Alyria is an expansive planet comprised of four large continents and hundreds of islands. Immense forests, some bright and benign, others dark and menacing, blanket much of the land. The deep Oceanus Ingenii, navigable only by ship, separates the land masses. Beyond the stately cities and jubilant inns, countless dungeons perforate the lush skin of Alyria.

Alyria offers many cities, each bearing its own personality. Rune and New Rigel are at the heart of the civilized world. Tellerium and Templeton serve as massive port towns and are home to much of Alyria's industry. Some of Alyria's inhabitants own ornate homes, some stay at the numerous Inns, and others remain wayfaring strangers, hiking on the miles of trails braided over the varying terrain, sleeping only when necessary. Many fortified and bulwarked castles hewn of foreign stone freckle the colorful landscape.

Concurrently, dark places such as Avarice and Mandrake Woods spawn bizarre, demented creatures. Evil beings like Lord Maldra, the Wizard Focault, and the demon Yourban are among the devious inhabitants of the world. Each maintains strongholds wherein they forge evil items and churn out ugly beasts. Few know the dangers deep within the heart of Dungeon Deceit. No adventurer knows by heart the hundreds of twisty corridors within Hellbent Mountain.

Major Regions

Features of Materia Magica


Most populous continent in Alyria

Sepharia is home to such popular cities as Rune, New Rigel, Lowangen, and Xaventry. Most of the areas on Sepharia are geared towards novice adventurers and adventurers uninterested in player to player combat.

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Meet ancient magic and civilizations

Auryn embodies ancient magic and civilizations. Old pits boring deep into Alyria provide challenges for adventurers here, and complex, established cities offer food and companionship, and a sense of civilization in this otherwise wild continent. The dangerous Auryn Bull is one of the most dangerous beasts on Auryn. It freely traipses the harvested farmlands surrounding Sigil.

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The most dangerous continent on Alyria

Beltane is the most dangerous continent on Alyria. Its forests and dark planes are unwatched, so anyone may attack another. It is home to dark dungeons and the notorious Keep of Lord Maldra. They are tales of underground lakes, caverns of fire, and snowy paths that only mystify those that cannot imagine such wondrous scenes in the winding tunnels of Deceit. The smart adventurer is very cautious when journeying through this area, as it can be dangerous for the inexperienced.

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Home to Alyria's largest trading ports

This volcanically active region is home to two of the world's largest port towns, Tellerium and Templeton. Avros plays host to a large glacier-filled gorge inhabited by frost giants. A dangerous village of beetle headed ogres also resides on the periphery of this continent. Miles of forest surround the Tower of Aroxa, where it is fabled that a dragon holds hostage a young maiden princess who may be rescued by only a brave adventurer.

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Discover wild jungles and lost cities

There are numerous islands scattered in the great oceans of Alyria. The islands are home to various isolated civilizations, shipwrecks, fortresses, and nations, as well as a number of ruins from centuries past. Hellbent Mountain, Arcane Archipelago, the wreck of the Magencia - all are found bound within the ocean's confines. Some islands, however, are not in the water, such as Verity Isle. It floats above the ocean, ripped from the earth and kept aloft by powerful ancient magic.

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Great Alyrian Underground

Colossal network of tunnels

Made accessible by catastrophic earthquakes, the Great Alyrian Underground is a vast network of tunnels beneath the overworld of Alyria. Lord Agrippa himself has authorized expeditions to seal the opened passages to this treacherous place, to keep the population of horrific creatures from spilling out into the world. Hellbent Mountain is the exclusive passageway to the Underground, but as the evils of the Underground seep upward more routes may become evident. Home to some of the most evil creatures ever recorded, the Great Alyrian Underground is not for any curious adventurer.

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Planar Constructs

Places of evil water and strange occurrences

Multiple planes share the same space (if not the same dimension) as the world of Alyria - the Astral and Ethereal Planes being the nearest. Within the ethereal plane is a pocket of matter known as the "Faerie Plane", due to the large numbers of sylphs, nyads, pixies, fey, and sidhe that populate it, even though it is technically physical. Additionally, when players perish in the physical realm, their shades appear for a brief period in the Ethereal Void, itself a phantom zone between the physical and ethereal planes. Many more planes exist as well, waiting for the intrepid Adventurer to discover their secrets and power.

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