Herbalism is a powerful skill that enables the herbalist to create magical powders. These powders have different effects when eaten or thrown, depending on the herbs that compose the mixture.

Different herbs of varying strengths are combined to form mixtures using the MIX command and a mortar and pestle. Mixing herbs together will create powders that are either throwable or edible, depending on the effect the herbalist wishes to achieve. The herbs by themselves have some power, but it is the concentration and visualization of the herbalist during the mixing process that gives them the ability to create magical effects.

Positive herbalism mixtures are generally eaten and those of destructive nature are thrown at a victim. Your skill in herbalism is dependent upon your knowledge of the skill and the enhancer that the mortar and pestle can give.

The formula for figuring out how high you can MIX herbal powers, of up to seven different herbs, is (herbalism skill) * 2 + (mortar and pestle enhancement).

For example, Player "A" has a skill of 75% in herbalism and using a granite mortar and pestle (0 enhancement). Player "A" can mix herb powers that combine for up to 150 (75 * 2 + 0 = 150).

Player "B", on the other hand, has a rare bone grinder (50 enhancement), with the same skill in herbalism, 75%. Though they have the same skill, Player "B" can mix high powered herbal mixtures of 200 (75 * 2 + 5 0 = 200).

To MIX herbs into a workable combination, you must have a mortar and pestle in your hand and the herbs you wish to combine in your inventory. Herbs can be found at many shoppes throughout the various townes of Alyria. Only one herb of a type can be used. So, if one is using celidonia, only one can be used, but up to six other herbs can be mixed with it. With mortar and pestle in hand, one wishes to create a glimmering white herbal mixture ("cure light"). Buy a provinca sprig and a celidonia sprig, then type MIX CELIDONIA PROVINCA. If all goes well, a glimmering white herbal mixture will be in the inventory waiting to be eaten. If the mixture is too powerful to contain in the mortar and pestle, there can be dire - often explosive - consequences.

Mortar and Pestles


The following shops are known to carry the most common of mortar and pestles - a granite mortar and pestle.

  • In Sigil - Abominus in Abominus's Scrolls and Magical Supplies on Marefurium Way
  • In Rune - The old wizard in Yew Court Pharmaceuticals west of the Crossroads at Yew on Yew Court
  • In Xaventry - Rases in Rases's Herbs on the west side of Market Street

A more advanced mortar and pestle for the mid-level adventurer is the Onyx Mortar and Pestle, though it is very rare and extremely difficult to attain. The location of this item has been rumored to have been seen in Hotel Hello located in the Great Alyrian Underground, where only the strongest of the worlds' adventurers dare venture.

A Bone Grinder is a coveted mortar and pestle for those starting to reach their Hero status. It is a favored item used by the powerful Ogre Witch, Baba Yaga, who has made her home deep underground with two other rogue witches in the towne of Decara. Gaining this prized mortar and pestle is not for the faint of heart.

The prize of all mortar and pestles, a Cracked Mortar and Pestle, has long been a mystery as to where it is kept. Legend and lore have led to the fact that somewhere in Vesuvius, northwest of Vospire, it can be found, though very few have been able to attain it and even fewer will tell how.

Common Herbs

Most herbs can be found and bought in any herbalist shop. There are shops are in Xaventry, Rune, New Rigel, Sigil and Lowangen, and a few other locations it is up to you to find. The rarest herb known is called sedum rosea. It is said that when mixed in when creating an herbal mixture, the sedum rosea prevents the mixture from decaying before being used.

Vandemaar had at one time created an item that produced lower quality herbs, but including the rare sedum rosea. Lady Undya currently offers a replica of this item available to questers, commonly known as Vandemaar's Apothecary Jar, to those that wish to have one to assist them in their journeys.

The most common types of herbs - and their associated powers - are:

Name Group Power
CelidoniaCelidonia Agares 1
CentauresCentaures Barbatos 4
EliotropiaEliotropia Samigina 8
JusquianusJusquianus Marbas 10
LilliumLillium Valefor 14
Lingua CanisLingua Canis Amon 18
QueriQueri Sitri 23
MepetaMepeta Paimon 25
MilisopholosMilisopholos Buer 32
VerbenaVerbena Sallos 33
ProvincaProvinca Gusion 41
RosaRosa Beleth 50
SalviaSalvia Leraje 64
SerpentiaSerpentia Eligos 88
UrticaUrtica Zepar 92
UsicurUsicur Botis 99
Virga PastorisVirga Pastoris Marax 72
Sedum RoseaSedum Rosea Andromalius -1

Common Mixtures

As multiple mixtures exist that produce the same effects, a listing of the most common mixtures follow. Additional mixtures can be discovered and crafted if the herbalist possesses a magically-enhanced mortar and pestle.

Spell Type Components Resulting Mixture
Awaken Thrown celidonia + eliotropia Silvery herbal mixture a silvery herbal mixture
Blindness Thrown jusquianus + queri + urtica shimmering copper herbal mixture a shimmering copper herbal mixture
Calm Eaten eliotropia + mepeta + queri Pale yellow herbal mixture a pale yellow herbal mixture
Cause Light Thrown celidona + jusquianus Reddish herbal mixture a reddish herbal mixture
Cure Light Eaten milisopholos + lingua canis Glimmering white herbal mixture a glimmering white herbal mixture
Cure Poison Eaten jusquianus + queri + urtica Bright green herbal mixture a bright green herbal mixture
Death Grip Eaten jusquianus + mepeta + milisopholos + provinca Sticky magenta herbal mixture a sticky magenta herbal mixture
Detect Invisibility Eaten celidona + eliotropia + lillium Light blue herbal mixture a light blue herbal mixture
Fatigue Thrown usicur + rosa Sparkling gold herbal mixture a sparkling gold herbal mixture
Levitation Eaten milisopholos + verbena Pale blue herbal mixture a pale blue herbal mixture
Reveal Thrown centaures + verbena Dark purple herbal mixture a dark purple herbal mixture
Refresh Eaten salvia + verbena Warm brown herbal mixture a warm brown herbal mixture
Sense Life Eaten celidona + eliotropia + lillium + mepeta + queri Dark red herbal mixture a dark red herbal mixture