Character Races

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  • Sahuagin



The Sahuagin are the intelligent, humanoid descendants of sharks, a reclusive race that prefer the sparse company of their own race to the crowded bustle of the cities of men. This trait arises both from the general distrust of the bipedal, finned-hand creatures by most other races, due to their general regard of the chaotic deity Zeqolas, and the sahuagin's lack of interest in being sidelined.

Somewhat stocky, sahuagin are generally very muscular, with long tails and the distinctive sharkfin along the ridge of their spines.

Sahuagin villages are smaller, unpretentious affairs, but such a fact frequently misleads any adventurers who stray into one. Insightful, philosophical peoples, the sahuagin are often mistaken for a simpler, backwards race, when in reality they have one of the most advanced legal systems in Alyria, a keen understanding of warfare, and a rich history of theories of life. Remembering that earthbound adventures generally dislike hearing thousand-stanza odes to fighting children to the death and consuming them for the benefit of those who survive, the sahuagin keep their habits to themselves.

Sahuagin come in many forms, as varied and interesting as sharks themselves. Although technically fish, they stand upright like men, walk on their feet and wield weapons in their prehensile, clawed fins, and speak the common language gutturally though rows and rows of serrated teeth. Many similar races evolved and emerged simultaneously from the oceans, recognized under the umbrella term Sahuagin, although some are more similar to great whites, others hammerheads, bull sharks, whale sharks, leopard sharks, and every variation inbetween.

Sahuagin can regenerate their cartilagenous skeletons at will, healing themselves through will alone. They are skilled at wielding staves, and have mastered the water through which they swim sufficiently to be able to evoke water, both directly as damaging blasts, and environmentally around their surroundings.

Due to the scattered, unreliable contact with Alyrian society in general, Sahuagin have idiosyncratic interests and professional options.