Factions are groups of people (and/or creatures) united by particular ideologies. They exist throughout the world of Alyria, and your standing (reputation) amongst the varied factions can be important depending on your goals.

Faction standing can affect many things, such as:

  • Ability to equip/use certain faction-bound pieces of equipment
  • Cause faction members to attack you on sight, or possibly to assist you
  • Give you access to exclusive faction banks
  • Give you discounts at exclusive faction stores, or the ability to buy from those stores at all using credits from the faction bank (some faction-run shops may not accept gold or any other form of currency, except as issued as credit from their bank)

Faction Types

There are many different faction types, which are primarily used for classification purposes. These faction types are similar to clan types.

Guild Region Racial
Towne Class Clan
Alliance Cartel Coven
Court Order

Faction Points and Standing Levels

To increase or decrease in standing with a faction, you will gain or lose faction points. When you are first 'noticed' by a faction, you start out neutral, with a faction standing of "ambivalent" (0 points). As you gain faction points, your standing level will change. Faction levels range from feared to legendary, and points range from -27,500 to 27,500.

Faction standing levels are as follows:

22,500 to 27,499 faction points
17,500 to 22,499 faction points
12,500 to 17,499 faction points
7,500 to 12,499 faction points
2,500 to 7,499 faction points
-2,500 to 2,499 faction points
-7,500 to -2,499 faction points
-12,500 to -7,499 faction points
-17,500 to -12,499 faction points
-22,500 to -17,499 faction points
-27,500 to -22,499 faction points

The FACTION command displays a list of factions and your current standing with each one.

Gaining and Losing Faction Points

Some examples of how you can gain or lose points with particular factions:

  • Completing certain quests
  • Performing tasks for a faction
  • Firing upon and sinking faction ships
  • Slaying faction NPCs

Additionally, some factions have restrictions as to who can gain points with them (such as specific race-bound factions).

Opposing and Parent Factions

Some factions may have OPPOSING factions, which means if you gain faction points with one faction, you will lose them with another, and vice versa.

Some factions may have PARENT factions, which means that if you gain or lose points with a faction that has a parent, you will gain or lose points with the parent faction as well, albeit to a lesser degree.

Faction Banks

Some factions have their own banks. These banks can be used by faction members in shops associated with that faction. For example, the Alyrian Bazaar, located near New Rigel, is run by the Alyrian Merchant's Association, a well known trading faction. You can obtain vouchers that, when used, give you a certain amount of credit in the Alyrian Merchant Association's bank, which can then be used to buy goods from the Alyrian Bazaar.