Rules of Play

The Rules as Written We aim for Materia Magica to be a welcoming and safe community for all people, where players are encouraged to engage in cooperative efforts and healthy competition. However, we firmly condemn abuses of the systems in place, as outlined below. If you encounter a player who violates our policies, we urge you to report this behavior to our support team at Materia Magica's Immortals are its administrators. Immortals keep track of the rules, and how many times they're broken. As such, Immortals reserve the right to interpret the rules and apply consequences as they deem necessary to uphold Materia Magica's cultural objectives. Actions We Reject These subheadings reflect the behaviors we will not tolerate. The contents below are not limited strictly to these policies and fall to the discretion of our Immortals. Cheating - abuse and/or exploitation of glitches, use of hacks, use of third-party programs for the purposes of botting, account sharing, and boosting (the use of one character to benefit another). Abuse of Comms - communication of a toxic, hateful, or disrespectful nature when interacting with staff or other players, spamming or unnecessary repetition of commands or all-caps, or repeated and intentional attempts to abuse these rules systems. Offensive or Inappropriate Names - All RESTRING elements apply in this code of conduct. Threats - emotional abuse, doxxing, bullying, physical harm Harassment excessive griefing or trolling aimed to intentionally detract from another's enjoyment. Advertisement -- engaging in real-world commercial activities in our world is prohibited. The exchange of real-world money for in-game items or services is prohibited. Game and Roleplay Etiquette In Alyria's vibrant realm of immersive roleplay, creativity knows no bounds. We wholeheartedly encourage players to unleash their imaginative spirits. In spite of these limitless possibilities, it remains crucial that the boundaries set by the actions we reject still cast their shadows within these fantastical environments. Be Your Own First Line of Defense Personal Judgment - Use Materia Magica's tools and your own good judgement to enforce the community you'd like to play in. Building the Community - If you see violations of the policy we uphold, report it. If you can step in to support another player and it's safe to do so, take action. Privacy and Security - Never share credentials. Always safeguard your personal information. Report all suspicious activities or potential breaches of security. An Immortal will never ask for your password.