Welcome to Alyria

Welcome to Alyria!

The world of Alyria is a fascinating and dangerous place, teeming with magic, mystery, and monsters. Orbiting the planet are the twin moons, Marabah and Trigael. An odd alignment of the moons and stars causes the world (and nearby planes) to be saturated with chaotic, etheric energy. This energy is anthropomorphized in the form of the elemental Powers, from which all magic-users of Alyria draw to produce magical effects.

Inhabiting the four major continents of Alyria are twelve major species of organized, intelligent life. From this life has sprung townes, villages, and other communities. The Council of Seven, a group of Lords (and one Lady) that also individually control their own territories in the world, collectively governs as much of Alyria as it can. The Council is led by Lord Agrippa, who lives in a castle near the Towne of Rune.

Providing support for the Council of Seven, as well as "handling their own", is the Council of the Arcane, a group of powerful magic-users that (attempt) to provide order and logic to the many magicians that exist in Alyria. Magic, by its very nature, is chaotic, so the governing attempts of the Council of the Arcane are thought by many to be an uphill battle.

Great Alyrian Underground

Beneath the overworld of Alyria lurks the Great Alyrian Underground, a vast network of tunnels and caverns, and even featuring a massive underground ocean. Lord Agrippa himself has authorized expeditions to seal the opened passages to this treacherous place, to keep the population of horrific creatures from spilling out into the world. Home to some of the most malicious and evil creatures ever recorded, the Great Alyrian Underground is not for just any curious adventurer.

Faerie Plane

Existing in a sort of "pocket plane" near Alyria is the Faerie Plane. Those of the faerie races, including the powerful Fey and Sidhe, call this place home. The nature spirits of faerie are very powerful, since they command the forces of the elements themselves, and cannot be bound or coerced by common magical means. They have their own agendas and thus are very dangerous individuals to deal with. Divided into two groups, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, the faeries are led by a King and a Queen, respectively.

As a new player character starting out in the world of Alyria, you will begin your journey in the Village of Lasler, a small farming village in the Valley of Lasler, located to the northeast of the Towne of Rune. The village is a good place to learn for the budding Adventurer. It contains places to explore and rewarding tasks to perform, places to practice spells and proficiencies, and places to train attributes. Lasler also contains interesting (and sometimes aggressive) flora and fauna, from faerie rings to floating eyes.