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Developed continuously with almost two decades of content, there's practically limitless adventure for all. Come experience the Materia Magica universe! Click here to read the Adventurer's Guide, then click here to play.

Adventure Unlimited

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This is just a partial list of the many unique things that make Materia Magica one of the leaders in online, text-based multiplayer gaming:

  • Vast World of Adventure
  • Clans and Clan Alliances
  • Balanced Player Classes
  • Experience-adjusted Wilderness Encounters
  • More Realistic and Varied, Interactive NPCs
  • ANSI-based Terrain
  • Sea-Based Combat and Trading
  • Unique Formation-Based Combat
  • Customizable Equipment
  • Realistic Economic System
  • Housing & Auction System
  • Player and Clan-Controlled Shops
  • Unique Multiclassing System
  • Support for MSP and MXP Sound Effects
  • In-Game and Technical Support
  • Vision Impaired Enhancements
  • Integrated Chat Rooms
  • Casino Games
  • Plentiful, Detailed Quests
  • Special Randomized Dungeons


16 Character Classes and Multiclassing

We offer a four-tiered multiclassing approach. Create a character that will be with you for a long time to come, allowing you to form bonds with other players from all over the world. You aren't locked into one class, but will choose four classes, one from each class archetype (Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Thief), over the course of your progression, each with its own skills and talents.

Unique Skill System: Experience a completely unique, complexity-based skill system, utilizing proficiencies and spells to create and provide more intricate gaming environment. No skill levels exist. As you progress, you unlock skills and, when you find the appropriate trainer, you can further your knowledge in the skill to progress in your Adventuring path. Skills also scale automatically based on your character's level.


13 Different Fantasy Races

  • Drow
  • Dracon
  • Sidhe
  • Fey
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Elf
  • Half-Elf
  • Human
  • Ogre
  • Minotaur
  • Sahuagin

The player races have been fully developed to include a powerful story behind their creation, and each has its own history and storylines that become richer and more detailed as time progresses. Watch your character come to life and become a part of the daily activity in the game.

More Realistic and Varied, Interactive NPCs: The non-player-character (NPC) interactions are sophisticated and elegant. NPCs don't all just stand around doing nothing, they continue on with the business of their lives. Players and NPCs interacting with each other take the gaming experience to a new level.

Experience-adjusted Wilderness Encounters: Experience many wilderness encounters solely based on your gaming experience - the difficulty of the world grows with your character, allowing you to progress at your own pace.


Endless Realms, Dimensions, and Planes

Endless Realm of Adventure

Materia Magica features a huge, totally original, realistic universe - with over ten million locations to explore, as well as remarkable and numerous means of travel, such as horses and dragons, magic carpets, enchanted brooms, powerful worldgates, strange devices of gnomish design, and much more! With seas, jungles, plains, desert, mountain areas and vast underground zones, you have virtually unlimited possibilities for adventure. In addition, Materia Magica's visible compass provides information and direction as to where you can go and what might await you there.

Immense Underground World: A rash of earthquakes revealed a vast underground world, complete with dangerous, outcast cities, a central sea, mysterious volcanic caverns, and a ferocious whirlpool. The Great Alyrian Underground, as it has become known, provides a thrilling experience for experienced Adventurers with its many tunnels, caverns, and secrets.

ANSI-based Terrain: We provide ANSI-based, fully colorized, seamless wilderness terrain connecting cities, dungeons, towers, castles, and many other expansive structures.

MUSHClient Screenshot


Realistic Economic System

Realistic Economic System

Materia Magica has a highly detailed commerce, trading, and economic system. Our bank branches charge fees and provide financial stability. The shops restock themselves from a centralized warehouse instead of having items 'magically' appear in their inventory. Ships and trading ports stock, sell, and trade resources with seafaring adventurers. The supply and demand theory is alive and well here as price decreases and increases are based on item demand and availability.

Live Auctions: Bid on items put up on the auction block by other players, or place your own items up for bid in this intriguing method of trading items through the in-game IMAIL system, with enchanted auction imps powering the process and making sure your item(s) arrive safely at their destination (for a small fee, of course).

Player and Clan-Controlled Shops: Journey to the colorful Alyrian Bazaar, where you and/or your clan can lease and run your own in-game shop. Stock it with items, set and adjust prices and "hawking" messages, and enjoy becoming a powerful merchant with this economically-inspired feature of Materia Magica. A whole subculture of Adventuring Merchants has been created, with capitalism as their binding philosophy.


Expansive Housing System

Expansive Housing System

Players can build, upgrade, and tweak their own homes as they see fit , in a number of major cities across Alyria. Materia Magica's in-game building system can be used by any player to purchase a housing lot and develop their dream home (or castle). Furnish your home with one of hundreds of customizable furniture selections from Van Pelt's Furniture Emporium and put out a bowl for your new pet cat, Mr. Pawsington.

Free Home Builder: Free home builder that can be used to create a temporary home! Can be used to test out features, but there is also a player driven competition to see who can make the biggest/coolest house. The test homes are reset once per week and they do not cost anything but your time and dedication!


Fully-Realized Theology

Dynamic Religion System

An amazing theological system brings you further into the universe of Materia Magica, allowing you to explore the cities and temples of the elemental Powers themselves. In Alyria, the Gods do not necessarily walk the land, but are amorphous forces that are called by many names and represented by demigods and avatars across the different races and societies. Members of religions may choose to engage in a weekly competitive PK-oriented game, in the struggle to obtain dominance.

Religion-based Spells and Contests: Players may choose a religion from dozens of deities based on their preference, and gain powerful spells based on the power of their faith. Religious shrines must be defended against attackers from opposing religions via a competitive PK-oriented weekly game.


Ships and Ship Combat

Player-controlled Ships: Our shipwrights offer player-ownable and controllable ships that can be sailed across the wide blue oceans of Alyria. Travel the world with your comrades in your very own ship, visiting faraway ports and perhaps even brave the Great Whirlpool to explore the vast stretches of the underground ocean. Live the seafaring life you've always dreamed.

Sea-Based Combat and NPC-controlled Ships: If you or your clan own a ship (or an armada!), you may want to venture out past the Council-patrolled zones of the Alyrian ocean and seek out adventure on the high seas. Battle pirate ships and sea monsters using cannon and ballistas, and keep fleeing ships from escaping with your harpoon. Recover pirate booty and bounties, but don't forget to stock up on cannonballs and black powder before leaving port!

Quests, Marks, and Dungeons

Explore, Achieve, and Advance

Plentiful, Detailed Quests: Do you need a bit of structure and purpose in your play? Try a quest! Journey into the various towns and seek a level and experience-based quest from one of the Lords or Ladies, and upon completion, return to gain a handsome reward. While Materia Magica was the creator and distributor of Vassago's Automated Quest Code, used in hundreds of games all over the world, it has taken that original concept much further and turned it into an even more fun, enjoyable way to participate in the world of Alyria and gain rich rewards.

Unique "Mark" System of Achievement: Participate in our original "Mark" system of game exploration to guarantee an Adventurer's knowledge of the game. Go on a quest to gain the Mark of Fire, so you can pass the Hellbent Mountain guards! Gain the Mark of the Traveller by questing! Search for the hermit that will give you the Mark of Force! Marks are given by the Powers for performing certain tasks or reaching certain levels of expertise, and are an exciting way of measuring your progress.

Thematic Randomized Dungeons: The Tower of Riga and the Proving Grounds on Irda Isle offer forty levels of dangerous monsters, fiendish, unique bosses, and amazing treasure - all regenerated frequently using Materia Magica's dungeon generation methods. Explore these dungeons to obtain rare black tourmalines which are used for certain class milestones, and venture into the Proving Grounds to uncover Maleficarum roots, useful for clan advancement and clanhall improvement.

History, Clans, and Politics

Epic Background and Setting

History and Story: The world of Alyria has an exhaustive backstory, with fascinating and intriguing tidbits interwoven into every aspect of the game world. There are thousands of years of magic and mystery to make your own.

Clans and Clan Alliances: Enjoy adventuring more with a group of like-minded individuals? Materia Magica offers an intricate clan system - whatever your beliefs, thoughts, or devotions are, there is most likely a clan to which you can relate. There is even a clan designed specifically for Novice Adventurers, in order to help new players acclimate to the game. Clans can run shops together, own and build Clan Halls customized for their particular needs, and if the clan has opted-in to the Clan PK system, they can engage in battle with members of other PK clans outside the domain of normal PK areas. Clans can also join Alliances with one or more other clans, which enables additional exciting features as well.

Politics: Want to run for Mayor of Rune and make decisions affecting the denizens of the towne (as well as visitors)? You can! Pick a platform and shill for votes in your bid to become overseer of the most prominent towne in the game, in game-wide elections held monthly. Spend your budget wisely and you may just get re-elected.

Relics and Collectibles: In your adventures within the world of Alyria you may come across collectible, tradeable items, such as plates, stamps and small toys, which can be gathered and showed off in your home. Get complete sets to obtain special rewards! Relics - magical remnants of Alyrian history - can also be discovered and utilized via special techniques to augment items that are equipped with binding slots.

Combat and Magic

Powerful Combat and Magic Systems

Unique Formation-Based Combat: We offer cutting edge formation-based combat. As formation leader, move your team members around to achieve the optimal defense of the weaker characters, while putting your strongest characters up front to take the brunt of the attacks. You may place your magic-users in the back of the form so they can blast the opponents with spells, while you take advantage of your short-range weapon in the front of the form. You can aim at a creature's specific body parts and take advantage of vulnerabilities. Try to blast their arm (or tentacle!) with a magical wand or even parry an opponent's sword, or block his deadly fireball with your shield. You can use the default settings with great ease, or customize your combat settings for more control.

Original Armor Resistance System: We have developed an Armor Resistance (AR) system that reduces damage from attacks based on the stopping power of your clothing and armor, instead of confusing 'armor class' systems that determine whether or not you've been hit (?) taken from commercial RPG systems.

Customizable Equipment: Many pieces of equipment within the game offer the capacity to hold Relics, which are pieces of Alyria's past that still hold great power. Relics may be combined and bound to these equipment items, offering different attributes and affects. Some combinations of Relics are even known to produce unique magical equipment. While knowledge of Relics and their interactions with other magic is not well known, clues exist in the form of fragments of old manuscripts, books, and other documents dating back to the magical renaissance era in Alyria, when such things were studied by the Druids of Old.

Equipment Sets: Hundreds of pieces of equipment in the game that work well together grant the wearer additional bonuses when they are worn together. Depending on the set and how many items are in the equipment set, special bonuses are granted based on how many of the items you are wearing at once.

Bardic Song Magic: The Bards of Alyria possess a unique system of song-magic. Imagine having the ability to actually play musical notes in order to cause changes in the physical world around you. The songs are based not by player level but by difficulty and the instrument on which they are played.

Druid Elemental Magic: Druids have the power to call upon the elements in their various forms and combinations, and thus invoke or evoke the primary elemental forces of air, fire, water, and earth, as well as the quasi- and para-elements, for powerful effects.


Technologically Advanced Server and Game Support

Support for MSP and MXP Sound Effects: If you're using a client that supports the MXP or MSP sound protocols (such as ZMUD, CMUD, or MUSHClient), you can take advantage of Materia Magica's sound effects support by downloading our free sound packs here and enabling them for use in your client. Hear fireballs explode, worldgates shimmer, and shields block!

MXP and Portal MIP Client Enhancements: If you're using the Portal, CMUD, or ZMUD game clients (or any client that supports ZMUD's open specification, MXP, such as MushClient), you can take advantage of special features such as hit point, stamina, and spell point status bars, text enhancement, HTML links, and much more!

Support for MCCP 2 (MUD Client Compression Protocol): If you're on a dialup connection (where every byte counts), and/or if your connection isn't as fast as you would like, Materia Magica's MCCP 2 server support can help! If you have a client that supports MCCP 2 (such as recent versions of ZMUD and CMUD), it is enabled by default, enabling you to get a faster connection and use less bandwidth.

Player Support

A Helping Hand When Needed

In-Game and Technical Support: Most importantly, we have friendly technical support savants available for email-based assistance when you are having difficulties. We want your gaming experience to be enjoyable. And within the game, we have trained, experienced players acting as Player Guides. These Guides are there to assist both the novice and the more experienced players alike. Adapting to online play is a breeze with our many dedicated Guides waiting to assist.

Comprehensive and Informative Website: Materia Magica's website offers information on a wide range of topics from clients to combat to the Towne Hall Message Boards, designed to spur community interaction.

Vision Impaired

Enhancements for the Vision-Impaired

For vision-impaired players, Materia Magica offers enhancements designed to make the game easier for screen readers to handle. Turn on or off certain settings to customize your game experience.

Even More

... And Lots More!

Integrated Chat Rooms: Need a break? Tired of role-playing? Escape to the Materia Magica Chat rooms, where you can talk with who you want, when you want. With password-protected rooms for secret meetings, you can keep out your enemies and bring your friends closer. You can even relay a chat room through a special custom communication channel so you can play and still chat with your friends at the same time - creating, in effect, your very own chat channel to be used from anywhere in the game! The Materia Magica Chat Rooms are set up to be similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in that you can assign room operators, place bans, kick people from rooms, moderate conversation, etc. You can also create your own channels using the chat system, or join one of the predefined channels.

Capture the Flag Arena: Come join the Capture the Flag (CTF) arena for player groups, clan tournaments and other strategic battles! Want to hone and fine tune skills or your combat strategy? Battle in the CTF Arena! Plan a clan-wide activity or a melee with a host of players of different races, classes and experience, or just play a game with whoever wants to join you. Choose to be on the Red Team or the Blue Team, and invent strategies to recover your opponent's flag in this exciting feature of Materia Magica.

Casino Games: Feeling lucky? Head over to the New Rigel Casino! Try your hand against your fellow Alyrians in no-holds-barred group-based card games of Draw Poker or Beltane Hold'em. Leave it up to fate by playing the Gnomish Slot Machines, or try a simple roll of the dice with craps. Don't forget to tip the dealer! You can also play card or dice games on your own or with friends by obtaining your very own in-game deck of cards or dice set!

Alyrian Chess: Test your brain against some of Alyria's best chess masters and play them in a game of Alyrian Chess, Materia Magica's unique adaptation of the classic game that can be played from anywhere within the game.

Completely Free: This gaming experience is completely free! We exist solely off of non-required contributions from our players, who think that it's the best game around.