Game address: port 23 or 4000



Easy to use

Creating an easy to use client and interface is one of the defining goals of the project. This applies to both the power users and plain gamers - everyone will feel at home with Mudlet, without having to waste too much time figuring out how to do something.

Designed for speed

Mudlet is designed to be very fast and efficient right from the start. It's scripting engine is designed to scale to large systems without bogging down - and the text display is designed to handle thousands of lines under a second.

Powerful Scripting

Mudlet features a LUA scripting framework. It additionally supports many more languages right inside the client, like Python, Perl, Ruby and Javascript. The client makes use of the Scintilla editor to provide syntax highlighting and other nice things like zooming on the text.

Cross-Platform love

Mudlet is available on Linux (both 32bit and 64bit), Windows, and Macs.

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