Equipment and items take a variety of forms, ranging from the most exotic armor and weapons, to more mundane things such as lights. Armor and clothing take up their own spots on a body, helmets for heads, and gloves for hands, for example. Some items of significant power or value take up their very own special slots.

Be cautious casually wearing unidentified items, however - some are known to carry curses, both simple and complex. You may not be able to remove it from its slot without the assistance of a cleric, so be forewarned when examining equipment that is new to you.

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Equipment Locations

The following is a list of common locations present on a typical humanoid where various pieces of equipment can be worn:

Dark caves and dungeons have ever detered the bravest of souls, places where only the most intrepid adventurers forge down. Yet no adventurer, mighty or not, enters these places without good lighting. This spot includes torches, lanterns, and candles that produce light where it cannot be found. Some magical lights even illuminate things that may not be seen with the naked eye.
Your head is the most vulnerable location on your body, and thusly, important to protect. Helms, helmets, and hats help from the road's dangers and low branches that might harm you.
Traditionally masks were worn over the face for holidays and parties, masks were simply created to disguise or hide one's features from view. Some masks can be found frightening to behold.
From the beginning of civilization, men and women have adorned their hands and fingers with bands of metal, occasionally with gems. Two rings may be worn at any time, with the exception of a symbol of fidelity, which takes up a special spot of its own. Many rings found may be enchanted with powerful magics. None of these items should be taken lightly.
Ranging from amulets to necklaces, spiked collars to pendants, the neck is generally used to hang a item suspended from a chain or some sort of binding. Two necklaces may be worn at any time, and another two special slots are available for strongly enchanted items, like the fabled lapis lazuli pendant.
Many people envision armor as shining plates of metal interlocked with straps, and cavaliers charging into battle, glinting in the sun. But truly, the body is simply a place to wear armor or clothing. Breastplates, chestplates, and chainmail shirts are the most common protection here. Even a simple piece of leather between your skin and the blade of an enemy can ward off impending death.
Most people wear equipment or clothing on the legs (we hope). Leg plates, fur leggings, and pants should be worn, whether to ward off the cold, or to protect from a stray blade thrust.
Boots, shoes, and sandals protect your feet from the ground. Even the mightiest lions are hurt by the smallest of thorns. Foot equipment come in the widest variety, from the most stylish to the armored boots of a knight.
One of the most distinguishing characteristic of Alyria's humanoid creatures, are hands. Fingers used to grasp objects, use objects, and create objects are also the most sensitive. Gloves, mittens, gauntlets, and wraps protect your hands from the stinging cold, or from being sliced off. A person without fingers can't grasp the handle of a weapon.
Armplates, armbands, and sleeves guard your arms. Certain magical items may even increase your strength, or agility, simply by wearing them!
Shields come in many sizes, from small bucklers to the largest tower shield. Shields may deflect the blows of weapons, and might even ward off the deadly breath of a dragon!
About the Body
Cloaks, shrouds, and shawls keep the cold away, and may hide or protect you from certain unsavory foes. Some cloaks are heavilly enchanted. Certain individuals carry an aura of power around them, that can be sensed by those attuned or innately able to see.
Belts and girdles were designed to keep your leggings from falling, but some were found to have magical properties, and curses. Some such belts are cursed, causing the wearer to have to bear it until it can be uncursed!
Some people like to carry a pouch or bag on their hip, for the simple use of extra storage.
Two wrist slots may be used, bearing bracelets, wristguards, trinklets, charms, and bracers. These items are usually magical in nature, producing a variety of effects.
Sidhe, fey, and dracons are blessed with wings. These creatures protect their wings with a variety of items. Wing bracers and wing plates, and wing armor may be worn over the wings to protect them from damage.
Tail armor is seen used widely with Minotaurs and Dracons, have been found wearing armor on their tails, to prevent them from being cut off. Although there is armor built for this, many have seen many a Minotaur or Dracon sporting a pipe!
Hands carry a variety of things, but are mostly found holding a weapon. Hands are used to hold objects, orbs, wands, spellbooks, musical instruments, and a manner of other items that cannot be completely listed here. Two hands may be used, carrying two different objects. Certain individuals, may be found with two-handed weapons, items of great destructive power!