Play Materia Magica

To connect: port 23 (or 4000)

Hark, adventurer! There are dragons to be defeated and loot to be gained. The world of Alyria needs you!

New to MUD Games?

Materia Magica is an old-school, text-based fantasy game — if you're used to modern, 3D video games, some things might seem a little strange or unfamiliar. Connecting to a MUD like Materia Magica requires a client, and below you can find a few options we recommend for getting started.

The game will teach you lots of basic commands and rules when you first join and create a new character, but you can find more information in the Adventurer's Guide. In the world of Alyria, the more you know, the more fun you'll have (and the better you'll survive!).

Remember: things may seem strange and challenging at first, but there are always other players adventuring in the game. If you have a question, just ask someone in chat!

Visually Impaired Players

Our fantastic community and developers have spent lots of time making Materia Magica more accessible for screen reader play. Check out our guide, which has everything you need to get into the game with our customized MUSHclient bundle.

Quick Start Guide

Download Desktop Client

For the best Materia Magica experience, we recommend downloading MUSHclient. We've got plugins customized specifically for our players including sound packs, area maps, and many other useful features!

To connect, just point your client to, port 23 or 4000.

MUSHclient for Windows

Other Clients

Mobile Apps

Adventuring on the go? Check out our recommended apps to connect to Materia Magica from your tablet or mobile device.

Blowtorch for AndroidMUDRammer for iOS