Adventurer's Guide

The Adventurer's Guide is intended to be a general guide for those who are unfamiliar with online gaming and/or Materia Magica. Help entries on specific subjects are also readily viewable from within the game by typing HELP and then the topic.

  • Welcome to Alyria!

    Welcome to the world of Alyria! Visit cities, towns and villages across four continents and many exotic islands, then explore the Faerie Plane and the Ethereal Void. Discover vast Underground lands and exotic creatures of all sorts, both beautiful and horrific. The politics of this land are no less complex, as competing factions struggle to wrest power from each other and the ruling Council of Seven.

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  • Creating Your Character

    Creating Your Character

    The first step towards your destiny is creating a character. And the first step of that is account creation; so that you are the only person that can be, well, you. And the first step of this, is creating a mold for your character, defined by race, class, and name. Then comes setting up security options to protect your account and keep it safe.

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  • Gender, Race, and Class

    Gender, Race, and Class

    In Materia Magica, flexibility is the choice of the day, with 13 different races, each with pros and cons, as well as 14 different classes, comprised of four basic archetypes; Warriors, Thieves, Mages, and Clerics. Each class has different skills which emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of each style of play.

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  • Attributes and Vital Statistics

    Attributes and Vital Statistics

    Attributes are how strong, wise, or personable your character is. Low agility makes them into a bumbling fool, but higher agility can make them into a skillful pickpocket. Vitals are how much of a beating you can take... or dish back out, be it magically or physically.

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  • Movement and Transportation

    Movement and Transportation

    In Materia Magica you can travel through various means, be it on foot across the wide plains, on the back of a loyal horse...or dragon. There are also ferries that travel the seas, and shipwrights that will build you your own vessel. And these are just some of the non-magical methods of travel...

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  • Proficiencies and Spells

    Proficiencies and Spells

    Skills - known as Proficiencies and Spells - denote what your character can and can not do. The better practiced you are at a skill or spell, the better you will be with it. It is the difference between a decent static shock, and arcing three thick bolts of lightning across your foes body. Same spell, but you are much more skilled with it. Mastery, of course, comes with time.

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  • Combat


    Combat is a method of gaining experience for your character, and a primary method of ridding the world of evil...even if only temporary. Your character can expect many difficult fights in their lifetime, ranging from simple brigands by themselves, to massive daemons in a large group.

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  • Magic


    Magic is a many faceted jewel, allowing Druids to harness natural energies, and Wizards to alter the fabric of reality itself. For many spells, a book with the spell inscribed within is needed to help cast the spell. Druids and Psionics do not need such a focus, however. Many stronger spells require the usage of reagents, however, so it is always good to check if you have them on hand or not.

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  • Items, Shops, and Vendors

    Items, Shops and Vendors

    Many common items are sold in shops run by NPCs in the game, anything from spell reagents, to high-end weaponry, to rare specialty drinks are sold. Players may also rent a stall at the bazaar and stock their OWN storefront for other players to buy from, earning a tidy profit.

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  • Questing and Marks

    Questing and Marks

    The Lords and Ladies of the land are willing to give adventurers a chance to prove themselves, by requesting a quest from them, and completing it. The stronger your character gets, the more complicated - or dangerous - the task may become. Marks, on the other hand, are sigils that are burned into your very spirit, visible to those trained to see such, and are granted upon the completion of an arduous task.

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  • The Village and Valley of Lasler

    The Village and Valley of Lasler

    This is where your character will being their journey, learning the world around them slowly. The denizens of Lasler and the surrounding area are more than willing to teach a newcomer how to survive on a basic level, entrusting that they will continue on to help the Lords and Ladys protect the land.

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  • Verity Isle and Multiclassing

    Verity Isle and Multiclassing

    Once your character becomes skilled in their current class, they are able to travel to Verity Isle, by way of an old adventurer that knows the way. While on the isle, they can scale the Tower of Riga, and collect black tourmalines, a magical gemstone that, when combined with enough quantity, can imbue your character with the ability to learn the class of a new Archetype permanently.

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