Mage Class Archetype

The true "Master of Magic" class

Wizards are the most versatile type of magic-users, usually not specializing in any one discipline. Their spellcasting style has remained unchanged since magic was first discovered, and works by reshaping the very fabric of reality. Wizards are experts at focusing the ethereal energy around them, which can produce many powerful effects, more than any of the other character classes.

Fueled by the warrior's call for revenge, Gromus had finally tracked down Toadpocket in an attempt to finish the fight he had started back in Tellerium. Before, Gromus had easily dispatched the gnome wizard, but his peers poked fun at him for beating up a small, defenseless mage. Toadpocket could not use any of his spells because of the magic nullifying obelisks scattered throughout the streets - it was only thanks to luck that the old wizard dodged the last, lethal lance strike.

Now, retreated to a small patch of woods just outside the city, Toadpocket felt safer. Gromus was forced to dismount and fight with a sword. At first, it looked as if Toadpocket would win the match. Suddenly, Gromus popped a small root in his mouth. As his face contorted in a sour expression, he started moving faster, raining down sword strikes on Toadpocket, each one filled with the energy of a team of oxen. Realizing he was about to be beaten again, Toadpocket started to cast a spell. A field of shimmering golden energy silently appeared, coalescing into a fire elemental...

While Wizards tend to classify themselves as white or black magicians, they are all familiar with the same types of spells. White Wizards use their powers for good, while Black Wizards further the forces of evil. A Wizard can use magic to enhance their own abilities, strike down a foe, travel through space, or manipulate the world around them. Because the arcane arts require intense concentration and study, Wizards are not very skilled in non-magical combat, preferring to fight with daggers or other simple weapons such as hooks, scythes, or swords.

The Council of the Arcane is a group of the seven most powerful Wizards in the world, and one of its most important duties is the discussion of new directions that magical research should take; the primary concern of all Wizards is the pursuit of knowledge. The Council also settles any disputes that arise between members of the class, since no other courts truly understand the intricate politics of the Wizards. Young Wizards often journey to the city of Sigil, located on the continent of Auryn. Because the moons imbue this part of the world with a high concentration of magical energy, the city provides the best environment for occult learning.

Wizard Proficiencies


Dagger Exotic Hook Scythe
Staff Sword




Hand To Hand




Magical Items Meditation

Wizard Spells


Abjure Counterspell Dispel Area Dispel Magic
Room Shield Silence


Change Sex Death Grip Erase Flame Wind
Haste Infravision Lava Walk Magic Lock
Magic Unlock Pass Door Poison Shocking Grasp
Spark Stone Skin Thunderclap Underwater Breathing
Unnatural Strength Weaken


Blink Control Winds Ice Storm Summon Elemental
Teleport Thunderstorm


Beacon Charm Curse Levitation
Overpressurize Recharge Item Sleep


Blindness Color Spray Invisibility Light
Momentary Darkness




Detect Illusion Detect Invisibility Detect Magic Identify
Sense Life Wizard Eye


Animate Dead Energy Drain Enervation Kill
Plague Slow


Acid Blast Armor Circle Of Fire Concentration
Fireball Frost Hands Of Wind Ice Wind
Iceball Lightning Bolt Magic Bomb Magic Dart
Magic Message Web


Gate Travel Nexus Plane Travel Slow Magic