Character Races

  • Drow
  • Dracon
  • Sidhe
  • Fey
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Minotaur
  • Sahuagin



Minotaurs are an elite, somewhat aloof group of humanoid creatures, who believe themselves to be far better than other races. They were originally created as a magical experiment designed to make the perfect race, and their ancestry is revealed by the fact that they have the head and tail of a bull. Minotaurs are covered with thick, warm fur, and thrive on the arctic continent of Avros.

Standing almost seven feet tall, Minotaurs are resistant to disease, poison, and bashing weapons. While they are by nature excellent fighters, their arrogance sometimes causes them to underestimate their opponents. Minotaurs also refuse to train in classes that they consider beneath them, and are somewhat limited in their choice of profession.

Roleplaying a Minotaur

Born in Templeton, Gromus ate to become a strong, young minotaur. As soon as he showed promise with simple combat, his parents had him move in with an uncle in Tellerium. There he would train in the ways of a cavalier. His whole adolescence, Gromus had a sense of entitlement, as everything came easily to him. Opponents fell time after time, often with very little effort. His prowess on a horse impressed others, but his talents with a lance made many more jealous. Not only was Gromus deadly with a lance during the tournament, but several times he was called upon by Lord Telleri to protect the city from impending doom.

Eventually, even the boldest of heroes that survives the battlefield returns home to start a family. Gromus is now happily married and living in Templeton with his wife and five children. At age 47, he still teaches at the Cavalier's Guild, and is still the fan favorite every year during the Tournament of Lances. While he may grumble about feeling old and slow, his ears perk up and his nostrils flare whenever the opportunity for adventure arises.

Minotaurs, whatever else they may be, are proud creatures. They think they're better than you and they're not really concerned with whether or not you agree. This could mean a bloody end for anyone who calls them a cow or bull, despite the accuracy. In truth, Minotaurs are excellent fighters, being resistant to bash and bigger than most opponents they'd meet in Alyria. However, their ability to see greatness in others could provide them with the ability to fail in rather spectacular fashion.

Minotaurs also have a rather limited class selection - by their own choice. A possible storyline would be a Minotaur with a love of music who was forbidden by their family to practice the ways of the Bard, or any other class that is unavailable to the Minotaurs. One other major item of note about Minotaurs is the aggressive relationship they have with the Dracon race. This is an area where you would need a complete back-story if your Minotaur wanted to be best friends with a Dracon because it goes against what Minotaurs as a whole believe.