Customized MUSHclient Bundle for Visually Impaired Players


This is a copy of MUSHclient v5.03, customized to play Materia Magica. It's meant for visually impaired players.

The package includes the client plus a Materia Magica world with some pre-installed plugins: support for most screen readers, SAPI, MSP, and the BASS library, notepads for world output and channel captures, a way to read channels without moving focus from the world window, filters for certain spammy commands, a keystrokes manager, the GMCP handler, an area auto-mapper, a virtual sextant, a speedwalk manager, a commands sequencer, and a plugins updater. Plus some other plugins that you can add if you'd like to.

Credits: MUSHclient is Copyright (C) 2007 by Gammon Software Solutions. MUSHclient was designed and written by Nick Gammon of Gammon Software Solutions. The Materia Magica specific plugins included in this bundle were written by MM players. The accessibility plugins were adapted from Mush-Z plugins. See plugins help screens for additional information.


Many of the plugins below WON'T WORK PROPERLY if you run your characters in the same MUSHclient window. Start a new MUSHclient window for each character that you're running (as opposed to running them 'tabbed' in the same MUSHclient window.)


You need to have a screen reader installed in your computer. For example, NVDA is a free screen reader that works fine. Commercial readers like JAWS and Window-Eyes work nicely as well.

You need Microsoft SAPI for an additional voice that reads other stuff without interfering with your regular reader.

Game setting: COLOR must be OFF for certain readers like JAWS to work properly.

Game setting: SOUND must be ON for MSP to work. If you fail to meet this requirement, some features won't work properly.

Download and Install

  1. Download this file:
    NameFile SizeDate Updated

    mushclient_vi.zip18.5 MB2018-08-20

  2. Unzip it to a folder where you have write access (eg, your Desktop or Documents.)
  3. Go to the folder where you unzipped it.
  4. Run MUSHclient (the one that is 'Type: Application'.)


You may need to install Windows Help to be able to read MUSHclient’s help files. Alternatively, you can read the online documentation here:

Setup and Usage

The bundle includes a tutorial, which explains how to configure and use the basic features. Type 'tutorial' to read the table of contents, or 'tutorial' followed by a page number to read a specific page.

Stuff Included in This Bundle

Pre-installed plugins; Accelerators, Bazaar Walk, Capture2dworld, Capture2notepads, Detect Globals, Faux Sextant, Global Vars, Lua Audio, Meh Filters, Meh Prompt VI, MM GMCP handler, MM GMCP Mapper, MSP Lua, MushReader, Output Functions, Play Sounds, Plugins Updater, Read Captures, Repeat Command, SAPI speaker, SBrief, Sequencer, Speedwalk Manager GMCP P2, this Tutorial.

MSP Sound pack for Materia Magica (MP3 format).

BASS library, which allows MUSHclient to play several sound files simultaneously.

Generic aliases: addalias, enable group, disable group.

SAPI triggers for some check commands.

Pseudo-roads to get to most locations in Sigil Underground.

crystal_map_to_clipboard, a plugin that auto-copies the 21 lines of a crystal quest map to the clipboard, when you look at the map.

Other plugins, included in the bundle but not pre-installed:

Affects by Name, Bank Helper, Crystal Locator, Eq Slots, Generic Buy, Kills TNL, Latest Daily, Meh Id, Meh Pirates, Meh Timers, Mems Helper, Missing Affects, Quests, Reagents Buy, Ship KP, Ship Lookout, Tick, Trace_to_Notepad, Transport KP

Of these other plugins, you may want to take a look at the following:

meh_id, which names most scrolls, sprigs, mixes, Pendant of Lord Maldra lights, and surveyed locations; shows open worldgates, and Wandering Sidhe location; ship_kp and transport_kp, which let you control your ship or your transportation item (broom, rocking horse, magic carpet, etc.) using your numeric keypad; tick, which will play a short sound 3 seconds before a game tick (HP, SP, ST regeneration happens on tick); Trace_to_Notepad, which sends the Trace output to a notepad window, to prevent it from spamming the main world window. This can very useful to help diagnose a rogue trigger, timer, etc.