Lasler Valley

The Village and Valley of Lasler

Once you have created your character, you will be in the first classroom in the Village of Lasler. A black cat will greet you upon entry into the game as a new player - it is a good idea to let him show you how to achieve basic interaction with the game through his tour. After the tour, you can follow the direction trail for additional lessons and the chance to train your skills and learn to communicate with others. Most of the information presented there is covered in this guide. However, don't forget to read each room's descriptions, as they can offer many helpful hints. When you make it to the the training room, you can either train your attributes, train your statistics (Hit Points, Spell Points and Stamina), or practice your skills (spells and/or proficiencies).

When you leave the classroom, you will find yourself in the Valley of Lasler, a wilderness area. If you follow the High Road north, you will come to the Village of Lasler. Walking through the village, you will find all kinds of stores that sell weapons, armors, food, etc. The shopkeepers will welcome you and tell you how you can view what is being sold, how you can buy and sell and how to get information about each item being sold. As you travel, you will also notice pools of water. If you feel hungry or thirsty, remember to drink a few times from the pools.

Once you achieve ten levels of experience in Lasler, that you will be transported to another city depending on the class you have chosen. Each time you gain a level of experience, you will be given additional hit points, spell points, stamina points and practice points used to further train your attributes, train your vital statistics, or practice your skills.

Sustenance and Sleep

There are some basic needs to meet to survive in Alyria - food, water, and sleep.

Hunger and Thirst


Every so often, you'll notice your character's stomach is rumbling, or that his or her throat is parched. This means you need to EAT or DRINK something. If you are hungry or thirsty, you will not regenerate hit points or stamina.

If you do not have any food, there are shops throughout the world where it may be purchased. If your drink container happens to be empty, FILL it at the nearest fountain or fresh water source. If you've managed to get the liquid in your container poisoned in some way, or if the container is full of some other undesirable liquid, EMPTY it and FILL it at the nearest fountain or fresh water source (such as a river or stream).

Characters of the FEY race may not drink water for risk of cleansing their characters of the evil ethereal force that comprises their being. In order to quench this thirst, the fey must FEED on another living being or on fresh blood spilled during combat. Additionally, magical blood fountains exist in various rare locations around the world, usually in fairly evil locations.

Resting and Sleeping


If you are tired from running around or fighting, or hurt and bleeding, or low on spell points - turn to nature's cure-all, rest and sleep. When you REST or SLEEP, you will regenerate hit points, spell power, and stamina. It is recommended to rest and sleep in a safe location, as sleeping creatures are quite obviously more vulnerable to attack. You cannot fight while resting, sitting, or sleeping, so if you try to do something and the game tells you that you feel too relaxed, remember to STAND up or WAKE.

When you rest, you are essentially sitting down and meditating, but you can see the area and creatures around you. When you sleep, you won't be able see anything going on in your room, but you will regenerate must faster than by simply resting. You will also be able to hear the DREAMs of other players, as well as be able to dream a bit on your own.

You may stand, sleep, sit, or rest on an object, such as a magical carpet or a park bench.

Lasler Miniquests

In Lasler, there are a lot more things to do than just hunt creatures. Other than learning the basics of the game and exploring new areas, you can try some of the miniquests that will give you extra rewards.

There are several miniquests in Lasler: the Youth trial, the Wisdom trial, and the Orienteering trial. When completed, each gives you practices and a Mark that may be useful to you in later adventures.

Youth Trial

Youth Trial in Lasler

After you reach level six, you may try the trial of youth. The difficulty of this miniquest is proportional to the rewards. Before you start, make sure you have a few healing potions (found at the potion store, which is located to the west on the main road of the village) and light sources (which can be found at the general store).

The first goal in this trial is to obtain three leaves from the dryads outside the forest and the dragon. To obtain the three leaves, you will need to defeat certain creatures; or be sneaky and outwit certain others. To get more information on the miniquest, try talking to the dryad in the forest using the SAYTO command.

Once you have all three leaves, the dryads in the forest will guide you to the place where you can attempt the last phase of the trial. Here you will defeat the main creature, which will allow you to earn the rewards. Be sure to read all information in this area as it may affect the choices you are making, especially which creature you wish to face.

Wisdom Trial

Wisdom Trial in Lasler

To undertake the Trial of Wisdom, locate the druid in the forest. With the help of the creatures of the forest, he'll be happy to tell you the story of the quest along with hints about it.

In the quest area to the north, you will notice five magical obelisks. Your task is to have them placed in the right order so a north exit will reveal itself to you. The magical obelisks are activated or deactivated each time you walk in the room and shine each time one is activated in the desired order. The one in the center has runes that glow to show you how many of the obelisks are correctly activated.

Your task it to get all four of the runes in the center obelisk to glow simultaneously, within the allowed time. Once all four runes in the center obelisk are glowing, you can go north and gather your rewards.

Orienteering Trial

Orienteering Trial in Lasler

The Orienteering Trial is designed to help you familiarize yourself with navigating the wilderness of the Valley of Lasler. The Preacher of Gath that walks the High Road in the valley will greet you and instruct you in what you must do in order to complete the trial and gain your reward.

Getting Help

If at any time you feel lost, or do not understand how to perform an action, do not get discouraged or panic. There are several ways you can get answers to your questions and help. First you can try the HELP command from within the game, or simply browse the help entries and reference materials available here on this website, which will give you additional information on ways of the game.

You can also type RECALL and be returned to the Lasler recall room at any time if you lose your way and become lost. Going outside of Lasler is not a good idea; you will be relocated by the Powers at level 15, so it is advised you stay in Lasler until that occurs. At that point you will be ready to continue your adventures, perhaps within Rune Forest, which lies due north of the village of Lasler.

Player Guides

Help Guides

Certain players who have the strong desire to help new players adjust to the unique world of Alyria are designated as GUIDES. This designation is visible by using the GUIDE command, which will show you currently-enabled guides in the game. GUIDES have the ability to monitor prays, and join and leave the Novice Clan. You can easily reach one or more Guides through use of the PRAY command.

A Guide can also assist in player-to-player squabbles, and is trusted to mediate minor disputes.

Guides are also useful to help manage player-to-player trades of in-game items. If you wish to trade an item with another player, it is always wisest (and recommended) to engage a guide to act as an escrow between you and the character with which you are trading. This way, the guide acts as an independent third party and will hold onto the tradeable item(s) until both parties are satisfied with the deal.

Leaving Lasler

Leaving Lasler

So you made it to level 15! Congratulations! If you were still inside Lasler when you reached level 15, you would have been transported to the exit of Lasler, on the Lasler Trail. Since Lasler is a novice village designed for adventurers under level 15, you cannot re-enter. However, there is an entire new world for you to explore.

Depending on which class you chose, you will receive a magical gemstone in your inventory at level 15. This gemstone, when used, will transport you to the towne most appropriate for your particular class. If you type HELP <class name> you will learn to which towne you will be sent.

But, that doesn't mean you have to head there right away. The gemstone has ten charges, which means you can depend on it to get you out of rough scrapes or to help you get back to your local towne should you lose your way. You may use the gemstone until level 55, or until its magic is spent, whichever comes first. So, you may choose to explore Rune Forest, which is appropriate for your level, and perhaps venture deeper into it and discover Rune Graveyard. You may also choose to follow the road south and find the fair Towne of Rune, but that is all up to you.

When you do get to the appropriate towne, the following tips will help you acclimate yourself to the area. Once you are there, you can use the WHERE command. This will show where you are and who the visible players are in that area with you. Explore the area - walk around, visit the stores in your new town, and see how things work as well as what is being sold.