The World of Alyria



novice's atlas - about the world of alyria

The world of Alyria is layered and vast, comprised of several different 
planes, four continents, and hundreds of smaller islands.  In the 'real' 
plane, or the physical world, where we are now, there are four continents.  
Sepharia, Auryn, Avros and Beltane make up the majority of the world's 
landmass, of which Sepharia is by far the largest and least dangerous.
Alongside those continents and throughout the world are numerous islands,
hideaways and craggy isles, looming over the raging waves of Oceanus 

There are also hidden, darker sides to the world.  Far beneath our feet 
is the Alyrian Underground, into which the city of Decara fell many years 
ago during the cataclysm. Strange, towering structures such as Hotel Hello
and the Isle of the Sea Hag cast a pall over the black oceans of the under-
ground, which host hundreds if not thousands of exiled pirates.  This world 
is certainly not for the inexperienced nor those of lower level, and is 
almost entirely PK. Slightly further up, lying between the top-side and 
the Underground, is the Sigilian Underground, a smaller, less dangerous 
place than the Underground, although it is still all PK.  Home to several 
Shrines of the Powers, this place often sees fierce religious battles.  

The Faerie Plane also exists alongside the physical world. This is the 
world of the Fey and Sidhe, and is only accessible by opening a rift 
between worlds, through items such as jasper gemstones or faerie rings.  
A strange place, where reality is weaker and huge voids span distances 
between landmasses, returning from this plane is a struggle for any 
adventurer due to the weakening effect the plane has on magic.

For a detailed history of the world, you can type HELP STORY.


novice's atlas - sepharia

The largest of all continents, Sepharia is the hub of the world, 
and at its heart is the city of Rune.
A Disturbed Pyramid   745, 263 (2)(R-120)
Dungeon Avarice       671, 572 (3)
Dungeon Wroth         736, 391
Gilvery               950, 356 
Hellbent Mountain    1341, 366 (4)
A Hill Giant Refuge   590, 670
Lasler Valley         698, 695
Lonely Dragon's Inn   600, 700 (2)
Lowangen             1159, 421 (T)
Mandrake Wood         654, 365 
New Kolvir            571, 984 (T)(5)
New Rigel             801, 545 (T)
Ofstadt Monastery    1120, 330
Rune                  684, 760 (T)
Rune Forest           701, 680 
Tavern of the Boars   797, 445
The Bazaar            818, 386 (Player Shops)
The Desert Thorn     1031, 316
The Tower of Art     1271, 211 (3)
The Twin Moons Inn   1007, 306  
Xaventry              602, 454 (T)


novice's atlas - avros (northeastern continent)

A cold, hardy land, Avros hosts two of the largest cities 
and the realm of the ice giants.
Frost Giant's Keep   1689, 389
Jalur Lumber Camp    1814, 255 
Tellerium            1724, 685 (T)
Templeton            1620, 542 (T)
The Ice Witch Lair   1753, 266 (R-ALL)
The Ogre Village     1885, 459  
The Tower of Aroxa   1759, 630 (R-60)


novice's atlas - auryn (southwestern continent)

Popular with adventurers and home to the city of magic, 
Auryn is a temperate and smaller land.
Dungeon Odious: Various, around Sigil (R-ALL)
Emperor's Crossroads  506, 1309 
Mount Vesuvius        295, 1160 (5)
Palace of Diocletian  553, 1360  
Sigil                 435, 1226 (T)
Vospire               330, 1176 (T)


novice's atlas - beltane (southeastern continent)

A dangerous continent, all PK, Beltane is not for 
the faint of heart nor young adventurers.
Chanctonbury Woods    997, 1091 (4)
Colyon               1374, 1028  
Dungeon Deceit       1254, 1071 (5)
Maldra's Keep        1304, 1092 (5)
Pirate's Cove        1174, 975  (T)(2)
Xalt, a Fey Outpost  1453, 1204 (3)


novice's atlas - lesser-known regions

Other areas of interest:
Potentially interesting areas found elsewhere in the world.
Arcane Archipelago    926, 816 
Atlantis             1988,1305 (4)
The Great Whirlpool  1540, 742 
The Irda Isle Reef   1268, 748 (4)
The Magencia          865, 834
The Tower of Riga, located on Verity Isle, is also a notable place.  
Full of traps and danger, the Tower is a place of pilgrimage for those 
of levels 55-60 who wish to multiclass.  For more information on this, 
type HELP MULTICLASS.  Precious gemstones are found in the Tower, but 
adventurers should go prepared.  
Passage to the isle can be granted through recently-retired adventurers,
found in cities such as Sigil, New Rigel or Tellerium.  They can be
convinced to transport you for 25,000 gold pieces, but beware - food, 
water and equipment safe from traps is vital.  
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