Adventuring Ph.D.



inventory - lists the items you are currently holding

 This command lists the items that you are currently carrying as well
 as the total number and weight of all the items, and your overall carrying
 capacity. It does not show you items that you are wearing on your body
 - for a list of those items and where they are worn, you must use the
 EQUIPMENT command.

 INVENTORY <keyword> - allows you to only view items in your carried
 inventory that match the specified keyword. This search does not
 accept wildcard arguments.

 INVENTORY reorder <keyword> - moves the specified item to the top of
 your inventory list.

 INVENTORY search <keyword> - allows you to search all your carried
 items, their contents, and the contents of your rented lockers
 at once. This search does not accept wildcard arguments or partial

 INVENTORY search expired - allows you to display all expired items
 in your currently carried inventory. Expired items can be RENEWed
 at certain shopkeepers (see HELP SHOP for more information).


build-buy - how to purchase a housing lot and keys

  The BUILD INFO command is used to get information about available lots
  or information about the home you are in, if you are the owner. With no
  argument, BUILD INFO shows basic information about all your homes and
  their locations (if available), and whether or not they can be managed
  using the BUILD command.

 BUILD INFO LOT [<direction>]
  This command shows information about all adjacent, available home lots
  if no direction is specified, or information about the available home
  lot in <direction>, if the direction is specified. This will display
  how many building points the lot or home costs, and if it is for sale.
 BUILD BUY LOT <direction>
  [9,000 Building Points, but may vary depending on location]
  To buy a lot and build a home, you must be in a room that has adjacent
  lots available. You can see the cost of the lot in building points by
  using the BUILD INFO LOT command.
 When purchased, you will be debited the building points and a 1-room
 home will be built for you on the lot, by the building imps. You will
 receive the key to the front door and can then enter the home and set
 things the way you like them. The home will appear on your RECALL list
 at this point, as well.
 BUILD BUY HOME [<direction>]
  [Gold Pieces Cost Varies]
  To buy a pre-made home, you will use gold pieces instead of building
  points. You must be in a room that has an adjacent home for sale, or
  in the home itself. You can see the cost of the home in gold by
  using the BUILD INFO LOT command.
 When purchased, you will be debited the gold fee and you will become
 owner of the home. The home will, at this point, appear on your RECALL
 list as well.
  Displays information about the home keys that have been issued for this
  home, and the registered owner of the keys. The owner listed may not be
  the player who currently possesses the key. Keys listed on this list
  may be disabled using the BUILD DELETE KEY command. There must be at
  least one key listed for the home.
 BUILD ADD KEY <player name>
  [125 Building Points]
  Creates a key that is linked to your home, and will lock/unlock all doors
  in your home. The <player name> can be any valid player name, but it should
  be used to record who you give the key to.

  [50 Building Points]
  Deletes the key specified by <#> (The number is obtained via HOME INFO
  KEYS). Once deleted from the home's key ring, it will not work to
  lock/unlock any rooms within the home.
  [100 Building Points]
  Sets the home title to <new title>. This is the name of the home that is
  shown whenever you or anyone else enters the home via recall or on foot.