The World of Alyria



bank - perform banking functions at a local branch

Banks in Alyria exist to safeguard their depositors' money. In order to 
 maintain the necessary security force to protect large amounts of crass lucre 
 from pirates, robbers, looters, and other rogues, they charge their depositors 
 for keeping their money secure.

 There are many varied banks in the world of Alyria, each with their own fees
 and rates for the deposit and withdrawal of your money. Some will be cheaper,
 some will be more expensive.

 Some banks have multiple branches, and may be accessed in several locations.
 Using most bank commands at a bank will automatically  open an account for you
 at that bank.

 Bankers also will sell bars of rare metals, permitting adventurers to
 temporarily hold onto their gold in object form, until they wish to convert 
 them back. To buy bars, purchase them from bankers; to convert them back into 
 gold, SAYTO BANKER EXCHANGE MY BARS. Bankers are also willing to act as secure
 intermediaries between adventurers that are trading items. For more 
 information, HELP TRADING.

 BANK INFO will give you some basic information about the bank - its name, total
 accounts, total assets, and transaction and withdrawal rates.

 BANK BALANCE will give you a complete listing of how much you have in that 

 BANK DEPOSIT <amount> will allow you to deposit <amount> worth of gold in your
 account. BANK DEPOSIT ALL will deposit all of the gold you currently carry on
 your person into your account.

 BANK WITHDRAW <amount> will allow you to withdraw <amount> worth of gold from
 your account. Please note that some banks charge a transaction fee when money 
 is withdrawn from an account. BANK WITHDRAW ALL will withdraw all of the money 
 in your account into your inventory.

 BANK TRANSFER <amount> <player name> will allow you to withdraw <amount> worth
 of gold from your account and transfer it to <player name>. The player to which
 the money is being transferred must be online at the time the transfer is made.
 Please note that some banks charge a transaction fee when money is transferred
 from an account.

 BANK DEFAULT sets the current bank as your 'default' bank. What this means, is
 that when buying items from stores and over auctions, if you do not have enough
 gold on hand to complete the transaction, the money will be withdrawn from your
 account at this bank.


gold - view the amount of gold you have on hand, and in banks

 This command allows you to view the amount of gold you have on
 hand, and gives you a listing of all current open bank accounts
 and their balances.

 GOLD may be abbreviated as '$'.


locker - access a local or remote locker

 A locker is a storage facility that allows a player to keep extra items,
 such as items they are not currently using, or items they are saving
 for a later time.

 Lockers are located in most major towns. Each locker charges a
 varying monthly (real time) rental fee - some lockers will be cheaper
 than others (usually the more remote the locker, the less expensive
 its monthly maintenance is). Some lockers are magical and can be
 accessed from more than one locker location.

 LOCKER - Alone, the command shows a list of your rented lockers, the
 number of items they contain, and their expiration dates.

 RENT - Rents a new locker, or extends your current locker duration
 an additional real-time month. If you allow your locker to expire,
 you must pay the rent up to the current date before you will be
 allowed to access it. This may be several months worth of payments,
 depending on when your locker rental expired. The items will remain
 in your locker past the expiration date, but will not be accessible
 until such time as the locker rent is paid in full. There is a maximum,
 however, of three months' worth of missed payments so if you are
 gone longer than that you will not have to worry about (too) much
 of a locker payment when you get back.

 STORE <item name> - stores an item in your locker, if room is

 REMOVE <item name> - removes an item from your locker.

 LIST - Lists the items in the current locker.


 SURVEY - While in a locker room, displays the contents of every

 locker that you have rented.


 CANCEL - Cancels your locker rental. Useful if you plan on
 spending a few months away from the game.

 NOTE: Special items in the game - such as Vandemaar's Trunk - can
 magically access lockers. These items will currently only access
 the lockers in Rune.


trade - use bankers as secure intermediaries through which you may trade items to other players

 Bankers throughout the world have adopted new practices and standards through
 their bankers' union, which permit them to act as secure middlemen during
 trade transactions between adventurers. Two adventurers may trade items with
 each other with the banker holding their items in escrow until both traders
 are satisfied with the terms of the trade.
 Objects that cannot be traded are objects that are nomail, no-identify,
 enforce-level, noremove, explode, vanish-death, no-rent, nouncurse,
 enforce-level or no-save; containers, food, explosives, writing-instruments,
 stamps, herbal-mixtures, potions, items greater than 55 levels over the
 other trader, or objects in the middle of an action.

 In addition, bankers will sell bars of refined metal at a 5% markup, to allow
 easy trading of gold. Adventurers may buy these bars, carry them around,
 trade them and easily exchange them back into gold.

 To initiate a trade, give one of the items you wish to trade to a banker. The
 person you wish to trade with must be in the room, and you will be given 20
 Alyrian minutes to complete the trade from when you start it. If either
 trader wishes to add an item to the trade, they may simply give the item to
 the banker. A total of 10 items may be traded during one transaction. If
 either party logs out or walks away during a trade, their items will be
 mailed to them.

 After a trade has been initiated, the initiator must specify who they wish to
 trade with; that person must be in the room.
 Either trader may ask the trader to identify all of the items that they are
 set to receive; items that they have given to the banker must be identified
 prior to offering them to trade.
 Either trader may cancel the trade at any time, and both traders immediately
 get back all items that they had offered for trade.
 When both parties accept the terms of the trade, the banker will give the
 appropriate items to each trader, and announce themselves available to make
 another trade.


lottery - information on the Alyrian Lottery system

 The Alyrian Lottery is a fun system that allows Adventurers to try
 their hand at winning big money, without any of the fuss of stealing
 it from deranged banking imps!

 The Alyrian Lottery has three shoppes in which players may buy tickets,
 in Sigil, Rune, and Tellerium, off of Sanctuary, Yew and Steadfast,
 respectively. To buy a lottery ticket, Adventurers may simply give
 the entrepreneur (proprietors of the lottery shoppes) 10,000 gold.

 Each lottery ticket has a different number, per draw, a number that will
 be drawn at the end of each drawing. Tickets from previous drawings are
 automatically checked upon logging in.  Non-winning tickets will be
 discarded and winning tickets will deposit their prize into the
 winner's default bank account.

 The winning ticket is worth half of the amount that was spent on tickets
 for that drawing, which lasts approximately an Alyrian month (eight
 Real Life days or so). Any amount of tickets may be purchased; tickets
 will be numbered sequentially.

 The proceeds from the Alyrian Lottery go to the Sigil Home for Retired