Getting Around

Movement and Transportation

Adventurers can move around in the world of Alyria in the following directions: north, south, east, west, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast, up, down, and a special command: enter

Directions can be abbreviated for convenience (example: 'n' is the same as 'north', 'ne' is the same as 'northeast').

Movement consists of moving your character from location to location. Locations in the game are usually referred to as "rooms", even if they are outside. "Rooms" can be of varying shapes and sizes based on the type of room, and may have different terrains as well.

Generally, movement costs stamina. Different types of terrain (such as a hilly room or heavily-wooded forest, versus a city street) will take more or less stamina to move through.

Directions in Materia Magica

Some bodies of water (lakes, rivers, the ocean) as well as special rooms cannot be crossed unless you have an active levitation spell. There are also areas (high mountains, steep cliffs) that are impassable, and can not be negotiated with conventional means of transporation.

You may also come across Portals in your travel - these are special constructs (usually magical) that can take you to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Portals and other special items can be entered using the ENTER command. But beware - once you enter a portal, you may not be able to get back!

The Compass Display

Compass in the game

The Materia Magica Compass tells you the obvious directions in which you can move, as well as in which directions there are obvious doors. The following is an example of the compass (shown when you type LOOK, or just enter a room normally):

You may turn the displayed compass ON or OFF using the SET COMPASS command. If you prefer to display the exits on one line instead of as a compass (which may be easier for some auto mappers), you can toggle SET SHOW-EXITS to ON.

The symbols displayed in the compass locations may vary depending on the status of the room that lies in that direction, or the exit between you and the room that lies in that direction.

No Exit
Directional Symbols
N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW, U, D
[ or ]
Closed Door
Uncertain/Obscured Exit

The color of the displayed compass direction will give you information as to conditions in that room. Bright colors indicate that the room has a light source, and dark colors indicate that the room requires a light source.

Bright Yellow indicates the room is normal and lit
Dim Yellow indicates the room is normal and dark
Bright Red indicates the room is flagged as PK and lit
Dim Red indicates the room is flagged as PK and dark
 [  or  ] 
A square bracket is used to display a window
A pound symbol is used to display a closed door

PK Rooms will also add a line in bright red to the displayed room information, such as "WARNING: You are in a LAWFUL PLAYER KILLING room". Be cautious of these rooms.

Turning SET SHOW-COLOR-ALTERNATIVES on in conjunction with SET SHOW-EXITS will show you text-based status information (not just with colors). This can be useful for players who make use of screen readers.

There are additional display settings you can also tweak - please see SET for a list.


Formations in the gameDuring your journeys through the world of Alyria, you needn't travel alone - you may decide to travel (or fight) in a formation.

A Formation is a group of 2 to 9 players traveling together, following a leader. All members of the formation share experience points equally, based on level and the other members of the formation.

Formations can be grouped in special structures. All formation structures are based on a 5x5 box. The leader may arrange the players to their liking within the available positions for the chosen structure. Depending on your location in the formation, you may receive less attention from attacking creatures, since they are more likely to focus on formation members in the front.


Mounts in Materia MagicaWhat knight would be a knight without his trusty steed? Having a creature to ride, or mount, will save you precious stamina. Mounts can be found in townes and villages at Pet Shoppes, as well as wandering in the wilderness (and some mounts, such as dolphins, may be found in the oceans). Use DISMOUNT if you no longer wish to ride the animal.

Once mounted, you may move as normal in any available direction using the standard movement commands. You can also make your mount move by itself by using the vocal commands (commands prefixed by SAY), 'walk', 'gallop', or 'run', followed by the direction you wish the beast to move in. Keep in mind that the faster the mount goes, the more energy it expends. A quick 'stop' or 'whoa' will get your mount to stop.

Mounts will attempt to follow roads and trails, if they are given a vocal command while they are on such a road or trail and the direction they are given will result in them moving to the nearest road or trail in the requested direction. They will try to stay on the best road available but can be persuaded to move to a less desirable path by stopping and reorienting them.

It is not advisable to enter into combat while mounted unless you have the riding proficiency, given to classes such as Cavalier. Attempting combat without that proficiency will result in an accuracy decrease by half, meaning that your attacks, be they spells or sword, will land half as much as normal.

Recall Points and Word of Recall

The recall command petitions the Powers for transportation should you happen to become lost. If you own a home, it can be used to return there. If you do not own a home, it will take you to the nearest recall point (usually the closest towne or dungeon), so long as you have less than 75 total levels.


Use of RECALL costs a lot of your stamina, and it may not work in some magically protected locations where teleportation magics cannot penetrate. Characters who are suffering from the effects of a Curse may not be able to recall at all.

Priests can make use of the Word of Recall spell, which has the same effect as recalling to the nearest recall point. The scroll-version of this spell can be obtained by non-Priests for use in an emergency. Be forewarned, however, that the nearest recall point may not be where you necessarily wish to go - the nearest recall point is based on proximity, not desire.

Magic Carpets, Broomsticks, and other Transport Items

There exist in Alyria magically-enchanted items that bestow upon the bearer the power of flight. Beyond simple levitation, these items can actually take the wielder into the air, soaring above the plains of Sepharia or the wide greenish-blue reaches of Oceanus Ingenii. Common items are magic carpets and witchcraftial broomsticks, but other specially-prepared items exist, such as the magical rocking horse that is offered by Lord Vashir in the Towne of Sigil as a reward for fulfilling quests for him.

To use a magical carpet, broom, or other transportation-enchanted item, you may control the item via vocal commands (commands prefixed by SAY), such as 'fly <direction>'. To get your transportation to stop, simply say 'stop'.



Ah, to sail the four seas of Alyria! The sea-faring Adventurer's dream. Through use of Materia Magica's unique ship system, it is possible to buy, control, sail, and even pillage on the wide blue oceans. Ships allow one to voyage between continents and other landmasses, as well as fight the hostile pirates that sail the non-patrolled oceanic waters. Many of these pirates are known to carry valuable treasure in their cargo holds. An enterprising crew could well make a fortune for themselves as well as gain valuable experience for engaging these pirates in ship combat.

It can take a long time to save enough gold in order to be able to afford a ship. In the meantime, you can catch a ride on a passenger ship, such as the Merdraco, Hallowhold ferry, or Riddenmast ferry. You'll want to take advantage of these free passenger ships to sail from continent to continent - Alyria is a big place!

Teleportation and Gating Magic

There are several spells that can be used by those with the knowledge of matters mystical, or by those less mystically inclined, so long as the proper spell scroll is used. These spells allow for magical transportation from point A to point B. Teleport, Blink, Vacuum Invocation, Nexus, Warp, and Gate Travel are all spells which enable the caster (and sometimes his formation) to transport about in the blink of an eye. These spells may also be enchanted in certain objects, either to good or bad effect.


Worldgates in Materia Magica

The twin moons, Marabah and Trigael, control the mysterious portals known to the denizens of the world as Worldgates. As the moons wax and wane, so do the Worldgates appear and disappear in varied locations around the world. You can view the current conjunctions of the moons by use of the TIME command.

There are several circles of stones which were built by an ancient group of druids. These circles were apparently designed to trap the moons' energy and thus create the Worldgates. They are still in existence today, ready for the wary traveler. Worldgates can take you to locations around the world of Alyria, the Great Alyrian Underground, the Ethereal Void, as well as to the Faerie Plane. There are worldgate locations near most major townes - just be on the look out for a circle of stones.

World Gate in the game

Worldgates are a fast way to get around the world and often one gate will stay open for hours, allowing passage back and forth between two locations, which can give the adventurer plenty of time to explore a new territory without losing their life link back home. Just be aware that once the moon phases change, the worldgate positions will change as well.