Proficiencies are skills - particular, defined actions, in which a character can be trained. Proficiencies are split up into groups, called schools. Each school contains the proficiencies that most closely match that particular school's description.

Proficiencies encompass all abilities not classified as spells. These abilities range from the physical arts of weapon skill and defense, to survival skills such as tracking and herbalism, to the art of music.

Just like types of magic, classes will specialize in certain proficiencies. Cavaliers are the only class capable of using lances in mounted combat, while their female counterparts, the Valkyrie, is capable of defending against more than one attack per round of combat. Knaves have a number of close-combat moves that enable them to quickly inflict damage and get away before taking damage themselves.

Proficiency Schools

Weaponry Defense Combat Technical Mystical

Weaponry (WEA)

Defense (DEF)

Combat (COM)

Technical (TEK)

Mystical (MYS)

Proficiencies that involve a physical weapon

Proficiencies that are primarily defensive in nature

Proficiencies that are primarily combative in nature

Proficiencies that involve technical knowledge

Proficiencies that use spiritual and mental powers