This volcanically active region is home to two of the world's largest port towns, Tellerium and Templeton. Avros plays host to a large glacier-filled gorge inhabited by frost giants. A dangerous village of beetle headed ogres also resides on the periphery of this continent. Miles of forest surround the Tower of Aroxa, where it is fabled that a dragon holds hostage a young maiden princess who may be rescued by only a brave adventurer.


A Forsaken Oil Well

A large oil derrick established on a desert island, Thyria, the siren lieutenant, was sent to conquer this derrick as well and is rumored to have started a rebellion of her own against the Queen. She maintains her orders by holding the derrick secure from would be invaders searching through the forsaken well. Rumor has it a feather of Thyria might just be what the doctor ordered to assist in defeating the affects of the siren cry.

An Abandoned Oil Well

A sister oil derrick to the forsaken Oil well nearby. The foreman has all but abandoned his hopes of making some quick gold on his oil venture. Now this site plays home to the siren queen, leader of the harpy rebellion. The occasional Automaton is still roaming the area yearning to complete his job without regard to the new inhabitants.

Catacombs of Shame

Often visited by the living (and more so by the dead), the catacombs of shame can be found beneath the temple of the holy order in Templeton. To gain access one must simply tell the priest about their desires to "restore the order of tame". The priests of the temple are more than happy to allow visitors of all races and sizes, but it is recommended that you stay out of this area until fourth class or late third class at the very earliest.

The catacombs have a vast, but organized structure that can be easily learned with patience and time. The catacombs span many levels and there are even areas hidden beyond the coffin in the capstone. For a typical adventurer this would be a great place to hone up on your skills and fighting experience on your path to becoming a hero or possibly an archon, while simultaneously ridding the catacombs of the evil undead inhabitants (along with other creatures of considerable size and disgustingness).

For adventurers looking for a challenge beyond the coffin is an arena containing a ferocious bull that may be battled and it is said that survivors can go on to fight a variety of elemental queens and even the great Seriende. For Archons the area also holds a great number of possibilities for adventure. With the ability to detect illusions you can find the path to the legendary creature Vlargruhn and seek out his death for his treasures he holds. Additionally, the ettin cannibal is said to reside nearby ready to kill all archons who seek him out so be sure to bring a form to rid the catacombs of this horrible beast.

Frost Giants' Keep

Frost Giants' Keep sits high within Mount Copan's frigid crags covered in ice and snow. A narrow road leads to the Keep from Templeton but the way is hard as the icy mountains are inhospitable to all but the Minotaurs who once made it their home before they set out to make their place in the whole of Alyria. The Keep itself is set within a high valley and is home to an enclave of frost giants under the rule of their King and Queen. A giant centipede known as the Rehmoraz is said to block the entrance to the King's chambers.

Lair of the Ice Witch

Sunken in the frozen tundra on north Avros, the Lair of the Ice Witch is a curious occurrence - entirely NPK, this area can only be visited by players of the same class at one given time. However, this dungeon is perilous for all adventurers, as the various frozen wanderers and animated inanimate objects attest. Set up in levels, a brief investigation should lead you down several levels to the ice witch.

She is one of the Gorgons, cursed with the ability to turn mortals to stone with a glance and bound to wander the icy caverns alone. Her gaze can stone curse, and she is an adept witch as well. As if that were not enough, she can sprout offspring which are often immune to one or more types of damage. The casual adventurer has no business here - venture only into the Gorgon's lair if you are looking for a fight!

Ogre Village

Nestled within the Soolay Forest near Lake Mayton lies a village inhabited by ogres. This village is an excellent place for ogre adventurers to visit and learn more of their own race. Though it offers adventurers of all races experiences not to be missed, the ogres who visit will find that the residents tend to be rather clannish and will welcome them over those who are not an ogre.

The Towne of Tellerium

A bustling seaport on the southern end of Avros, Tellerium is home to many of the fighting guilds and training academies of Alyria. New Adventurers wishing to hone their combat skills and gain valuable experience have been known to travel from the other side of the globe to reach Tellerium. Lord Telleri allows adventurers to demonstrate their abilities and welcomes those who make combat their goal.

It is said that the ancient witch, Agnes, inspired the town to construct magic-negating obelisks throughout the town and focus on physical strength. Cavaliers, Valkyries, Rogues, and Barbarians will find themselves at home in this very physical town.

The Towne of Templeton

Templeton lies on the coast to the north of Tellerium. A rough town with thugs and visiting sailors makes it dangerous to visit. Lady Templeton, the wife of the late Lord Templeton, governs the city but tends to be more focused on her grief rather than ensuring that the citizens are safe to walk along the streets of town. Those who travel here had best be prepared to defend themselves from the ruffians who rule the streets. Residents speak in hushed voices of catacombs that lay beneath the city, filled with dark creatures and amazing treasures.

Tower of Aroxa

Many years ago, the old King Aroxa ordered the Council of Arcane to craft a tower from solid stone, summoning a monument to Aroxa's personal prowess as a dragon slayer and fearless warrior. Ironically, as the years passed, the bastion of good became overgrown with the surrounding magical woods and decayed into a symbol of distrustful magic, as the nearby Tellerians often remark. Now inhabited by a fearsome dragon, a dainty damsel, and a wretched ranger, the Tower of Aroxa offers one of the most puzzle-filled areas in the game, where wits and persistence bring you face to face with one of the earliest bosses in the game.

So long has the tower been abandoned that its very entrance is impassable, the forest and caves are infested with various varmints, and the tower reeks of troll. The Dragon, guarding the princess, resides at the top of the tower, but the keys to his lair are hidden, as is the very chest which contains his treasure. Venture slowly and carefully, poking, prodding, digging, and leaving no stone (or sconce) unturned to solve the puzzles of Aroxa and free the princess!

Village of Muldar Lohk Mulvar

Located on the large island north of Avros, a small gray castle can be seen tucked into the snowy terrain of the Roons Mountain Range. This castle overlooks the village of Muldar Lohk Mulvar and the mine which is located to the southeast of the castle. This place is not meant for a novice adventurer nor the faint of heart.

Following the example of the unscrupulous, tyrannical baron of the castle, Baron Kreash Mulvar, the inhabitants of the village are vindictive and cruel not hesitating to use slave labor to perform the mining work. Access to the mines and mining camp is regulated by gate guards from whom the formidable adventurer can gain a gate key, although the wise adventurer knows that magic can also often open similar gates.

Being visible in the mines will cause the cruel, heartless hobgoblin slavers to try to create slaves out of adventurers found wandering in the mines. To feed the slaves, the Baron has hired a kobold, Kraz, to ensure that the slaves have enough strength to work in the mines. Perhaps he will ask for your help in finding ingredients for his soup pot. While the mine provides the main source of income for the Baron, it is supplemented by sales from merchants who come from far and wide to sell their wares at the Merchant Shack to buyers, including the fat hobgoblin merchant.

The castle gate is so heavily fortified it would be futile to try to enter through there. A secret entrance, however, located in a rocky outcropping allows entrance to the castle. Once inside the castle, the strength of Muldar Lohk Mulvar can be seen in full. The court wizard, Kraaa, is not to be bothered unless you have obtained a diamond. The strong castle guards will attack all visible intruders. A peryton watch guard, which is an odd-looking bird-like creature and keeps watch from the heights of the watchtower, will do likewise. Although, this guard's eyesight is so keen that even invisible beings will not escape its view. However, to be feared the most is the Baron Mulvar, his advisor, and personal guard. They are the fiercest of all the beings found in the village, camp, or castle. So strong are they with their equipment, that they can prevent all intruders from fleeing from them and annihilate even a stout, and strong warrior quickly. However, if one can best these fierce warriors, the rewards can be great.