Questing and Marks

Questing and Marks

Besides gaining experience and levels, there are other ways to measure and achieve success in the world of Alyria. Two common methods are known as Questing and Marks.


Within Alyria law and order is overseen by a noble council of seven Lords and Ladies, the most powerful men and women in the realm, with great armies at their command. These members of the Council of Seven, as it is called, are known to grant rewards to Adventurers that seek them out in their local townes. They grant these rewards in exchange for the Adventurers performing a series of tasks for them known as QUESTS. These quests can be as simple as the minor errand of picking up a delicacy from a nearby bakery and returning it to the Lord or Lady who issued the quest (known as the Questmaster), or something more complex. Utilizing the QUEST command in the presence of these Questmasters will let you request a quest.

Rewards granted for these quests can range from practice points, gold, experience points, Marks, and useful items, such as a weapon or a scroll. Additionally, for each quest completed the Adventurer will receive a number of what are referred to as "quest points", which are recorded by the Council of Seven and, when the Adventurer has enough, can be redeemed at any Questmaster in exchange for special items, often magical and enchanted.

Crystal Quest

In addition to the quests goverened by the QUEST command and granted by Questmasters, the interested Adventurer can usually find other people and creatures who will sometimes grant rewards in exchange for errands. These "mini-quests" as they are called (although that is a misnomer, for sometimes they can be more complex than the most complex Quest granted by a Questmaster) can be found in virtually all townes, villages, and even in remote locales. The methods of triggering these "mini-quests" are varied; sometimes they can be triggered by talking to the NPC, perhaps about something you saw when you LOOKed at them, or heard from another NPC. Other times they can be triggered simply by walking into the same room as the NPC, who may be looking for someone to help him.



Lord Cornelius Agrippa of Rune

Location: Towne of Rune, on Sepharia

Lord Agrippa

He is much beloved by his people for his kind deeds and actions in preserving the freedoms and rights of the individual. Though he rules Rune and the surrounding areas with a benevolence that makes him popular with all, he has a strong core that allows him to deal swiftly with any who threaten his domain. He is known for his good rapport with the majority of other towns and areas across Alyria, and has been known to have difficulties with a few of the areas that host allies of the darker Powers.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Fun loving. Hosts parties of various types as well as entertaining guests from town. Supervises a number of fairs and festivals throughout the year.
  • Supporter of the arts. Encourages and supports local artists as well as other cultural endeavors. In fact, Rune's Museum and Library are fine examples to cities across Alyria.
  • All know of the fate of Lord Agrippa's last love Lady Saresyn, but time has began to heal those wounds and he may be prepared to explore a new relationship. However, it will surely be discreet and tastefully managed, as he wants no gossip.

Lord Maldra of Maldra's Keep

Location: Maldra Keep, on Beltane

Lord Maldra

His demeanor is quite professional, as he typically does not look down upon his subjects as long as they obey him and heed his dictates. Others, however, have questioned his morals, as he has been in league with various nefarious individuals in the past. In fact rumor has it that he is involved in a plot against Lord Agrippa as well as others in the realm. Though brusque in manner, he does appear to seek the respect and admiration of all.

Other traits and specifics:
  • His family is a constant thorn in his side as a number of, ahem, odd progeny have been born to him. His wife is known to be an embarrassment and he often becomes upset over her lack of pride in her appearance.
  • He is a strict but relatively fair leader for his people, additionally he takes pride in himself and his keep.
  • Known to be a supporter of certain dark forces though he does fight against them when it serves his needs. He is not above using unscrupulous methods to attain his desires.
  • Friend to Baron Rothchild of Pirates Cove, though even this friendship is tentative if money is involved.

Lord Telleri of Tellerium

Location: Towne of New Tellerium, on Avros

Lord Telleri

Though a tad past his prime, Lord Telleri still cuts a dashing figure. A tall minotaur dressed in his uniform of state, he still keeps a sharp sword at his side. Once one of the region's finest warriors, he still can give younger fighters a challenge in sparring matches. In fact, he prides himself, and his town, on the training facilities and skills of the warriors found here. Also, since Tellerium is such a large town, he often finds himself in need of assistance dealing with troublemakers, updating maps, and all variety of tasks he just has no time for personally.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Married to Lady Telleri whom he loves and respects not only for her ability to manage any social occasion, but also for her deft perceptions of matters of state.
  • On friendly terms with most other rulers of the realm though he does seek to further ties between Tellerium and Templeton. Toward this end, he has encouraged a number of exchange programs and visits between the two.
  • Enjoys hosting festivals for his warriors to show off their skills as well as local handcrafted goods.

Lady Templeton of Templeton

Location: Towne of Templeton, on Avros

Lady Templeton

A graceful lady with an eye for fashion, Lady Templeton depends on her bodyguard, Sir Malcolm, to protect her and her domain since the tragic loss of her husband. She may seem somewhat flighty upon first glance as she often becomes distracted from her duties to the citizens of Templeton by rather personal whims. However she does care about the citizens and will often be found seeking new ways to better the life of the average citizen.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Supporter of any project that will make Templeton more beautiful. Good examples are the parks and aviaries she funds.
  • Does not offer first class quests due to the more dangerous nature of the towne of Templeton.
  • Has cordial relationships with most realms, and especially with Tellerium, but is always seeking better trade deals and exchanges of all types.
  • Has been known to seek companionship since the death of her husband. Not surprising that a woman with her vitality should desire fulfillment in many ways, she occasionally will ask adventurers to aid her in her liaisons.
  • Rumors regarding her relationship with Sir Malcolm are, of course, unsubstantiated.

Lady Undya of Xaventry

Location: Towne of Xaventry, on Sepharia

Lady Undya

Her citizens hold this lovely lady in great esteem for her unbiased treatment of all religious beliefs. In Xaventry, many religious find a safe haven and coexist peacefully thanks to her. Her desire for justice and the public good will have made her a popular ruler and much respected by those who visit as well as other rulers across Alyria. Of course, being a fair and gracious ruler, she does enjoy entertaining guests from other realms and showing them the wonders of Xaventry.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Hosts various state functions and festivities in the castle as well as religious festivals and holy days.
  • Encourages tourism and good relations with Rune and New Rigel, the closest major towns.
  • Seeks justice and has promoted a program of laws and law enforcement that rank among the best on Alyria.
  • As a lovely lady, she has been known to request that adventurers seek things for her enjoyment, or her adornment.

Lord Vashir of New Rigel

Location: Towne of New Rigel, on Sepharia

Lord Vashir

Well bred from a long line of rulers, Lord Vashir rules New Rigel with a fairness that is applauded by all. This town of industry and trade has flourished under his rule thanks to the effective trading agreements he has arranged with other towns across Alyria. His reach extends across the continent, and even to distant lands, when it comes to affecting the economies of Alyria. As a result of these roles, he often entertains and has also worked to turn New Rigel into a showplace with a wide variety of cultural activities to enjoy as well. New Rigel is a key training place for rogues and bards from across the globe, so many will be seen here seeking practice in their chosen path. Lord Vashir himself is an accomplished bard and values the skills he gained from his years of study. Though he deplores some of the uses bards and rogues make of their skills, he provide them a safe haven within New Rigel provided they cause no trouble.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Proud promoter of New Rigel's various industries and merchant opportunities.
  • Hosts various galas and festivals that are part of an overall plan to enhance tourism.
  • Hosts various delegations from other rulers who are seeking trade agreements or alliances with New Rigel.
  • Is actively developing a stronger defense for New Rigel to battle those who would take advantage of its citizens.
  • Supports the training of both bards and rogues within New Rigel's various training academies.

Lord Vendredi of Sigil

Location: Towne of Sigil, on Auryn

Lord Vendredi

Though many take him to be a laid back and happy-go-lucky man, Lord Vendredi is a strong leader with a realistic view of the world of Alyria in addition to having a strong vision for Sigil. Working with other leaders, he has helped battle the dark forces that have sought to overtake Alyria. Coming from a line of rulers, his sense of honor and duty have served him well since he was thrust upon the throne when his older brother was killed in a hunting accident. This sense of duty has resulted in a constant stream of emissaries and other travelers coming to the castle to appeal to him for aid or favors of various types.

Other traits and specifics:
  • Has been very interested in toy making since his childhood and planned to pursue it as a career. He still makes toys to this day though he was unable to pursue it due to family duty; in fact he often offers his handiwork to adventurers who have served the realm well.
  • Actively encourages the training and support of new adventurers by offering them opportunities to explore, train, and experience all Sigil has to offer them.
  • An ongoing program of various economic and other treaties or alliances receive much attention from him.
  • Has a special penchant for the ocean and all things related to water. He enjoys fishing or just sitting at the courtyard fountain listening to the sweet lullabye of the water.


Marks in Materia Magica

A Mark is a type of magical branding that creates a mystical symbol upon your aura, visible only to specially trained magic users. While certain NPCs within the world of Alyria may bestow Marks upon your person for performing tasks, Marks are most often given by the Powers themselves, who watch and guide all of the denizens of the land.

You may receive Marks for:

  • Visiting special locations
  • Defeating certain NPCs
  • Performing certain actions
  • Solving certain puzzles

Marks will always have descriptive names, such as the Mark of Truth, or the Mark of Wisdom. You may view a list of the Marks your character has received by using the SCORE MARKS command. There are dozens of different Marks that can be obtained.

Many Marks found throughout Alyria have conditions attached to them that must be met in order for the Mark to be awarded to your person. Some conditions can include:

  • Being above or below a certain level
  • Defeating certain NPCs without aide from others
  • Defeating certain NPCs while the NPC is not affected by certain affects

When a Mark is bestowed upon you, it will usually come with a reward of some kind, usually in the form of additional practice sessions, gold, and/or experience. Sometimes having a specific Mark will allow you safe passage into a certain area, or will let you receive a special item. There may be multiple ways to receive the same Mark, but you can only obtain each specific Mark once.