Thief Class Archetype

Determined, cunning, and cruel thieves with an arsenal of dirty tricks

Knaves lack subtlety. Where a knife in the back would do the job, a knife in the face sends a message. Preferring to fight in style than slinking around unsung by their fellow bards, knaves are known far and wide as traitors, deceivers, liars and victors.

Reveling in the glory of a well-executed strategy almost as much as the victory itself, knaves are frequently braggarts, but just as frequently they have the talents to back up whatever intimidations they intimate. Just as bards sing the songs of adventure and romance, and rogues stay stealthy and quiet, knaves boast of their prowess and egos.

Knaves are frequently abandoned on the streets of New Rigel by parents that no longer wish to deal with the little bastards, but a knave's trade is learned around the world and plied even further. Due to the relative diversity in their skills and the accessibility of their trademark "punch victims in the face and slash open their bellies while they're staggering" moves, nearly all adventuring races in Alyria can pursue the knavish arts, if they can even be called that.

Although they are generally crass, opportunistic and lacking in subtlety, the knave forgoes all of these things in pursuit of the one thing that matters: success.

Knave Proficiencies


Dagger Exotic Hook Marksmanship


Deadeye Dodge Feign Death Feign Illness
Raise Hell


Hand To Hand Raise Dukes Raise Stakes Second Attack
Slit Tendon Slit Throat Strike A Match Strike At The Heart
Strike Blow Strike Down Strike Of Death Strike Of Pain


Detect Traps Feign Love Feign Presence Hide
Peek Perception Scan Slit Armor
Slit Purse


Feign Knowledge Lore  

Knave Spells

No skills found.