Mage Class Archetype

Devastating psychic attacks without the need for spellbooks or reagents

Psionics are advanced scholars in the science of the mind and its use over the material world. Unlike other mages, they are able to control ethereal energy around them merely by willing it, and therefore do not require the use of spellbooks or magical reagents. Their focus on mental control makes sanity their paramount concern, for in casting a spell a Psionic must be able to withstand the rigors of manipulating reality with the mind.

The Fey, Zeengorth, was starving and in a strange town. Searching for a nice meal, Zeengorth made his way to his favorite feeding spot, the Market Square. There people from the surrounding forest bring their goods to sell. Any one of these blood filled creatures was a potential meal for Zeengorth.

It had been a couple weeks since he had a meal of any true substance. In the woods, all he had to dine on was the blood of a few forest critters, or the remains of some rotting corpse. The first couple attempts at dining in the Market Square resulted in several citizens screaming about a horrible monster. The crowd would scatter, making it difficult to catch and consume his prey before the town guards came for him.

It was not until Zeengorth learned how to control others' view of his appearance. By focusing his mental energy, his form would undulate and waver and suddenly he would look like a harmless twig or fountain.

Psionics have a unique selection of spells to choose from, as the magic of the mind is different from the magic of other mages. However, their spells achieve some of the same effects, such as enhancing the abilities of the caster or lashing out at enemies. Psionics also have many unique powers, and can assume the appearance of a common object, view the world through the eyes of another, or even cause others to forget they were ever there. While they can usually protect themselves with magic, Psionics can also do battle with whips, or with simple weapons like maces or daggers.

Cloistered away in a monastary-like training environment for ten years, Psionics have a mental discipline that is almost incomprehensible to most people. After completing their education, they often seek adventure and excitement, and look for any opportunity to use their enhanced brain power. Many young Psionics journey to Sigil, because it is located on the continent of Auryn. The city is imbued with strong magical energy by the moons, and provides an excellent environment for occult studies.

Psionic Proficiencies


Dagger Mace Whip


No skills found.


Hand To Hand


Hide Perception



Psionic Spells


Bar Cancellation Describe Disequilibriate
Disrupt Sight Domination Esp Float
Force Field Forget Geisteblitz Induce Aggression
Irritation Knock Memory Drain Mental Disruption
Mesmerize Mimic Mind Shield Nullification Field
Pense Pyrokinesis Sensory Enhancement Spook
Telekinesis Telekinetic Bash Telekinetic Explosion Telekinetic Pierce
Telekinetic Punch Telekinetic Shield Telekinetic Slash Telekinetic Wave
Telesmatic Force Teleview Transference