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Latest Updates
  • Added the ability to "quest request [quest type]". If a questmaster has a...
    (Read more)
    1-30-2015 - Duende
  • Added support for epic, metaphase and metaquest quest types.
    1-30-2015 - Duende
  • Made faeries on the Faerie Plane be more effective with magic.
    1-28-2015 - Duende
  • Made auction stop more restrictive for 120+, and reduced the maximum minimum...
    (Read more)
    1-28-2015 - Duende
  • Quadrupled the rate at which collectible plates spawn.
    1-28-2015 - Duende

Materia Magica is an interactive fantasy where you can create your own unique character and take part in a living story. The choices you make can shape and mold the world around you. The game is text-based, so you aren't limited by someone else's vision - your own imagination is all that is required to vividly illustrate the life and experiences of your character.

Online for over fourteen years, Materia Magica is one of the longest-running, continually-developed games out there, with a vast and persistent game universe, detailed, ever-expanding environments, intelligent monsters and other denizens, and many, many thrilling quests - you'll never run out of things to do. And it's free! No monthly dues, no hidden fees. Join the adventure today!

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Town Hall - Alyrian News
  • Moongate + Materia Magica Reunion Nights

    Announcing a monthly night for old Alyrians playing, and not, to spend an evening getting back in touch, reminiscing and sharing updated contact information.

    For a few hours once a month, the #welcomeback chat and applicable global channels will be oriented towards our more senior players, and the wisdom and memories they hold.

    The first monthly reunion night will be held on Monday, January 19th, (MLK Day in the US) from 6pm-2am CST/system time. We'll be emailing our older players' accounts...

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