Most populous continent in Alyria

Sepharia is home to such popular cities as Rune, New Rigel, Lowangen, and Xaventry. Most of the areas on Sepharia are geared towards novice adventurers and adventurers uninterested in player to player combat.


A Disturbed Pyramid

This forsaken region is best suited for the well equipped 2nd classer and his friends - not for the faint of heart. This region offers various rewards, including quest points, palladium gear, and a mark obtained by those who unravel the mysteries surrounding the pyramid. Circuitous in nature and instilling fear in its very walls, the pyramid is home to some terrifying mobs - so bad, in fact, that many will prevent you from fleeing, and some even drop their spirits when slain!

Be prepared to dig around, as the structure is filled with illusions--to the point that it could very well make your head dizzy. As usual, pay attention to the various wants and needs of NPCs to maximize your rewards, but be aware of your surroundings and don't get caught up in the flow of things - it could easily lead to chaos.

If you're seeking the famed palladium gear, you would do well to bring any interesting items you find or loot to the archaeologist, provided the blind old man isn't napping. Also remember the treasure collector is willing to take most anything you find off of your hands. Aside from the spirits and gargoyles which inhabit the pyramid, those looking for more adventure would do well to dig around at the most dangerous part of the first level, and be prepared to deal with some entropy by oneself. When in doubt, search around and explore.

Legend has it that a witch looks to reincarnate herself and reign from the top of her pyramid. Bolster your courage, brave the chaos and inescapable clutches of witches, wizards, guardians, sharks, and shadows to win over witchcraft!

A Hill Giant Refuge

The Hill Giant refuge, located just northwest of Rune, is a tranquil spot of land dedicated to the peaceful hill giants. Upon first entry to the refuge, you'll notice many exhausted and hungry young giants, some of who decide to sleep peacefully, others who visit Finn in his Tavern. Outside of camp, various wild animals frolic near the ponds, only disturbed by the powerful booming of the giants working in the mines, both for iron and for gems.

Like most beings granted immense strength and vitality, giants use their brawn to achieve whatever goal they have in mind. However, they often begin a task without thinking, and sometimes this can lead to working as if they were beating their heads against a wall. It would indubitably be rewarding to assist the giants in their hunt for iron and gems, perhaps by figuring out a tool they could use to mine more efficiently, and once they're mining, by giving them some way to haul their loot back to the overseer.

Aside from the giants, you're unlikely to find much to your interest, unless you feel like placing a bet with a shady giant or visiting Tern's restaurant. All of the miners are protected, so the only sport you'll find is in the wild animals and the off-duty hill giants.

Arcane Archipelago

Like all things Arcane, this island-studded island retains the qualities of its inhabitants - it winds like a snake into a coil, where head and tail are indistinguishable. This region, tricky to navigate for the beginner, is located on an island southeast of Rune--and begins with a quick hack through the jungle. In the trees swing a small group of gorilla warriors, who keep a sharp lookout on the nearby volcano.

The heat of the volcano draws all types of cold-blooded entities, some that will chill your very blood. Kulah, or the reptile city of Arcane, is found across the river, through the dusty wasteland, past the volcano, and across the Brokenbone chasm. This city contains the works: from an armory to a casino, and a trainer to a chaotic, demonic library. It also provides entryway to the heavens, or the closest one can get to walking on the clouds.

However, Arcane's volcano holds death in store for those unmindful of their path, and wandering through either the ocean or the forest could land you in the void of the dead. Mostly harmless, these souls and skeletons are liable to attack, though unlike the rabid animals down below, they are generally little threat.

Nevertheless, above Arcane ocean, one can truly feel the ancient destruction which seems to pervade the area - shades remain bound to the places of their death, and worship arcane, unknown powers. Even the most experienced adventurer leaves Archipelago with a feeling true to it's name--there remains much to be discovered in the leafy islands of the dormant volcano.

Desert Thorn

Located within the dunes of the Bonnak Desert, Desert Thorn offers the one major oasis for travelers who dare venture into the inhospitable deserts in the northeastern section of Sepharia. Within its confines, the Desert Thorn has become home to many dangerous desert creatures as well as those few who are able to make the desert their home. It is said an ancient water elemental makes a pool in this oasis its home.

Dungeon Avarice

Nestled into the mountains not far north of Rune, Dungeon Avarice is a dangerous and exciting realm of aggressive monsters, shaped by the various swamps, caves, lava tubes, and clouds which fill the caverns. Entirely a player-killing area with the exception of a couple of rooms, Dungeon Avarice is no playground for the novice adventurer - even more experienced players should come prepared to deal with dizzying rooms, paralyzing mobs, repeating rooms, and one way paths.

Past the poisonous spiders which guard the entrance to the dungeon, the adventurer will find each pathway leading to a different environment: the west the clouds, south the caves, east the bog, and north the river. Along the river lies the entrance to unknown as well as various other caverns. In general, the dungeon is filled with evil entities who are ready to bite you in half, ranging from a dragons to corpses to summoned demons to giants to fungus.

Dungeon Wroth

To the west of New Rigel, within the Callias Mountains, dark dungeons are home to a settlement of orcs and their prisoners. Few know exactly what occurs there, and of the few who have been willing to find out, most refuse to speak of what they saw. Rumors abound of great treasures in the deepest levels of the dungeons for those able to navigate the hewn passages within this rudimentary orc settlement. Often mildly experienced adventurers will travel here in search of equipment and treasures unique to the area.

This gnomes in this area are prone to being kidnapped, and as such don't be surprised if you are sent on a task to free them by the Lord of the land. As you explore the area you will find it serves both as a jail and grounds for a great deal of animal testing. All manners of elementals and beasts which loathe the light jump the unwary adventurer. You might see Kobolds functioning as the servant population in order to keep things in order.


Gilvery is a pastoral, fenced-in farmland and a cluster of charmingly rural houses. Visited by the vicious dread pirate, Kali, this place can be thrown into upheaval fairly quickly. Discussing her with the town will get you varying reactions but will also illuminate the story behind the pirate.

For the most part this is a peaceful farming community focused on growing crops, raising families and offering a port for sailors and entry for travellers alike.

Broshed is often grouchy in the afternoons and evenings. He is especially protective of his daughter Avriel and any attempt to flirt with her might just land you in a heap of trouble. Visiting Thereste, the Gilverian blacksmith might offer some of the unique items you are in search of as you travel the land, but come with a heavy gold purse... This town is peaceful enough, and even though the cows have a problem staying awake, it is definitely worth a visit.

Hall of Honor

This small keep has been erected to honor the greatest adventurers of Alyria. These legends have made a name for themselves and earned the opportunity to be immortalized here for all time. Serving as inspiration for young adventurers, this keep stands as a lasting monument to those who serve as examples of what anyone can achieve if they put their heart and soul into their endeavors.

Inn of the Twin Moons

Located within the Bonnak Desert, the Inn of the Twin Moons offers travelers along the Eastern Road a break from the heat and dust. Fine food and drink awaits those with the gold to spend in this remote inn. Additionally, entertainment and lodgings are available, for an extra fee of course.

Lasler Valley

Located just outside of Lasler between the new adventurer complex and Lasler, this area offers training for the newest adventurers in Alyria. Each new adventurer begins their explorations here and can explore the land and test out their mettle against a great host of training creatures.

A small road runs from the training school into Lasler itself, and along this road are various townspeople who could aid from an intrepid adventurer. Rumors speak of a giant crab which resides in a nearby lake and four elemental pillars which scatter the countryside.

Mandrake Woods

Perhaps the most prominent colony of trolls in the land, Mandrake Woods is a dark, gloomy place that few visit for its own sake. Though it is near Xaventry, the trolls have not been domesticated and will attack almost any intruder in their lands. While the entrance to the woods is safe, practically nowhere else is.

There are varying habitats within the woods - treetops, the forest floor, rivers, caves. Unfortunately, trolls of varying size and strength inhabit all of them. Their leader, known as Glamdrung, is supposedly the father of all trolls, and is a formidable enemy. A dangerous river separates the northern and southern halves of the forest, and there is a single bridge across. At the southern edge of the woods, a mountain rises, at the top of which is Shadow Castle. Visitors to Mandrake Woods should bring a sturdy blade and a willingness to cut down any foes.

New Kolvir

Rebuilt from the shattered ruins of Kolvir, New Kolvir is now a thriving but dangerous city. It is located southwest of Rune, a vast hexagon among the mountaintops. None but the most courageous of adventurers head there, as anyone may be slain and looted anywhere in town. It is ruled by Lord Alymar who, with his right hand men - General Kahlir and the scientist Lakaros - keep order with an iron fist.

The city is beset by ogres, who attempt to sneak in through remote tunnels. The moat these tunnels lead to is one of the most dangerous areas in all of Alyria, filled with creatures ranging from snarfugles to alligators. The shopping area is a circular walkway, dubbed Martyr's Walk, and expert smiths, craftsmen, and sorcerors are available to tourists. Some of the other sights include the Church of Acceptance, the palace courtyard, and Lord Alymar himself. Besides other adventurers, visitors must also be wary of creatures who have escaped from the moat and roam the city, aggressive to any that enter. This city is extremely perilous, but offers great rewards to anyone who dares it.

Rune Crypts

Beneath the Runic Temple, and guarded by the Wizard Murmur, lay a series of crypts that wind through underground passages filled with dangerous beasts and natural dangers. The crypts themselves are beginning to decay. Even if an adventurer can escape the dangerous falling rocks, they often fall victim to the demented creatures of the crypt which are said to serve the Lady Bane. Traversing this area can be at times dangerous but can also yield quick rewards if you know where to go and who to see.

Rune Graveyard

Following the dark trail west and north through Rune Forest, located just north of the Towne of Rune, one may find themselves at the entrance to Rune Graveyard, which is home to one of the most profitable shopkeepers in the world. Set up in an organized matrix, the graveyard is full of tombs, whose inhabitants have risen up and formed ranks of necromancers, ghosts, skeletons, and shadows.

In the western corner lies a crypt full of rats and a Crypt Thing, and to the east lays a memorial as well as a haunted inn, which in itself contains a small garden. The northern path continues to a small church, which is valiantly defended by paladins. The majority of these NPCs are for the novice player, and it's been rumored large amounts of experience points can be granted if you meet with the appropriate friar before taking up the defense of good.

For more experienced players, there exists another level of Rune Graveyard - home to the legendary Couatl and the dead Manari cavaliers, as well as Semiramis, guardian angels, and a fearsome revenant. To enter this dungeon, one would do well to kill various mobs in the church, and search around the altar - ultimately to be able to unlock one of the tombs in the graveyard.

Shadow Castle

Shadow Castle is nestled in the dark expanses of ancient Mandrake Forest, to the northeast of the Town of Xaventry. It is essentially a training ground for all assassins and those devoted to becoming one with the shadow. Filled with various levels of assassins, from neophyte to master, these thieves are likely to stab you in the back at every turn. While they rely on their physical stealth and cunning to surprise a victim, the guild is not ignorant of the power of magic, and worship Night.

The Sorceress of Shadows resides on her balcony above the garden courtyard to the west, and several assassins research magic upstairs. The Guildmaster lurks behind a locked door, but welcomes challengers, many of which reap the benefits of Midnight Gear. It is rumored that the great balrog Abacax lurks beneath the castle, but finding him requires traveling to nearby Xaventry and braving chaotic player killing - certainly for Archons only! For the less experienced adventurer, there creep various shadows, ghouls, ghasts, zombies, and demons in the Shadow maze, which leads to the Lich.

Tavern of the Boars

Located on the road to Wroth, the Tavern of the Boars is a rough inn that caters to those traveling the darker regions of Fraou Forest. Often things can get out of hand in the common room and those who are involved meet the fury of Thigo, the Tavern Bouncer, and he might just send you for a visit to Jhonny, the arena master. And although the hosts won't admit it, they appear to have a slight bee problem...

Temple of Sumter

The Temple of Sumter was not always a place of darkness, but since the invasion of the Kells, many of it's ancient secrets have been lost to the world. Situated above the Town of Rune, at first glance it is a modest abode for the monks and priests who worship Sumter, one of the minor deities associated with Maradas.

The monks apparently have something to hide, as they guard the altar by attacking any intruders. Rumors have been heard of a vast cavern beneath the temple itself, as various kobolds have come wandering into the daylight raving about morkoths, piranhas, and taskmasters. One intrepid cavalier was said to have entered the Temple of Sumter in an attempt to stop the Kells from performing a ritual at a mysterious, chaotic altar, but he has never returned.

The Alyrian Bazaar

The Alyrian Bazaar is located north of New Rigel and southwest of Gilvery. The Great North Road runs right past it as it meanders its way around the continent. The Bazaar is filled with a plethora of different player run shops, many of which are stocked daily with a wide assortment of gear that players acquire throughout the game.

When you need something like gear for leveling your character, you might first check to see how you can acquire it yourself, but often times drop rates or gear dropping without the desired traits force you to look elsewhere. You can find anything from octarine equipment, to nearly any spellbook, to a wide variety of scrolls. You can even find containers to store all of your items when you visit the Bazaar. Be careful to not spend all your gold here, as it it very easy to do so.

The Lonely Dragon Inn

Located in the Mudapa Plains to the northwest of Rune, the Lonely Dragon Inn offers travelers along the West Road a haven from their journey across the open plains. Fine food and drink, as well as lodging, awaits those with gold to spend in this excellent inn. Several unique features make the inn a favorite of travelers between Rune and Xaventry.

The Tower of Art

The mysterious Tower of Art lies to the northeast of Lowangen, surrounded on all sides by impassable mountains which emanate an aura of evil. The tower is organized into six levels, with a dangerous lair and several levels of basement. Almost all of the inhabitants of the tower are evil, with the exception of the Grand Master Paladin, his guards, and the Arbiters which judge those who pass up through the levels.

The first level of the tower is the most benign, consisting of a library (and librarian), several hidden demonic guards, and a few miscellaneous, generally harmless mobs. Above, on level two, dwells Grimbold the necromancer and his army of zombies. Level three holds several guardians, the Dark Master and his zombies and trolls. The fourth level is home to the Royal family, including royal assassins, the Queen of the Fourth, her demonic child, and their guards--not to mention the chaotic jester Balaria and her minions. Almost at the top of the tower is the Grand Master Paladin and the shrine of the apocalypse.

The final level of Art holds a healing room before Fendawyr the half-dragon and the defiled paladins surrounding him. The very top of the tower is home to the great shadow worm Draask and his offspring, while the basement holds Grimbold's slaves, guards, and a bronze titan the size of the neighborhood you grew up in.

The Towne of Lowangen

Lowangen is a small town in northeast Sepharia, with outsized opportunities for the strongest of archons and the most novice of adventurers. Many strange characters inhabit its walls, and while it is not devoted to thieving like New Rigel, or magic like Sigil, it has a strange character of its own. The town looks a simple square from outside, but exceptional dangers lie within hidden pathways and underground dungeons.

King Cronus rules the city, but little is known about how he attracts such powerful men and woman to his town. Indeed, his sole interest seems to be the fairer sex. Still, the residents cannot argue with success, and some of the most interesting inhabitants of Alyria make their home within Lowangen's high, archer-guarded walls.

The Towne of Rune

Rune was founded by Lord Agrippa and is the heart of the land in many ways. His elegant castle within the walls of Rune is home to some of the most famous knights. Rune is one of the oldest cities in Alyria, as it was one of the few to escape the Great Cataclysm intact.

Adventurers come to Rune in search of exploration, for it is in Rune that all of Alyria comes together so that any information of interest may be found somewhere within its walls. Lord Agrippa regularly seeks adventurers to send on quests throughout the land so that all can be safe within the realm.

Thanks to the well-developed road system of Sepharia, the major seaport located in Rune, and the services of Ganuk's Iron Worm, travelers are easily able to reach Rune and find it an effective way to reach all of the other major cities and areas within Alyria.

At the north end of towne is Rune Castle. Rune Castle is the stately abode of Alyria's most influential quest master, Lord Agrippa. Fair walls of stone overgrown with ornate vines protect the most important political figures in Sepharia. Powerful knights such as Sir Tristan grace the halls of this elegant place. Exotic delicacies are available in many shops within the walls of this fortified station of goodness. Guarded by a nearly excessive number of sentries, the castle with its plentifully flowing marble fountain remains safe from evil throughout the land.

The Towne of Xaventry

In the heavily forested northern area of Sepharia, adventurers will find Xaventry. This fine town is well known for its affinity for nature and affiliations with the Druid population. The whole town is located within the forests of Sepharia, entire sections of town exclusively accessible through shimmering glades and gloomy trails. This closeness to nature makes the area a comfortable home for druids, priests, and shamans.

Additionally, shrines and temples have been erected to the five powers. Each of these serves as hubs for the communities within Xaventry, inhabited mainly by the followers of that Power. Xaventry is the largest city in Alyria, with innumerable inhabitants and back paths.

Ruled by Lady Undya, Xaventry offers young adventurers several challenges including the Druid Maze, Temple of Madras, Dira Temple, Ithrilis Temple, Temple of Vandyne, and Gath Temple. Each of these offers special rewards for those who are willing to risk all to delve into their depths, unraveling their age old secrets. Lady Undya offers fine rewards to adventurers who are willing to assist her with various quests.

Many shops and other establishments are located within the market district. These shops sell an array of merchandise as well as basic goods and services any adventurer may need when resting from traveling. Xaventry Realty prospers in the northwest section of town. Adventurers may purchase homes here in which to reside in their time aside from adventuring.

Traveler's Retreat

Located on the Great North Road between Rune and New Rigel, the Traveler's Retreat offers those who journey across the Mudapa Plains a spot to stop for a fine meal or drink before continuing on their travels. If need be, lodgings can be had for a reasonable price.

Van Pelt's Emporium

Located just outside the west gate of Rune, it's a short distance if you are looking for some unique furniture or pets to decorate your home. There is no place like Van Pelt's. You might have heard of a few stores in Alyria that offer rare items to help you on your adventure.

Winterborn Mansion

Home of the fabled Alpheus Winterborn, the wizard lord of this mansion, Winterborn Mansion reflects its owner's nature. Filled with creatures he has created, it is now one of the most dangerous residences in all of Alyria especially since the dread Lord Pumpkin may be found within its walls.

Though the lower floors are generally safe, the upper stories are full of evil creatures such as terrible cthons. Take a bit of time to do some exploring and you just might find some of his most deadly experiments like the Imp of the Perverse, this would be a good time to pray you brought eight of your friends and that they all have a good sense of rhythm.