Planar Constructs

Multiple planes share the same space (if not the same dimension) as the world of Alyria - the Astral and Ethereal Planes being the nearest. Within the ethereal plane is a pocket of matter known as the "Faerie Plane", due to the large numbers of sylphs, nyads, pixies, fey, and sidhe that populate it, even though it is technically physical. Additionally, when players perish in the physical realm, their shades appear for a brief period in the Ethereal Void, itself a phantom zone between the physical and ethereal planes. Many more planes exist as well, waiting for the intrepid Adventurer to discover their secrets and power.



In the alien faerie plane, Cavhfail is one of the more established, if smaller, cities of the Fey. Located northwest of Unseelie castle, Cavhfail is a small but interesting city, and the source of some of the best second-class gear: Electrum armor. The main part of the city is relatively mundane, filled with various shops, guards, and faeries.

The mystery of the city occurs in entering the keep itself, which is a quick but fun password puzzle. Inside the keep, one finds a myriad of sentries, guards, and veterans. Entering using the password leaves you at the stables, south of which is the keep wall (after going south, you can't return north without redoing the password). To the north of the stables is the circle, which is packed with Cavhfail's military men. Westward are the metalsmiths, most of which are protected, with the exception of Xaphen, the legendary maker of the electrum sword.

Cavhfail also holds a set of dungeons, in which are various prisoners and guards. The southern wall of the keep holds a hidden method of escape, but only to those who look carefully along the west side!

Challenge Arena

In the all the chaos of Alyria, the Powers saw fit to dedicate a portion of their plane to the honorable art of player versus player combat. Attempting to bring each player to the height of their physical and mental capabilities, the powers manipulate the ether into a random lawful player killing maze, with each room holding a new element to complicate the battle. The powers soon bore of mindless slaughter, so your time to vanquish your opponent is limited, but in return for your entertainment, your body is restored to its full form at the close of combat.

Ethereal Void

Arguably one of the most confusing areas of all time, the Ethereal Void is a separate plane of existence, commonly accessible to non-faeries during death and living adventurers through various portals and methods of plane travel. Interestingly enough, the void is full of various vapors, representative of its intangible and often repeating sequences.

Entirely Chaotic Player Killing, the void is liable to make your head spin, with the only recognizable markers being an unusual copper door, and the Archmage Mordred. Past the repeating rooms and the copper door lies a massive maze, which conceals a wise hermit who can bring the dead back to life. Also in the void lurks Tellanet, but this extraordinarily powerful being is rather impossible to stumble upon unless you go warping haphazardly with grinning black skulls.

Faerie Plane

The Faerie plane is an alternate world where those of the faerie races originate. This is just the physical plane, however. On the Ethereal plane exist the nature spirits, the Faeries, and Elementals. The ethereal plane can be considered a 'shadow' of the physical plane in that they closely mimic each other. The nature spirits are very powerful, since they command the forces of the elements themselves, and cannot be bound or coerced by magical means. They have their own agendas and thus are very dangerous individuals to deal with. Divided into two groups, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, they are led by a King and a Queen, respectively.

Map of Faerie Plane Map of the Faerie Plane

Seelie Castle

The Seelie court commands the Sidhe, one of the two most populous of the faerie beings. They are considered good by nature. However, they are not led by morals or ethics, and thus are still quite unstable entities to deal with. Led by the powerful King Sandoval, the Seelie Castle remains strong against the fey.

Guide to Seelie Castle

Unseelie Castle

The Unseelie court commands the Fey, a less ethical and even more dangerous group of faeries. It is said that the faeries were once members of the physical plane, and when the war of the Angels and Demons occurred several millennia ago, they took neither side, and were completely neutral. As a result they were punished, cursed to exist forever on the ethereal plane without permanent shape or form, and therefore long to become flesh and blood again, as is foretold in the future final conflict between the Angels and the Demons. The Unseelie Court is lead by Lady Tirona, a ruthless leader.

Guide to Unseelie Castle

Eanoss Azelmar

Eanoss Azelmar is a many storied hotel with a hollow center which is a terrarium. The spiraling staircases made of crystal are matched nowhere in elegance on the mortal plane or faerie plane. Inscrutable detail is taken every day by the hosts of Eanoss Azelmar to provide the best retreat available. It is said that the incredible services here are merely a facade protecting a hidden treasure.

Limbo Maze

While Feys and Sidhes merely wait to recharge their projected forms onto their desired plane of existence, all other races are banished to the ethereal void when their bodies fail them. Existence as a shade pops you near the cursed Archmage Mordred - but the Powers have determined an alternate path to pay penance for your deeds - navigating the Limbo maze.

Rather than tour the world through empty eyes, some choose to wander the maze in search of the elusive hermit, who offers resurrection on occasion to those who seek him out. Beware though - once you enter the maze, there are only two ways out - wait out your sentence and plead the powers to restore you to life (at your normal death timer) or hope that the hermit (located in a non-pk down) will grant you a resurrection.

Entering the maze is as simple as locating the door to it - a featureless, copper door which floats in the repeating matrix of the etheral void - navigating it is an excruciating ordeal of wandering through featureless rooms. The hermit is found downwards in a non-chaotic room, and if you are deemed worthy, he will restore you to life.