Mage Class Archetype

Masters of archery and woodland survival skills

Rangers are mages who draw their power from the world around them. They are very closely attuned to the cycles and voices of nature, and can use this ability to channel the ethereal energy that flows through all living things. By harnessing the forces of nature, Rangers are able to enhance their own abilities, strike out against opponents, or even reshape the world around them. Their knowledge of plants and herbs allows rangers to make many useful concoctions as well through the herbalism skill.

Chumly panted heavily, darting between trees and under brush.

"These guys just won't let up," he said to himself.

Looking around the darkening forest, Chumly realized that he was getting himself deeper and deeper into an unfamiliar part of the woods. He was utterly and totally lost. To make matters worse, he was being chased by several thugs. It seemed that they were after the ancient text that Chumly found in the old library. He had managed to evade them for quite some time, even making it out of the city past the guards they were paying.

Normally, he was quite comfortable in this forest, but a strange eerie light this evening had him a bit confused. Now, pinned against a tree by the rustling noises of his assailants, Chumly gulped hard and started to think. He concentrated and felt his way about the area, anchoring himself...

Suddenly, there was a low rumbling sound from deep beneath the ground's surface. The ground cracked, releasing sharp, thorny brambles that encircled the area. Chumly snickered as three of the thugs ran face first into a wall of thorns.

"Ow!! Where'd these brambles come from?!" one of them cried.

"Get the axes, boys, Boss wants that book," the largest one said.

The thugs would eventually chop their way through Chumly's wall of thorns, but they would not find him inside. By then, the little ranger had more than enough time to calm himself and teleport himself away from danger.

Because they spend so much time outdoors, Rangers possess a variety of useful skills that do not depend on magic. Heightened perception allows them to scan far along the horizon or track down almost any quarry, and even carefully hidden traps look out of place to a skilled Ranger. As part of their attunement with nature, Rangers keep themselves in excellent physical shape, and are far more agile than other classes of magicians. When engaging in combat, Rangers prefer fighting with a sword, but are also skilled with hunting weapons such as daggers, darts, spears, whips, yo-yos, and throwing knives or stars.

In order to become a part of nature, Rangers lead solitary lives, residing in secluded forests. Some Rangers eventually choose to journey throughout the world, and most often start by visiting the city of Sigil. Because it is located on the continent of Auryn, the city is imbued with strong magical energy by the moons, and provides an excellent environment for occult studies.

Ranger Proficiencies


Archery Dagger Dart Spear
Staff Sword Throwing Knife Whip


Dodge Parry


Blind Fighting Hand To Hand Kick Second Attack


Detect Traps Disarm Traps Enhanced Endurance Foraging
Herbalism Hide Perception Riding
Scan Snare Tracking


Magical Items

Ranger Spells


Counterspell Dispel Magic Room Shield


Death Grip Enhanced Strength Erase Guise Of Nature
Infravision Magic Lock Magic Unlock Otolithic Growth
Spark Stone Skin Whirlwind Wind Walk


Blink Control Winds Find Familiar Ice Storm
Summon Mount


Charm Faerie Fire Levitation Recharge Item
Sleep Tinnitus


Color Spray Concealment Invisibility Light
Momentary Darkness


Detect Illusion Detect Magic Identify Sense Life
Wizard Eye


Camouflage Circle Of Thorns Create Food Create Spring
Create Water Electrogenic Growth Flintstrike Frost
Fungal Growth Hands Of Wind Ice Wind Iceball
Magic Bomb Magic Dart Magic Message Web