Game address: port 23 or 4000



MUSHClient Easy-Install Bundles

Materia Magica player Ruthgul has created feature-packed MUSHclient bundles with scripts and other commands entirely designed to improve your Materia Magica play experience, as well as a special bundle for sight impaired players:

Standard Materia Magica MUSHClient bundle

Sight Impaired Materia Magica MUSHClient bundle

Why use MUSHClient?

MUSHClient is a freeware program that incorporates features for users of all expertise. Written in C++ for blazing speed and small program size, MUSHClient continually outperforms other clients in speed performace. With extensive support for triggers, aliases, macros, timers, and scripting, MUSHClient is the most customizable client on the market. It uses XML for configuration portablility. It supports MCCP versions 1 and 2, and MXP. It has its own unique chat client. It also has its own proxy server support.

How do I connect to Materia Magica using MUSHClient?

After downloading the client, open the installer program. Start MUSHClient from Start -> Programs -> MUSHClient. From the File menu, choose New World. Unless you recieved a file world from another player, choose 'No'. In the World Name box, type whatever you want to name the file name. I use "Materia Magica" followed by my character name, but its up to you to use whatever you like. In the TCP/IP address box, type in, and place the port you'd like to use, usually 4000. If your behind a proxy, select the appropriate type, Socks 4 or 5, and the server address and port, and the password, if required, and click "OK". Your all set now, good luck! If you want to change any settings, use the Game > Configuration screens.

How do I enable sounds with MUSHClient?

MUSHClient supports MXP and MSP, with the help of a plugin. Follow this step by step guide to enable sounds. You'll need to do a few things yourself, but they're pretty easy to do.

  1. Download the following sound packs provided by Materia Magica and take note of where you save them.
  2. Locate the MSP directory underneath your Mushclient installation directory. If you used the default installation, it should be located at path C:\Program Files\MUSHclient\msp
  3. Unzip the files into this directory.
  4. Download the Materia Magica MUSHClient MSP Plugin:
    Name Size Date Added 1.7 KB 2011-04-05
  5. Again, if you used the default installation, save it to C:\Program Files\MUSHclient\worlds\plugins, or the equivalent on your system.
  6. From the file menu, locate "Plugins". This will bring up the Plugins screen. Click the "Add" Button. Locate "mm_msp.xml", select it, and click "Open". You should have placed the sound files exactly where they are needed, if not, follow these instructions on how to manually configure the plugin:
    1. Type:msp:path C:\\Program Files\\MUSHclient\\msp\
    2. Type:msp:type mp3
  7. To enable and disable sounds ingame, type SET SOUND ON or SET SOUND OFF. Assuming everything is set up correctly, you can test sounds by KNOCKing on any door.

If you are having problems getting the sounds in the above referenced sound packs to work, it may be because MP3 support is not fully enabled on your machine. Try downloading the WAV versions of the sound packs and installing those into the appropriate directory. The WAV versions of the sound files are around 16MB each, whereas the MP3 versions are much smaller, so the MP3 versions are preferred if you can use them.

Name Size Date Added 2.9MB 2011-04-05 18:56 2.8MB 2011-04-05 18:56 15.5MB 2011-04-05 18:56 17.7MB 2011-04-05 18:56 16.8MB 2011-04-05 18:56 15.2MB 2011-04-05 18:56

Customizing MUSHClient

Here are a few things you can do to customize MUSHClient to the needs of Materia Magica, to make your gaming experience easier.

  1. Auto Login: Go to Game > Configure > Connecting. There, you can enter your username and password. In "Connect" drop down box, select the "Diku-style" option. This isn't recommended on any shared computers, or if your not running an operating system with a secure login, such as Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  2. Auto Logging: One of the nicer features of MUSHClient is its logging, found under Game -> Configure -> Logging. You can either choose to log as plain text, or use the html option to reproduce the colors you see.
  3. Keypad Navigation: Under Game > Configure > Keypad, you can assign custom navigation commands in addition to the cardinal directions. You can also assign quick keys to cast spells, open doors, whatever you think you need to make it easier to move around.

Download MUSHClient