of opponents.

The organizations that Rogues form are highly secretive, and their
structures are only fully understood by their members. While they
sometimes come into conflict with each other, only one group tends to
operate in each of the world's major cities. The exception to this is New
Rigel, a popular town located on Sepharia that offers young Rogues a
unique opportunity to hone their thieving skills before journeying to
other places.  

A Rogue's primary attribute is AGILITY.

The following races may choose Rogue:

Human       Half-elf    Dwarf       Ogre      Fey      Gnome
Halfling    Dracon      Minotaur    Drow      Sahuagin Sporefolk


bard - a thief class which uses music to provide buffs to their formation

 Bards are a group of slightly mischievous wanderers, traveling across
 the lands as storytellers. While Bards are trained to play a wide variety
 of different instruments, many have a personal favorite that they use most
 of the time. The most talented performers are able to make a living by
 enchanting audiences with their tales and ballads, although many Bards
 sometimes go through hard times, and need to resort to more devious means
 of survival. They often depend on their luck to get them through
 difficult situations.
 While Bards will insist that they have more integrity than the members of
 the Rogue class, they possess many of the same skills. Their talents
 include picking locks and pockets, identifying obscure items, scanning for
 victims, and moving without being detected. Harsh responses from
 easily-offended audience members make it necessary for Bards to be masters
 of escaping danger, and they are very difficult to hit during combat. If
 provoked into a fight, Bards often surprise their victims with a quick but
 deadly stab to the back. They also enjoy making battles into public
 spectacles, and will use swords to engage their opponents in impressive
 duels. However, Bards are also skilled with daggers, nunchaku, yo-yos, and
 thrown weapons such as knives, stars, or darts.
 The most important ability of the Bards is the power to affect the world
 through music. By playing a certain series of notes, they are able to
 bend the fabric of reality and produce various magical effects. While
 most require the formal training offered by schools of music, some Bards
 are gifted performers who can play naturally. The most popular
 destination for young Bards looking to make a name for themselves is New
 Rigel, a city on the continent of Sepharia. The many tourists visiting
 there provide willing audiences, or if need be, unsuspecting victims.
 A Bard's primary attribute is LUCK.
 The following races may choose Bard:
 Human     Elf         Half-elf    Dwarf       Ogre      Halfling
 Sidhe     Sporefolk


knave - a thief class which relies equally on brute force and underhanded trickery

Knaves are, simply, bullies and thugs. Less versed in social engineering
and devious strategizing than their thief bretheren, knaves typically
prefer to knock teeth out and ask questions later. This is not to say that
they are not a complex folk, as they are feared by law-abiding citizens for
their slyness, intimidation tactics and street-savviness. Knaves are masters
of misdirection, lying and getting what they want through sheer force of

Knaves are not averse to danger, and in many circumstances pursue chaos, both
as a cover for their own nefarious deeds, and to exacerbate any trouble to
suit their own needs. They are as adept at hiding their own intentions in
plain sight as they are at starting a riot to conceal their activities.
Knaves are not averse to bloody flourishes in combat that frighten as much as
they hurt. They prefer short bladed weapons for their versatility and
concealability, and take some considerable pride at being recognized as the
best marksmen in Alyria. 

Knaves' very mindset is diametrically opposed to the notion of centralized
organizations and non-distributed hierarchies; as such, there are few
collectives composed entirely of knaves, and no guilds to speak of. Many
knaves travel frequently, both to find new targets and new jobs, and to evade
any local authorities that might be catching onto them. One relatively
stable place, relatively free from inquiring eyes is the towne of New Rigel.
There, Lord Vashir's lax attitude towards law enforcement has created an
environment both favorable to plying the knaves' trade, and forgiving enough
that young knaves can practice their skills without any lasting negative

A Knave's primary attribute is PERSONALITY.

The following races may choose Knave:

Human       Elf         Half-elf    Drow        Ogre        Fey
Gnome       Halfling    Dracon      Minotaur    Sahuagin    Sporefolk