Materia Magica is an Interactive Entertainment Network (IEN), more commonly

referred to as a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), that has undergone consistent

development since its inception in January of 1996.  Within Alyria a world

of boundless enchantment unfolds, owing to the tireless dedication of a

remarkable team of Administrators known as Immortals.  At Materia Magica

LLC, we are unwavering in our commitment to nurture and cultivate this awe-

inspiring universe, where the harmonious blend of magic, courage, and

teamwork gives rise to unparalleled adventures.  



  Game Design:                    Materia Magica LLC.  

  President:                      Tony Roma

  Game Director:                  Kevin Hovdestad 

  Producer:                       Kate Hovdestad 

  Production Coordinator:         Riley Gray 

  Finance Manager:                Jennifer Roma

  Live Operations Manager:        Kevin Stanfield 


Creative Design

  Design QA Analyst:              Seth Shoemake 

  Associate Technical Writer:     Rob Bowersox


Technical Design

  Game Engineer:                  Edward Boyd 

  Associate Programmer:           Daniel Butler 

  Associate Programmer:           Jerry Delong 

  Associate Programmer:           Adam Lau 


Quality Assurance

  Lead QA:                        Seth Shoemake 

  QA Analyst:                     Charles Couch


Community Team

  Community Development Manager:  Cait Martinez 

  Associate Community Manager:    Zachary Landahl 


External Credits

  Rust Consultant:                Nick Pollard

  IT Support:                     Chris Eddy 

  Website Design:                 Rugged Software LLC.


Special Credits

  Special Thanks:                 Robert Deaton

                                  Beth Carrigan

                                  Sean Lyons

                                  Ryan Addams