Game address: port 23 or 4000

Experience Breathtaking Adventure

Materia Magica is a text-based, interactive multiplayer adventure game through which people from this world can escape the pressures of reality and live out their wildest fantasies.

Realms of mystery and magic

Alyria offers the amenities of the Earth you always wished for, a place where the sword and magic rule, a place of good and evil, of valiant deeds and dark sorceries.

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Dragons to be defeated and loot to be gained

The world of Alyria needs you!

Welcome to the ancient land, where adventurers can live out their most incredible fantasies. Journey through a world where dreams are reality and the supernatural is natural. Enter a world of high fantasy, where dragons are real and adventure is everywhere you look.

Materia Magica is an alternate reality set apart from our own. It is a text-based, interactive multiplayer adventure game through which people from this world can escape the pressures of the real world and live out their wildest fantasies. Alyria offers the highest fantasy - a place where swords and magic rule, where valiant deeds and dark sorceries abound - a place of good, evil, and shades of grey.

New to Materia Magica, or MUDs in general?

New to MUDs?
Connecting to a MUD like Materia Magica requires the use of telnet or a specialized MUD client. Web-based clients require no download but have fewer features than the highly customizable installed clients such as MUSHClient.

Read the Adventurers Guide
Read the Adventurer's Guide before diving in. It will greatly increase your knowledge of the basics of Materia Magica, and make the game a lot more fun. In the world of Alyria, the more you know, the better chance you have of surviving.

Sight impaired players

For sight impaired players, we offer this guide to assist in getting the game set up and running with a speech reader, as well as a sight impaired custom MUSHClient bundle.

Play with your own client

MUSHClient is one of Materia Magica's most popular clients and there are custom bundles available for sighted and visually-impaired players that include useful plugins, sound packs, area maps, and many other useful features!

See our recommended clients for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, and our recommended clients for mobile devices. Connect your client to port 23 or port 4000.

Custom MUSHClient bundle for Materia Magica

Use our custom MUSHClient bundle for Windows

Materia Magica's custom MUSHClient bundle includes the client and a Materia Magica world with some pre-installed plugins: a Materia Magica tutorial, a GMCP support plugin for Materia Magica, the Materia Magica Sound Pack, an area mapper and atlas, a mini-window for channel captures, a speedwalk manager, a plugins updater, as well as some optional Materia Magica-customized plugins.

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Enable sound effects

Materia Magica offers in-game sound effects - hear a fireball roar, or a shield deflect an attack!

Sounds are included and already installed in our MushClient bundles. If you are not using one of our MUSHClient bundles and your game client supports MSP and/or MXP, you can download our sound packs.

Play on a tablet or other mobile device

Get it on Google Play
Materia Magica recommends the use of the free Blowtorch mobile MUD app for play on a tablet or other mobile device. Links to reccomended clients for iOS and Windows Phone are available on the mobile client page.

Play in your browser

If you'd like to see what Materia Magica is all about, you can connect with our web-based Flash Client.

Connect with our Moongate via Flash client
If you've got Flash (it comes with most web browsers), you can connect to the game instantly.