Great Alyrian Underground

Made available by catastrophic earthquakes, the Great Alyrian Underground is a vast network of tunnels beneath the overworld of Alyria. Lord Agrippa himself has authorized expeditions to seal the opened passages to this treacherous place, to keep the population of horrific creatures from spilling out into the world. Hellbent Mountain is the exclusive passageway to the Underground, but as the evils of the Underground seep upward more routes may become evident. Home to some of the most evil creatures ever recorded, the Great Alyrian Underground is not for any curious adventurer.

Map of the Great Alyrian Underground


Great Alyrian Underground Wilderness

Vast caverns connected by spider-webbed tunnels give way to looming chaotic underground mountains with strange lifeforms in the immense Great Alyrian Underground. Rabid dingoes roam, and the place is littered with the skulls of hapless adventurers. Dr. Gneknow is known to have his lair down here somewhere. Dr. Gnekow has very light fingers, and you will need to shut your purse tight if you enter here.

Home to the townes of Vir and Decara, and the island realms of Seahag and Hotel Hello, the underground is perhaps not the friendliest place in the world. But of course, with great risk comes great reward. Sea Hag Island is rumored to be home to a strange set of game pieces which have taken on a life of their own. Latest reports have them hidden in a buried section of the tower. Vir, home of the dracons, is not a friendly place for the casual visitor, but many wonders can be found here. In the Towne of Decara, the gateguard here holds sway. If you can get past him, one way or another, you will find that the ogres often don't take too kindly to visitors, but that's just their way. The witches Vortex, Baba Yaga and Lady Bane are said to hold sway here, gathering power in the ruins of this once-great towne.

If you survive the perils above, it is likely you are ready for the almost-mythical once-great tourist resort, the Hotel Hello. The doorman, a friendly sort, will greet you on your arrival. Never mind, he greets everyone that way. Perhaps you will live..

Northwest of the towne of Decara can also be found some of the more arresting underground landmarks. A worldgate, transporting adventurers from faraway places, is located here, as is the underground entrance to the infamous Hellbent Mountain. One false step here will spell your doom.

There are also rumors of a drow city hidden somewhere underground. Those who claim to have found it say that the drows who live here have sequestered themselves from the rest of Alyria, living locked inside their hidden city. Perhaps they await, and build their armies; nobody knows.

Hotel Hello

Upon a well-manicured island a massive hotel, filled with innumerable undiscovered secrets, sits waiting for the unsuspecting adventurer who does not tread lightly here. Some of the most coveted objects in the world come from this immense enigmatic place. Mere entry into this hotel takes immeasurable power. Journey into the hedge maze, explore the lush gardens, and watch the rituals of the island natives. But beware of the erupting volcanoes and the hidden dangers of the local fauna while unraveling the mystery of the witches who reside here.

Isle of the Sea Hag

Poised at the height of her sinister tower, Ravella, the malevolent Sea Hag, controls all on this evil island. Danger teems around every bend as only the bravest and most cunning adventurers seek their fortunes here. It is not only physical strength that enables survival here, but it is the mental cunning of the adventurer that makes the difference between success and failure, or life and death.

The Towne of Decara

The fabled city of Decara, home of Lord Glomus, is well known as a hotspot of evil in the world. His open animosity toward those of the overworld makes him a formidable enemy to any who wander here in search of adventure. The city itself offers many opportunities and unique sights, but the wise adventurer is wary for danger lies around every corner.

Often home to the most powerful adventurers of the land, this is one of the most sought after locations to buy homes as it allows quick access between Alyria and the Great Alyrian Underground. Beware of the pirates that roam the waters for getting here without a home requires a fateful trip through the whirlpool and into the waters. If you arrive safely there are many sights to see and things to do here if you have reached the pinnacle of your power.

The Towne of Vir

Birthplace of the Dracon race, this city located within the depths of the Underworld winds within a series of caverns cut into the heated rock that provides the warmth that the dracons favor. Their Queen resides in state within her lair guarding her hoard as well as many other secrets that can only be discovered by those willing to risk all.