There are numerous islands scattered in the great oceans of Alyria. The islands are home to various isolated civilizations, shipwrecks, fortresses, and nations, as well as a number of ruins from centuries past. Hellbent Mountain, Arcane Archipelago, the wreck of the Magencia - all are found bound within the ocean's confines. Some islands, however, are not in the water, such as Verity Isle. It floats above the ocean, ripped from the earth and kept aloft by powerful ancient magic.



The mythical city of Atlantis is one of Alyria's best kept secrets - the very entrance far from civilization and marked only by a strange swirling of the water. Just as legend tells, Atlantis is a city under the ocean, protected from the immense pressure of the ocean by a massive dome and home to a myriad of aquatic life. The shallows surrounding Atlantis are teeming with life, drawn by the warmth of the underground volcano and its fiery, hellish denizens.

Outside of the Archmage of Fire's domain lays a peaceful city ruled by King Triton XVII, laid out in three simple rectangles, minus the poor quarter and the chief thief who rules the slums. Aside from the various citizens, mermen, mermaids, and sponges, Atlantis proper holds the Avatar of the one and the paladins which serve as a beacon of good. If only they knew of the hellish creatures which dwell inside the volcano and the spirits which dwell in chaos below the city.

Capture the Flag Arena

If you find yourself tired of the typical day of exploration and slaughtering towns of innocent villagers than why not relax to a nice game of Capture the Flag with some friends or foes. Constructed by the funds of Lord Vashir, Lord Agrippa, and Lord Vendredi the Capture the Flag arena is located on an island northwest of Beltane near Arcane Archipelago. The arena consists of two keeps, with one being the base area for each team (red team and blue team).

Between the keeps are a number of paths to sneak upon or overtake your opponents in battle in an attempt to invade their keep and steal their flag. Once you or your teammates successfully pilfer your foe's flag run back to your base and drop it with your flag to score a point. A game is typically won when the score limit is reached or when the time limit is reached and the team with the most points then wins. Upon successfully winning your team is rewarded with gold from all of the entries in some sanctioned games a beautiful trophy with your name on it.

Hellbent Mountain

On your travel northeast of Lowangen one can find Hellbent Mountain rising above the horizon. On its own mysterious island, it is easily the tallest mountain in Alyria. Its protruding lava from its base keys in that it is a dormant volcano. The creatures that surround Hellbent are like nothing that has ever been seen by the light of day. With such extreme temperatures in Hellbent, only the most experienced adventurers are advised to try to tackle its mysteries.

Rumor has it that one of the greatest powers in the land is here, guarding a very powerful, and mysterious tome. Those brave enough to tackle the mountain will be able to navigate their way to the Great Alyrian Underground or the Faerie Plane.

Irda Isle

Of the many isles in the Oceanus Ingenii, the most notable is the dangerous Isle of Irda, also known as Wizardry Isle due to its infamous occupant, the mad Lord Bloodbane. It is home to one of the largest networks of caverns and dungeons in the world, known collectively as the Proving Grounds, as it is said that no adventurer is worth his salt unless he has explored the dungeons to their deepest level.

Irda Isle Caverns
Located just beneath Lord Bloodbane's castle are the small set of caverns and dungeons that serve as his personal prison for those who defy him. Within its passages, the adventurer may be able to obtain valuable experience and information, but entrance to the deeper cavern system known as the Proving Grounds is far more dangerous to reach, as there are no connecting passages between these cavern systems.
Proving Grounds
Below the cliffs upon which Lord Bloodbane's castle is perched, across the treacherous Valley Lake with its numerous whirlpools and waterfalls, and through the deadly Moat, the most foolhardy of adventurers will find passage into the deepest of the caverns where the darkest creatures live.Though there are treasures aplenty to be had, there is great danger and all but the most powerful and wise adventurers escape unscathed. It is a mark of pride among adventurers to prove oneself by descending to the very depths of these caverns and collecting tourmalines or maleficarum roots to help one's clan or to help one's personal quest for power and knowledge.
Domain of Arbaces
Below the deepest levels of the Proving Grounds, the Heroes of Alyria seek to prove their worthiness to become Archon mages so that they may defend the world against those who seek to destroy it, the Ithrix. Deep within the bowels of Irda Isle they prove their merit by pitting their wits and skill in a series of challenges. It takes many Heroes months to complete this difficult quest, and many never complete it at all.

The Wreck of the Magencia

It is said that there is a shipwreck in these same ocean waters of a pirate ship known as the Magencia. Rumors abound of treasure to be found upon the pirate ship, but no word has come back from any who have sought it, because of a child-eating demon that inhabits the locked lower decks of the Magencia.

The Tower of Riga on Verity Isle

The Tower of Riga is located on a floating chunk of land the once was part of the Sepharian continent. Many years ago, the great Sorcerer Riga split the rock that is the tower and cast it into the air where it has remained. During Riga's reign, he created the fearsome, winged Ariels to guard his Tower and protect the legendary Gem of Riga. Since his unfortunate demise, the Gem is rumored to still be at the very top of the Tower. Many have tried to harness that lost power, but none, save Riga himself, have succeeded.

It is said that if you find an Adventurer said to inhabit some of the main towns around Alyria (they tend towards fountains and towne squares), you can pay to be transported to the Tower. One testament to the Gem's power lies in the fact that Verity Isle is still floating even long after the Archmage has fallen, constituting confusion among the Council of Arcane. The council deploys new adventurers to the Tower to train the mind and hand, and with the hope that someday the mysteries surrounding the isle will be harnessed and understood.