Character Races

  • Drow
  • Dracon
  • Sidhe
  • Fey
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Minotaur
  • Sahuagin



Dracons are a race of large humanoids who were magically evolved from dragons. They strongly resemble their ancestors, and although they are only about seven feet tall, they still have scaly skin, sharp teeth, long tails, and massive wings. Because of their origins, Dracons are innately evil. They are natural enemies of the Minotaurs, and will attempt to attack and kill them whenever possible.

Along with their appearance, the Dracons also inherited many abilities from their ancestors. One power that they still possess is the skill to breathe fire, frost, lightning, gas, or acid at their foes. Dracons also have limited flying ability, and retain their thick hides. As a result, Dracons gain a bonus to their armor resistance which increases as they gain experience and are resistant to fire and to bashing weapons. A flaw in their skin makes them vulnerable to extreme cold. While they are physically strong, they tend to be rather dull-witted and can only be trained in a few different classes.

Roleplaying a Dracon

It was a humid afternoon, so Chumly was sitting under the shade of an oak tree. A slight breeze blew out of the north, down from around the mountain on the horizon. The sweat cooled and dried a bit as Chumly's heart beat slowed. Only hours ago, he was locked in combat with a dracon hermit. Shuddering, the tiny halfling recalled the events that just happened. There were rumors that this dracon was abducting citizens of Lowangen. Upon exploration, Chumly found evidence of survivors in the dracon's lair. Before he could enter any deeper, the creature returned with another victim, still alive in its strong grip. Horrified, Chumly prepared for battle, knocking an arrow and aiming it at the monster.

"Your arhows will not huurrt mee," the large dracon said in a low growl.

"Your time of feeding on the innocent is over!!" shouted Chumly as he let his arrow fly. The arrow whistled through the cave, glancing off the dracon's scaly skin.

"Sleeth is stronghar than leetle halfling's arhows," the dracon growled.

Panicking, Chumly started to recite a spell while pulling out his sword. Sleeth crept closer and closer, his sharp teeth getting larger and larger as a little bit of smoke started to trickle out of the dracon's mouth.

Dracons are certainly the most limited race in terms of class availability. They must go barbarian, rogue, and shaman, and then can choose between psionic and wizard. This does not stop them from being a formidable and naturally aggressive combatant, however.

Like their name implies, Dracons are a form of distant offspring of the dragons, possibly created by Wizards of old. While they lack the massive size of actual dragons, they're still quite sizable at around 7ft tall. They also have the scales, wings, and the ability to breathe fire at you. Their ability to breathe forth fire, acid, and other substances at their foes could certainly provide with a few embarrassing situations that could provide a reasoning as to why the Dracon in question decided to go out adventuring.