Varied are the races of creatures that inhabit the lands of Alyria, and an Adventurer well-informed about the differences between the world's denizens is a prepared one.

Adventuring Races

The following races are those specifically available to Adventurers:

  • Drow
  • Dracon
  • Sidhe
  • Fey
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Minotaur
  • Sahuagin

Common Creatures

The world of Alyria is populated by a vast variety of creatures ranging from docile badgers to vicious dragons. While it is impossible to classify every single creature that lives in Alyria, various scribes have decided to tackle the tricky task of identifying the main groups of NPCs which live in Alyria.


Animals are probably the most abundant group of creatures that inhabit the world of Alyria. As their name suggests, animals are creatures such as hungry lions, docile badgers, spitting cobras, ferocious piranhas and wise owls. It is hard to list a general set of characteristics for all animals, since so many different creatures that behave and look differently are classified as animals.

To avoid over generalization, two subgroups; birds and reptiles can be created. Birds are characterized by their fluffy feathers, elegant wings and sharp pointed beaks. They include ravens, jays and squabs. Birds tend to only eat worms and therefore will not attack an Adventurer unless they feel their nest is threatened. On the other hand, reptiles are characterized by their cold blood and shiny scales. Examples of reptiles include spitting snakes, gila monsters and cobras.


Arachnids include creatures such as spiders and scorpions and can be found in many different sizes. They are characterized by their eight hairy legs, fangs which are often venomous, black beetle like eyes and lack of a backbone. Arachnids are carnivorous and will almost always attack Adventurers for food. One might scoff at the thought of being slain by a group of spiders and scorpions, but since arachnids almost always attack in groups, it is a very real possibility.

Tiny spiders are no more than household pests, while huge spiders can often slay even the mightiest of Adventurers by contaminating their opponent's bloodstream with toxic, paralyzing poisons. Fortunately, such huge spiders are not usually found on the surface of Alyria. Various Adventurers who have made the perilous journey underground to the city of Decara have reported the existence of such spiders underground.


Ariels can be found within the Tower of Riga in Verity Isle. According to Alyrian legend, the Tower of Riga was home to the great black wizard Riga who ruled Alyria many years ago through the means of an evil mind controlling spell. Riga created the ariel race to help protect his tower from any curious Adventurers, but was unable to grant them the power of speech, since such an act would require divine intervention and Riga was too proud to ask for help.

The legend says that Riga was slain by his only apprentice, Cassandra who chose to slay her master for more power. At the very instant in which Cassandra plunged her dagger into Riga's body, the ariels chased after her, trying to avenge their master, thus the legend ends. What happens after this is not known and probably never will be.


Demons are evil malicious creatures that exist only to torment the denizens of Alyria. They relish bloodshed and will do anything to encourage strife and conflict. They are characterized by their dull reddish skin, evil smoldering eyes, and a deep commanding voice. Adventurers who are not confident of their combat prowess are advised to stay far away from demons.

Due to their malevolent intents, demons are a constant threat to the stability and security of Alyria. It is therefore no wonder that the many Lords and Ladies of Alyria often assign quests to capable Adventurers which involve demon slaying. Thankfully, a sizable proportion of these Adventurers succeed, and therefore the number of demons in Alyria is kept to an acceptable number. No one quite knows for sure where these evil supernatural beings come from, but one thing is certain - they are not of this world.


Legends tell of an ancient, savage creature called the dragon, whose razor sharp teeth, crested head and deadly claws strikes terror into the hearts of even the bravest of Adventurers. They are characterized by their thick, impenetrable hide, long spiked tail, huge wings and the ability to breathe fire, lightning, gas and acid. As one might expect, encounters with dragons are usually rather predictable and the weak of heart are advised to stay far away from dragons.

Various dragons, such as the chromatic dragon, the ash dragon and Fendawyr the half dragon currently plague the land, burning crops and killing the unwary. However do not get the wrong impression that all dragons are aggressive and will slay any Adventurers in sight. The citizens of Vospire have managed to tame several dragons and it is reported that dragons co-exist peacefully with the residents of the city of Vospire. Perhaps one day someone will succeed in taming the other aggressive dragons, allowing dragons to co-exist peacefully with us for mutual benefit.


Elementals are creatures that form the essence of the elemental planes. They can be summoned to the physical plane by the wizard spell 'summon elemental'. While most elementals do not appreciate being summoned, the power of the spell binds them to the physical plane and they have no choice but to obey the caster's instructions.

As there are many different elemental planes, there are also many different elementals which can be summoned; namely fire elementals, water elementals, earth elementals and air elementals. It is rare to find an elemental who willingly chooses to stay upon the physical plane after the effect of the summoning spell wears out. When they are no longer magically forced to remain on the physical plane, most elementals return to the comfort of their respective elemental plane.


Fish are a diverse group of animals that live underwater. All fish have slippery scales, gills, fins and a streamlined body to swim through the water. Some species of fish, such as a small colorful fish have stripes of varying colors and are extremely pretty. Others tend to be a dark grayish color that helps to camouflage them. Most fish survive by preying on other smaller fish, or on varying types of vegetation that grows at the bottom of the sea bed.

However, Adventurers are occasionally slain and eaten by sharks, who love the taste of raw meat. Such deaths are however rather rare, since most sharks have access to an ample supply of smaller fish which they can eat.


Gargoyles are stone statues that have been magically enchanted, giving them the power to move about, and in some cases fly. Most gargoyles are created to serve as a guard, since their eerie unfriendly faces and razor sharp claws tend to scare away most intrepid burglars. Those who are bold enough to stand their ground will usually regret their unwise decision.

The strength of a gargoyle depends on the strength of the magical enchantment. Some gargoyles, such as the gargoyle that guards the Crossroads at Yew Court have been magically enchanted so that they can shape magical energy. It is reported that other gargoyles, such as the gargoyle in the CTF arena have the power to speak and warn of approaching intruders.


Insects are miniscule creatures that are characterized by having three pairs of legs, a body segmented onto a head, thorax, abdomen and a pair of wings. Although most insects are far from friendly, their tiny size prevents them from disrupting our lives. However, insects can be deadly in huge numbers and are therefore widely regarded as pests. Yet some insects, such as a multi-colored butterfly are among the most beautiful creatures in Alyria.

Recently, the Palace of Diocletian has been infested by a huge number of bumblebees. Even though they are not too hard to kill, the palace wizards have been unable to completely clear out the bumblebees, since there are so many of them.


The Ithrix are a race of extremely powerful beings from another dimension. They are able to manipulate the space time continuum and create rifts to travel between their world and Alyria. It is often said that the Ithrix males are very handsome, the females unbelievably beautiful. Nevertheless, the Ithrix seem to have an undying hatred for all Archons and regularly hunt all Archons by homing in on them through the use of powerful divining spells. It is therefore not surprising that they are nicknamed 'Archon Hunters'.

As it seems, besides the normal Ithrix who hunt Archons, there is another type of Ithrix known as masters. They are substantially more powerful than normal Ithrix, and can easily slay whole forms of archons. Yet, they seem to have less control of their transportation spells and can only rift from their world to Alyria if their target is in a PK room. Fortunately for the archons of our world, both master and normal Ithrix are unable to create rifts to, or attack archons in rooms which have been designated as 'safe'. While they bear no malice towards the non Archon population of Alyria, it is inadvisable to stay near a member of the Ithrix race, for the powerful spells that they will unleash against an Archon that enters the area could hit you by mistake.


Kobolds are ugly creatures that resemble goblins. They are however much shorter than humans and are often dwarfed (forgive the pun) by other short races such as gnomes and halflings. Although kobolds are generally mischievous, they are not as strong as most other races and therefore tend to behave rather timidly.

Kobolds tend to like using a spear for reasons which are largely unknown. Perhaps further study of this strange race will eventually yield answers. Kobolds tend to avoid the cities, since they are generally unwelcome there and will often be attacked on first sight. It is also uncertain where most kobolds live, although it has been suggested that they might live in Dungeon Wroth with the orcs, perhaps as servants, performing domestic chores.


Prehistoric krakens are a remnant of our past. They have always lived in the great lakes of Alyria and probably always will. The huge size of a kraken usually scares off belligerent Adventurers and has thus ensured their survival. While they are often rather peaceful in nature, they are very capable of defending themselves when provoked, particularly in view of their huge size.

Adventurers who slay krakens claim that there are two different types of krakens. Although both types of krakens are identical in terms of their appearance, it seems that some krakens are much harder to kill than others, which has led these 'kraken slaying Adventurers' to their conclusion. It is reported that krakens survive on a diet of fish which they catch from the lakes in which they live in, but such rumors are unsubstantiated.


Giants are as tall as the mountains in which they live in and as strong as the wind that blows through these mountains. While they usually do not travel down towards the cities to cause trouble, most giants will attack Adventurers who intrude upon their territory. Most giants have thick shaggy hair that droops from their head and are characterized by their bulging muscles, malevolent eyes and below average intelligence. However, it is advisable not to annoy a giant, since one blow from their man sized club is all it takes to slay anyone unwise enough to attack a giant.

It appears that there are many different types of giants such as hill giants, fire giants, mountain giants and frost giants. As it seems, most of the various types of giants are virtually identical, except for frost giants. Unlike their other counterparts, frost giants do not appear to like the outdoors and have taken up residence in a keep to the northeast of Templeton. It is also reported that while giant society is haphazard at the best, frost giants have a king who leads them.


Goblins are strange creatures that tend to have pale green or grey skin. Although their early history is fraught with wars and conflict with the other races, most goblins have now settled down and offer their services as mercenaries. Most goblins are not terribly intelligent and therefore are rather unskilled in the magical arts. They also tend to be somewhat shorter than humans and are often garbed in rather filthy unkempt clothing. Goblins can be somewhat difficult to talk to, since most of them have a very strong accent which makes their speech almost unintelligible.

Most people agree that the strangest thing about goblins is their eerie toothy grin. Somehow, it does not seem to inspire confidence and makes one wonder whether they will actually perform the task they've been paid to do.


Golems are magical creatures that are created by enchanting an inanimate object such as a lump of clay. It is also reported that golems can be summoned from a source of energy such as a burning fire or a bolt of lightning. Such an enchantment requires great magical talent on the caster's part. Due to the amount of magical energy involved in creating a golem, it is not surprising that most golems are extremely worthy opponents. Like most summoned creatures, golems have no choice but to obey their caster's instructions.

Since golems are impervious to bribes and magical means of deceit, golems are usually created by priests to guard temples and the treasure that lies therein. Unlike elementals who are summoned from a different plane, golems are from the physical plane and therefore do not disappear after the summoning spell wears off.


Mounts are creatures which can be ridden by Adventurers. A vast variety of creatures can be classified as mounts, such as beautiful horses, tame dragons, black unicorns and okapis. Some mounts, such as black unicorns and tame dragons are extremely proud and will not allow inexperienced Adventurers to ride them. Additionally, other mounts do not allow Adventurers of certain alignments to ride them.

Nevertheless, riding a mount is an exhilarating experience and can often make the long exhausting journey between cities seem much shorter, since mounts do not tire easily. Additionally, riding a mount in combat helps to make your attacks more accurate and allows cavaliers to use a lance. It is for this reason that mounts are often described as a cavalier's best friend.


Not many Adventurers have come across orcs during their travels. This is not very surprising, since most orcs are of a solitary nature. They are often rather dull witted, and not very patient, but their prowess in battle more than makes up for their shortcomings. It is said that a place named Dungeon Wroth that exists within the northernmost mountain ranges of Sepharia is the ancestral home of the orc race, but such rumors can not be confirmed.

It is also said that instead of being led by a barbaric chief as one might expect, the orcs are led by a priest. In a way, it makes sense, since the average dim witted orc will undoubtedly be extremely impressed by anyone capable of shaping magical energy. It is also reported, rather surprisingly given their below average intelligence, that the orcs seem to have developed a rather primitive language to communicate with each other.


Plants are not really creatures at all. They do not have eyes, internal organs, blood or limbs and do not resemble other NPCs in any way. Instead, plants tend to have a root, stem and some leaves. Most plants are inanimate and are harvested to provide Alyria's population with an ample supply of food. However, several plants, such as tangle vines (who enjoy grabbing the legs of a passing adventurer) are able to move.

Most plants that live above the surface are able to utilize sunlight to obtain nutrition. However, while most plants that live on the surface of Alyria are relatively harmless, it is reported that plants that live under the surface are a different matter. Since plants that live underground are unable to obtain sunlight, they have resorted to other means of obtaining food, including preying on unsuspecting Adventurers.


Trolls are huge creatures that are somewhat dull witted. However, they are enormous and often wield huge wooden clubs which often scare away young Adventurers. Trolls enjoy living at the foot of mountains, under bridges and inside caves. Due to the thick armor like skin which covers their bodies, most trolls are immune to bashing attacks. Since this has caused them to believe that they are invulnerable, most trolls will attack passing Adventurers.

Trolls also seem to sport extremely quick regenerative abilities. A troll who is bleeding to death will often be found in perfect condition, just minutes later. It is reported that trolls are led by a troll who is named Glamdrung, however, attempts to locate the troll leader have all failed. Some scholars have suggested that perhaps trolls are relatives of the giant race, since both races seem to share several common attributes.


Undead creatures such as zombies, skeletons, vampires and ghosts are inherently evil creatures created by the foulest necromancy. Only a truly evil wizard would ever contemplate practicing such black magic. These creatures of the night are absolutely loyal to their master and will perform any task which they are given. Undead creatures are characterized by their blank lifeless eyes, horrid rotting smell and a sense of terrible evil that seems to emanate from them.

As the undead are not truly living, most undead creatures seem to be immune to pain and rarely cry out when they are struck. Most undead creatures rely on brute force to slay their opponents, since they have an incredibly high tolerance of pain and physical abuse. However, it is reported that several undead creatures have gained the ability to manipulate magical energy.