Game address: port 23 or 4000

Customized MUSHClient Bundle

MUSHClient Bundle

(Last updated: 2014-06-01 by Ruthgul. Reproduced from full site here.)

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This is a copy of MUSHclient v5.03, that includes the GMCP Handler(pre-installed) plus a few other scripts.

It's meant for new players, and / or people migrating from other clients.

The package includes the client + a Materia Magica world with some pre-installed plugins: the Materia Magica Sound Pack, an area mapper and a plane "atlas", a miniwindow for channel captures, a speedwalk manager, and a plugins updater. Plus some other plugins that you can add if you want. And in this version we added a tutorial.


Many of the plugins below WON'T WORK PROPERLY if you run your characters in the same MUSHclient window.

  • Start a new MUSHclient window for each character that you're running (as opposed to running them "tabbed" in the same MUSHclient window.


MUSHClient pack screen capture, 4:3 MUSHClient pack screen capture, 4:3


  1. Download this file:
    Name Size Date Added 17.6MB 2018-08-20 03:26
  2. Unzip it to a folder where you have write access (eg, your Desktop or Documents.)
  3. Go to the folder where you unzipped it.
  4. Run MUSHclient(the one that is Type: Application.)


  • If you're running Windows Vista / 7 / newer, you'll need to install Windows Help to be able to read MUSHclient's help files.


The client's screen will contain a main world ( Materia Magica GMCP) + other plugins miniwindows inside it.

To adjust the font size, go to File, Global Preferences. Click on the Defaults tab. There you can change the Output Font and the Input Font for all worlds. (Make sure you choose a monospaced font , like Consolas, Courier New, Lucida Console, etc., or stuff on screen won't align properly.) You'll need to Save World Details (Ctrl + S), close and reopen MUSHclient for these font settings to take effect.

To adjust the colors, if they're too bright or too dim for your screen, go to Game, Configure, ANSI Colours.

If you prefer to see the underlines for several things shown by Materia Magica (NPCs, items, players, etc.), go to Game, Configure, MXP/Pueblo, and uncheck the option MUD can remove underline.

To make MUSHclient keep commands in the command window (eg, to help you move if you're on a laptop without a numeric keypad), go to Game, Configure, Commands, and check the option Auto-repeat Commands.

Type tutorial to see the table of contents, or tutorial followed by a page number to read a specific page.


The captures miniwindow will start capturing the default channels (tells, ct, etc.) when you login.

The miniwindow can be dragged to any position within the world window.

To see the list of things that are being captured, type captures list. Then to add channels, type capture - for example, capture say. Or to cancel a channel, type uncapture - for example, uncapture announce.

Typing capture2mini help, and capture2dworld help will show a full list of supported commands.

Repeat command

This plugin will let you repeat a command, by preceding it with a # symbol and a number. For example, #3 lookwill send the look command 3 times.


This bundle includes 2 plugins that show where you are at 2 different scales:

  • IMap shows your position within the current plane. It looks like a big physical map of the current plane.
  • The area Mapper shows your current room when you're in a city, dungeon, or any other non-wilderness area.

These miniwindows can be dragged within the main world window.

To save screen space, they will start the same size and overlapped on screen, and (via another plugin named Switch Maps ) they will auto-toggle. When you are in the wilds, IMapwill auto-show. When you're in a non-wilds area, the area Mapperwill auto-show.

You can uninstall Switch Maps, if you'd rather resize / reposition / etc. the maps manually.

To see the commands related to these plugins, type imap help, and mapper help.

Speedwalk Manager

This plugin should help you travel between areas.

To search for an area, type gate . For example, gate sigil. It will show a list of hyperlinks:

-- speedwalk manager: results for 'sigil': --
Sigil, south (3908670)
Sigilian Crossing (east) (315834)
Sigil, north (3881069)
Sigil Realty (west) (38309)

( Note that these hyperlinks will only start speedwalks if the Mapperis installed and enabled.)

Clicking on one of them will call the mapper to try to find a path to the chosen area. This process can be slow... If a path is found connecting your current room to the chosen area, you will start speedwalking to it.

To stop a gatespeedwalk, type mapper stop.

The area Mapper

The area mapper will map all cities, dungeons, and any non-wilderness areas in general. It won't map the wilds, except for the roads and piers.

Its miniwindow can be dragged by the title, to anywhere within the main world window.

The room where you're standing is the one with a thick black border. You can zoom in/out by using the mouse wheel. You can go to a room by clicking on it.

Room colors by default are:

  • white: safe
  • lightcoral: LPK
  • tomato: NPK
  • darkred: CPK
  • yellow: shop
  • mediumpurple: trainer

The window can be made bigger/smaller by clicking the [*] on the bottom left corner, and editing Width and Height. You can also change the default colors, font, etc. in this Configuration box.

I'm including a partial maps database, which has most starter areas pre-mapped. Notice this database is missing most of the room flags, so as you visit rooms for the first time, you will probably lag a bit, as the mapper updates its information on disk. The next times you visit the rooms, this won't happen, and you'll be able to move faster.

To search for a room within your current area, type mapper find . For example, mapper find theater. If any results are found, they will be shown as hyperlinks:

Operating Theater (62338) - 21 rooms away
Operating Theater@ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62509) - 31 rooms away
Royal Theater@ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62512) - 32 rooms away
Royal Theater @ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62510) - 32 rooms away
Royal Theater @ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62508) - 32 rooms away
Royal Theater@ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62511) - 33 rooms away
Royal Theater@ The Towne of New Rigel
Royal Theater (62513) - 33 rooms away
Royal Theater@ The Towne of New Rigel
There was 1 match which I could not find a path to within 250 rooms.

Clicking on one of them will start a speedwalk to the chosen room.

To search for a room anywhere in the mapped world, type mapper where . For example, mapper where honor. Again, results will be shown as clickable hyperlinks:

Results for: 'honor':
room #20639,
Hall of Honors, area: Shadow Castle
room #41779,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #41780,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #41781,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #41782,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #41783,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #41784,
Barracks of the Honor Guard, area: Tellerium
room #44583,
Hall of Honor [CPK], area: New Kolvir
room #44584,
Hall of Honor [CPK], area: New Kolvir
room #44585,
Hall of Honor [CPK], area: New Kolvir
room #44586,
Hall of Honor [CPK], area: New Kolvir
Click on a room's name/number to goto it, if possible.

These hyperlinks will only start speedwalks if the destination room is connected to the current room.

In both cases ( mapper where, mapper find), if a hyperlink points to a CPK room, it will be marked as [CPK] . (But notice they won't warn you if your destination room isn't CPK, but you have to walk through CPK to reach it.)

Once you're speedwalking to a room, you can stop by typing mapper stop(then continue by typing mapper resume).

To see a list of other commands, type mapper help.

Stuff included

Pre-installed plugins:

  • Repeat Command, by Nick Gammon - repeats a command "x" times
  • Capture2dworld- captures channels to a single dummy world.
  • Capture2mini- captures channels to a single miniwindow.
  • Detect Globals- detects & keeps track of stuff that is relevant to several other plugins
  • Global_Vars- implements a way to share non-persistent "global" variables between plugins
  • MM GMCP handler, by Lasher (adapted by Ruthgul to work on Materia Magica)
  • IMap GMCP- shows your position in the vmap, to help you travel.
  • MM GMCP Mapper, by Nick Gammon (adapted by Ruthgul to use GMCP)
  • Switch Maps- auto-toggles Imap / the area Mapper on / off depending on your current location, to save screen space.
  • Speedwalk Manager GMCP P2- command line speedwalks + speed to area gates by name.
  • Plugins Updater(beta)

Optional plugins (included but not installed):

  • Accelerators- adds numeric keypad accelerators - ctrl+dir for open, alt+dir for look, and ctrl+alt+dir for flee.
  • Affects by Name- subtitles affects; eg: sanctuary wearing off, etc. ( help needed for missing strings )
  • BankHelper, by Elbereth - helps deposit / withdraw to achieve a certain amount of on-hand gold - meant to help with gold for crystal quests, but also useful for other stuff that requires "cash".
  • Clocks- shows Alyrian/system/local time in a miniwindow.
  • Crystal Locator, by Elbereth - automatically finds the co-ords of a crystal when you look at a map, and marks it on IMap. ( updated for build 2666+ )
  • Eq Slots- shows a list of empty / unused equipment slots.
  • Events Mini- miniwindow to keep track of various events.
  • Faux Sextant- shows GMCP sextant coords next to the prompt.
  • Generic Buy- automates buying items in bulk.
  • Kills TNL- kills to next level.
  • Latest Daily- shows you the time when you collected your latest daily rewards.
  • Meh Id- subtitles for scrolls, mixes, open worldgates, Wandering Sidhe location.
  • Meh Prompt- abridges prompt tags + adds info to your prompt; eg, white [*] for sanctuary, etc.
  • Meh Sort- shows marks and bosses in alphabetical order.
  • Missing Affects- shows what affects you're missing, based on a 'wanted' list.
  • Opponent HP Sub- opponent's health as a %.
  • Quests- keeps track of info for Orc Pursuer, crystals, and regular quests.
  • Quests Abridged- abridged aliases (q s #, q c #, etc.) - for multi-questing.
  • Reagents Buy(beta) - automates buying reagents in bulk (beta).
  • Reagents Counter - keeps track of reagent usage/availability.
  • Sbrief- attempts to lessen combat spam.
  • Ship KP- lets you sail using the numeric keypad.
  • Ship Lookout- sorts ship lookout output, and plots the results on IMap.
  • Sort Collectibles- shows collectibles in numeric order.
  • Sort Skills- sorts your skills/spells alphabetically, and lets you add "wanted learned%" notes.
  • Switch Maps- switches IMap and the GMCP mapper according to areas.
  • Terrain-O-Vision, by Elbereth & Ruthgul - displays terrain information, next to the compass.
  • Tick- countdown to next tick in a miniwindow.
  • Vitals Bars- shows gauges for hp/sp/st in a miniwindow.
  • Vitals Changes- shows hp/sp/st losses and gains, next to the prompt.
  • all other plugins included with MUSHclient v4.86

To add optional plugins, press Ctrl+Shift+P (or go to File, Plugins), click Add, open the MMfolder, select the desired plugin(s), and click Open.