Adventuring Ph.D.

Advanced Attributes and Vital Stats


affects - display active conditions on your character

The AFFECT command will display a list of spells or conditions with which
you are currently affected, as well as applicable durations.

A negative duration indicates that the particular spell or condition will
last indefinitely.

From the affects list, you can also see your ability to resist certain
types of magic and magical effects, such as paralysis and resistance to
magical items if "affects all" is specified. You will also see other
special modifiers such as regeneration modifiers, accuracy modifiers, etc.

Specifying a skill name will limit the results to skill affects matching
that skill. Include multiple word skill names in quotes.

Specifying a search string will limit the results to skill affects
matching that search, or special active affects matching the search.
Include multiple word search strings in quotes.

Search strings can include the following wildcards:
    * Matches everything (e.g., *fred*, or fred* or *fred)
    ? Matches a single character (e.g., fr?d)

In order to remove a beneficial affect from yourself, you can 'affect clear
<skill name>'. This may be desirable if the affect has an undesirable upkeep
cost, or lasts longer than necessary, or any other reason.

In order to see which affects you and your formation have applied to an
opponent, you can 'check victimaffects'.


clear affect - removes a beneficial spell from the user

 The clear command is used to remove unwanted beneficial spells cast 
 on you by equipment or another player.  It does not remove harmful
 spells, and not every beneficial spell can be removed in this way.


prolong suffering - increases the duration of all negative affects on a victim

 By stretching into the future and manipulating the affects on a given target on the way,
 one learned into the chronomantic arts may actually elongate the duration of those
 affects. If a target is particularly weak or the caster particularly wise, the increase
 may stretch beyond just a moment.


affect attributes - attributes that can be modified by affects

Any attribute which is not listed is not yet documented. In addition to these
attributes, there are also different types of attributes which affect other

'Provides resistance' will effectively provide +25 *-prcnt to the resisted
attack. Resistance can cancel a vulnerability and/or provide resistance if
no vulnerability is present, but redundant resistances do nothing beyond

'Increases vulnerability'  will effectively provide -25 *-prcnt to the
attack type. Vulnerability can cancel a resistance and/or cause 
vulnerability if no resistance is present, but redundant vulnerabilities do
nothing beyond that. Material vulnerabilities will harm anyone who carries
items with that material, and prevent the wearing of those items.

'Provides immunity' does what it implies, and supersedes vulnerabilities.

'Alters knowledge' effectively changes knowledge of a skill, between 0-100%,
if that skill is already possessed.

'Grants knowledge' can provide access to a skill if it is not already
possessed, at the amount of knowledge specified.

'Adds resistance to' will cause any uses of that skill in attacks (if
offensive) or any beneficial use (if not) to spontaneously fail with the
frequency listed.

'Increases damage dealt to' functions like +damage, but only to the race

'Reduces damage from' reduces damage taken by a flat amount from the race