Auryn is an old continent embodying ancient magic and civilizations. Old pits boring deep into Alyria provide challenges for adventurers here, and complex, established cities offer food and companionship, and a sense of civilization in this otherwise wild continent. The Auryn Bull is one of the most dangerous beasts on the continent. It freely traipses the harvested farmlands surrounding Sigil.


Dungeon Odious

Some travel to this dungeon and cannot find its entrance, for only the wise adventurer may delve into it and solve its riddles. Located in the plains surrounding Sigil, the Dungeon Odious offers a trial for adventurers of any level from all across Alyria. Those who unravel its secrets reap great rewards that will serve them well in their future adventures.

Hydra's Den

For the experienced adventurer the Hydra's Den is a great place for exploration and adventure. The area contains many challenges for the all levels of players, even those just beginning to explore Alyria. To start, one should know that the entrance moves around the wilds of Xaventry or Tellerium.

Once the entrance to the mysterious Hydra’s Den has been located, an adventurer will want to return once more with a party of friends. Be prepared, however, for the dangerous creatures that lurk in the area can be a formidable challenge. Be sure to bring insulated gear because the hydras are known for their powerful elemental breath attacks that may destroy delicate pieces of equipment. The area is quite small overall, but there are a few hidden places, and most of your time will be spent fighting the fierce creatures contained within.

Mount Vesuvius and Volcanus

An imposing figure in the dark sky above Vospire, Mount Vesuvius looms on the horizon as a fiery volcano billowing smoke and radiating evil, it is home to the spirit Vyst, Commander Ssryth, various tortured beings, from thieves to firedrakes, and the city of Volcanus. This mountain is not for the faint of heart - prone to earthquakes and filled with aggressive mobs, various branching pathways in it lead to altars, gnomes, wall paintings, and death traps.

Gaining entry to the secret city Volcanus requires venturing deep into the mountain itself and seeking out the Mad Gnome, who provides transportation to the city limits on his Mad Mole for 10,000 gold. There are a few establishments outside of the city of Volcanus, most noticeably the gnomish mining group, several priests of Vyst, Syrazic the knowledgeable demon, and automatons.

Wiggles Tenderfoot, the infamous thief, has taken refuge with the brothers Mirentos and Lirentos, who mine on the east side of town (out of sight). Wiggles has stolen an item which can get you in to the city proper, should you be willing to defeat him and pass through the chaotic bowels of the volcano.

Volcanus itself is home to many typical city practices, hosting a well stocked general store, typical armory, houses, and an inn. However, the Temple of Vyst threatens to the north, housing elemental paladins and priestesses of Vyst chanting in CPK, luckily under lock and key by Wyglif the Wise. Experienced players may choose to challenge Vyst, which requires much further exploration and risk for appropriate rewards.

Palace of Diocletian

Emperor Diocletian's lands lay to the southeast of Sigil on Auryn's other great landmass. The Palace of the Emperor Diocletian is well known across Alyria to be a place of culture and learning. In particular, the architecture of the Palace is seen as exemplary and many travel great distances just to see the extraordinary craftsmanship of its builders. Diocletian's lovely Octafoliate church is the world's paragon of architectural achievement.

The Towne of Sigil

On the isthmus that divides Auryn sits the city of Sigil. Sigil is home to many who practice the magical arts and is governed by the renowned Lord Vendredi, a wizard by trade himself and maker of incredible magical toys. Many young adventurers who wish to learn more of the magical arts journey to Sigil for the opportunities that the city has to offer the young magic user.

Sigil is home to one of the most expansive public knowledge bases in Alyria, the Ilandrama Library. Every year Lord Vendredi throws an enormous party where he shows off technological inventions such as explosive projectiles and inflated, floating balloons. It is said that a magical dungeon may be found near Sigil. Many who have sought it out swear that there is no such place while others return with fantastical tales of dungeons that do not exist.

Sigil Residentials
West of Sigil is the opulent Sigil housing development. The price of a home here is enormous, but their lavishness is unmatched anywhere in the known world. Ornamental trees, enchanted fountains, and small dogs cover the quiet streets. Accented by the Rabid Frog tavern, the graciously hilly roads of the Sigil community reign unparalleled in splendor and elegance.

The Towne of Vospire

Vospire lies on the landmass to the northwest of Sigil. Residents of Vospire live under the smoking shadow of Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano, that may at any moment erupt and destroy all that is nearby. Though it is difficult to get to, more experienced adventurers find it to be worth visiting for the many merchants to be found there.

There are also many challenges for the most cunning of adventurers. Most challenging of course is the very depths of Mount Vesuvius that can be reached by following a treacherous trail to the west of Vospire. The treacherous Ash Dragon is held prisoner within the Vospire Castle. It is an unfortunate event when a confident adventurer releases this beast and falls to him, letting him reign wildly through the streets of Vospire.