Cleric Class Archetype

The ultimate healer and representative of the Powers

Priests are a class of religious missionaries. They venture into unknown lands to seek new followers for the Power they follow, although different groups tend to use different styles of evangelization. Priests usually represent organized religions, and come from many races. They rely upon the blessing of their deity to perform magic, and are often the most self-righteous class of clerics.

When Nortek felt the call of magic, he felt it on his soul. He dedicated his magical studies to his god, Maradas. Naturally, because he traveled the land striping the land of its precious metals, he made constant offerings to Maradas to ensure his favor. When feeling tired, or in need of refreshment, he would simply call upon his god for power and feel rejuvenated.

Because he worshipped the harmony of the earth around him, it was no surprise that when the startled elf Kakalera stumbled upon his campsite, she could finally stop running. Nortek needed to only see the look of terror in her eyes or her constant shaking to know that she was in some sort of trouble. He began by casting a calming spell so she could catch her breath. After pouring and handing her a cup of hot tea, Nortek asked, "What is your name, young elf?"

"Kakalera," she said as she sipped at her tea, "I'm from Xaventry."

Nortek nodded, signaling her to continue.

"I stumbled upon a witches' plot attack a settlement of elves," she said after a long sip of tea, "I fear that it may be too late!"

"Do you know where this attack will be?"

"...New Rigel," she said slowly.

"We must hurry! We can get there within the hour if I conjure some traveling carpets."

Kaklera stood up, suddenly feeling rejuvenated, the horrible curse the witch Shintu placed on her finally lifted.

Because they command the favor of the Power they follow, Priests have the ability to call down holy energies to empower themselves. Using prayer and meditation techniques, they can remove virulent curses, exorcise demons, protect themselves and their brethren, or perform simple tasks such as creating food and water. Priests seldom go forth to face the heathens unprepared, and receive limited combat training with blunt, usually non-fatal weapons such as the mace. They are also skilled in the use of shields, and with weapons that can be used defensively, such as flails, polearms, and whips. In addition to the seeking of converts, Priests journey around the world in search of wisdom and enlightenment.

Because there are Priests of many different faiths, their beliefs vary widely, and sometimes they are completely opposite. The different churches seldom agree with each other, often competing for followers. Young clerics often make pilgrimages to Xaventry, a town located on the continent of Sepharia, because it is the birthplace of most religions practiced today.

Priest Proficiencies


Flail Mace Polearm Whip


Shield Block  


Hand To Hand




Magical Items Meditation

Priest Spells


Abjure Awaken Condemn Counterspell
Cure Disease Cure Poison Protection From Evil Protection From Good
Remove Curse Sanctuary Tremor


Calm Change Sex Cure Blindness Cure Critical
Cure Light Erase Heal Poison
Refresh Requiem


Bubble Cluster Summon Word Of Recall


Consecrate Armor Consecrate Food Excommunicate






Call Lightning


Detect Alignment Detect Illusion Detect Invisibility Identify
Read Aura Sense Life


Animate Dead Cause Critical Cause Light Cause Serious
Harm Plague


Armor Augment Aura Channel Faith Create Food
Create Spring Create Water Fountain Magic Carpet


Gate Travel