Guides and tips for using a screen reader to journey into the world of Materia Magica.

MUDs are entirely text-based games, so they’re naturally very compatible with screen reader software. Since we support many fantastic features for our sighted and visually-impaired players alike, we’ll go over a few tweaks here to help you have the best possible Materia Magica experience.

Game Clients

Our Customized V.I. MUSHClient Bundle

For visually-impaired players, Materia Magica offers a custom download of MUSHClient, a popular client for connecting to MUDs, that our community has specifically optimized for screen reader play. It includes:

  • Support for screen readers like NVDA, JAWS, and Window-Eyes
  • Microsoft Speech API support
  • Notepads for world output and chat channel captures
  • Filters for certain spammy game commands
  • A virtual sextant to help you get around the world of Alyria

as well as many other features and additional plugins you may find useful.

Download VI MUSHClient (Windows, 18.5MB ZIP)

An advanced setup and configuration guide for using MUSHClient and screen readers can be found here.

Alternative Clients

We heartily recommend MUSHClient to our players, but VIP-Mud is another full-featured MUD client with excellent screen reader support and full scripting capabilities.

VIP-Mud Homepage →

Sound Triggers

Our MUSHClient bundle comes pre-configured by our player community with many handy sound triggers: sound effects that will play when certain things happen in the game, allowing you to react quickly to danger, combat, or other important events.

If you’re connecting to Materia Magica with a different client, you may want to download our sound packs and configure some sound triggers yourself.

Additional Information

Once you’re in-game, if you have more questions about configuring your client for Materia Magica, you can ask in our sightimpaired relay channel, using the command: relay sightimpaired [message].

If you didn’t select the sight-impaired option when creating your character, you can still join the relay channel with chat join sightimpaired. Questions related to gameplay, but not specifically about our VI features, can/should be asked in novice clantalk clantalk [message].