A clan is a group of players joined by a cause in which they all believe. Each cause is different and sometimes difficult to understand. Whatever your beliefs, thoughts or devotions are, there is most likely a particular clan to which you can relate.

There is a clan designed to help novice characters assimilate into the world of Alyria known as the Novice Clan, for players under level 90.

You must have at least 45 total levels to join a clan other than the Novice Clan. For more information on what clans are currently active in Alyria, use CLAN LIST in game. Clans listed in red on the clan list are Player Killing clans. These clans can engage in battle with members of their own clan or other PK clans outside of the domain of normal player killing areas.

See HELP CLANS in-game for additional information.

Clan Types

Clans consist of eight basic organizations: Guilds, Orders, Cults, Tribes, Covens, Courts, Circles, and Lodges. They all consist of members with a cause which they believe in, although the cause of each is different and sometimes difficult to understand. Whatever your beliefs, thoughts or devotions are, there is most likely a particular clan to which you can relate.

Clan types do not change any functions of a clan and these designations are for roleplay purposes only.

Creating a Clan

To create a clan, the new clan leader must gather 40,000,000 in gold and request a clan from a Master of Clans, located in most major cities. The gold fee is nonrefundable. The leader must also have 120 total levels or greater.

Once the clan has been requested, 15,000 clan gemstones must be recovered from the Proving Grounds and deposited with a Master of Clans. Once at least 15,000 clan gemstones are deposited, the clan will become active. The clan has three real-time months from when the clan is requested to gather the gemstones. If the gemstones are not gathered in this three-month period, the clan will be removed and the initial gold fee will be forfeited.

Once a clan is active, clan gemstones are required in order to pay monthly taxes and keep the clan active. Taxes are assessed based on the size of the clan, with a charge of 15 gems per possible clan member. If a clan is behind on taxes for more than three months, it will be deleted.

Estimated maximum clan taxes per month:

Clan Type Number of Members Monthly Tax
A 28 members 270 clan gemstones
B 31 members 315 clan gemstones
C 34 members 360 clan gemstones
D 37 members 405 clan gemstones
E 40 members 450 clan gemstones
F 46 members 540 clan gemstones
G 52 members 630 clan gemstones

Joining a Clan

Clan Hall

Membership in a clan is something that many different adventurers choose to do. It's certainly not necessary to make your experiences in Alyria complete, but it can be a very helpful way to learn from other players and to experience the camaraderie of a group working toward the same goals. Though the types of clans may be similar among a number of different clans, each individual clan has its own requirements for joining. Some clans desire adventurers above a certain level, some forbid PK at all, while others require it.

The best way to determine what is the best clan for you, is to talk to the owners or higher ranked members of a clan. Additionally, typing CLAN INFO <clan name> or CLAN INFO <clan number> you're provided with information about the clan. This includes statistics on kills and reputation.

Clan Alliances

Alliances consist of groups of clans that have come together for a common purpose, or set of goals. While the clans that comprise the Alliance may not always see eye to eye, they are able to work together well enough as a unit that they are not constantly bickering or fighting with each other.

It is beneficial for clans to form Alliances for several reasons; one, there is strength in numbers. Whereas one clan may dominate and its members may have members of another clan on the run, if the other clan were to join together with an Alliance, the Alliance working together could overpower the now out- matched clan.

Secondly, Alliance clans get to share a communication channel with each other that enables them to have access to a broader set of information than a single clan may be able to provide. This also increases the social aspect behind Alliances, and enables one to feel a stronger bond of unity with your fellow Alliance members.

Alliances may also declare war or peace intentions with other Alliances.

See HELP CLAN ALLIANCES in-game for additional information.