Cleric Class Archetype

A self-healing cleric with an arsenal of debilitating curses

A witch is a rare type of spellcaster. Witches eschew the more dramatic forms of magic, preferring the more subtle arts of hexes, jinxes, and curses. They are quite adept at summoning and controlling spirits - those that have not yet passed beyond the Ethereal Void, and indeed it is this natural ability of spirit control that separates the dabblers from the truly powerful. Witches can be both men and women, although more women seem to be witches than men.

Kakalera nervously sat in a wooden rocking chair, a strange, howling wind blowing against the foggy windows. Clutched in her hands was a tattered piece of paper that had been nailed to her front door that morning. Trembling, she read again the warning of impending doom. At the time, Kakalera thought the witch's warnings were meant to scare money out of her, but few could deny the strange happenings of the previous couple weeks. All she could do was sit around and wait by her fire.

The wind started to pick up outside. Suddenly, Shintu the nefarious witch burst through the door, a rage of foul wind and smoke.

"Your time has come, elf. Prepare yourself for the afterlife." Shintu smiled. It wasn't a pleasant smile.

As Kakalera quickly rose to her feet, Shintu began casting a spell...

A silvery beam of light the color of Marabah at full cracked from Shintu's hand toward Kakalera, bringing her down to the ground before she could draw her weapon.

Kakalera said weakly, "You will pay for your evil ways, fallen one."

Shintu smiled to herself as she pulled her hood over her head. "You are in no position to be making threats," Shintu said as she pulled a used, but very sharp scythe from under her cloak.

Witches tend to study what could be loosely catalogued as "black magic" - some of them lean towards neutral use, and in rare cases, good use of such magics, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Of course, a witch would never define what she does as black magic, for in the mind of a witch magic is merely a tool to be used, and they believe if they were not intended to use it as they wished, they would not possess the abilities they do. Witches believe in a natural balance between suffering and compassion, and therefore they do not worry about whether or not their magic helps or harms so long as they achieve the results they desire. As far as the witch is concerned, if they cause an individual to suffer, the individual will receive an equal amount of good to offset the bad. Whether it occurs in this life or the next isn't the concern of the witch.

When a witch gains a certain amount of experience, she may choose to bind herself to an aerial spirit. Such a binding increases the power of the witch significantly, and is not something to be undertaken lightly. The binding is irrevocable and lasts until the final end of the witches' life. The binding allows the witch to tap into forces - through the aerial spirit - that enable her most powerful spells.

Witches have a natural affinity with the towne of Xaventry due to the high concentration of spiritual energy to be found there.

Witch Proficiencies


Dagger Flail Magical Wand Scythe
Whip Yo-yo


No skills found.


Hand To Hand


Hide Perception


Magical Items  

Witch Spells


Negation Pentacle Protection From Evil Protection From Good
Remove Curse


Calm Erase Poison Shadow Door


Shadow Golem Shadow Imp Summon Summon Shade


Beacon Curse Hex




Detect Invisibility


Chill Touch Delay Reincarnation Disjunction Famine
Fatigue Harm Immobilize Impede Movement
Leech Leech Conduit Malediction Malignancy
Plague Reanimate Shadow Armor


Convocation Magic Message Shadow Light


Confusion Deafen Evil Eye Insanity