Character Races

  • Drow
  • Dracon
  • Sidhe
  • Fey
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Minotaur
  • Sahuagin



The Sidhe are faeries from the ethereal plane; thin, up to six feet in height, handsome and young-looking despite their great age. Their forms are shadowy, and they can only fully materialize in the presence of another humanoid. Even their beauty is that of another world. Their skin is soft, their hair long and flowing, their clothes blindingly white. Their voices are sweet and seductive, and they have shimmering translucent wings, like those of a butterfly.

The Sidhe have the ability to cast a glamour over weaker beings, which lets them influence the behavior of others, slip by dangerous places virtually undetected, or assume the form of another creature. Because they are inherently good beings, Sidhe are difficult to control with magic, and can sense the presence of evil creatures. Although their powers are greatest on the ethereal plane, they are yet powerful in the mortal realms, impervious to the effects of poison and resistant to disease. However, they are still vulnerable to the cold touch of iron.

Roleplaying a Sidhe

Belatru had always heard about a strange land that existed beyond her home on the faerie plane. When she became old enough, she vowed to travel to the wondrous cities she had heard about. She discussed with King Sandoval about what to expect, learning of the customs of the various creatures that inhabited the plane. Eventually, she made the journey, arriving in the town of New Rigel. Amazed by the large city and its residents, Belatru lost herself, feeling like a small child. The most surprising thing about this new land is that the people welcomed her. There were many places that served food and beverage that she could consume. She would spend her time in the town square playing her flute, becoming a part of this world that she adored so much.

Some months after her arrival, people shopping in the market district would disappear when venturing too close to the shadows. After a short investigation, Belatru found that a foul fey was responsible. Zeengorth was snacking on unsuspecting shoppers. The second he saw Belatru, he lunged at her, trying to feast on her. He recoiled in horror as soon as he got close, feeling the sting of silver from her flute.

"Fool!" Belatru said, "If only you could learn to live in peace, I would not have to banish you."

"You, banish me?" asked Zeengorth, "That is quite amusing."

Belatru suddenly sprang behind Zeengorth, sticking her silver dagger into his back. Shrieking in pain, Zeengorth fell to the ground before having his body sucked back to the faerie plane.

Sidhes, above all else, are good. Good, however, can also mean sneaky. And good can also be terribly dangerous. While Sidhes are actually beings from the Faerie Plane that have decided to take up residence in Alyria, they still maintain some special abilities. They can cast glamour over those that are weaker than them, as well as shape-shift in order to pass by unnoticed. This doesn't mean they're not good; it's just sometimes you have to be sneaky to rescue people or to get to kill the "bad guy".

Sidhes are quite beautiful, and if you don't agree with that, they have ways of making you believe they are. They have full wings, unlike the smaller ones that the Feys possess, and have long flowing hair, and stand about 6ft tall. They, like the Feys, are immune to poison and resistant to disease, as well as vulnerable to iron. Sidhes, as you might imagine, are a bit limited in their class choices, as their good nature keeps them from being barbarians, rogues, shamans, and psionics.