Materia Magica RPG - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Sat, 30 Aug 2014 14:15:05 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Materia Magica RPG - Forum en-gb Subject: MUSHclient bundle: issue with plugins_updater (quick & dirty fix) - by: Ruthgul
Sometime around july 24, Dropbox started enforcing https to access files.

As a result, my plugins_updater stopped working (since it uses luasocket, which can't do https.)

I'm working on a new script, which is capable of doing https (via luasec.) But it's not fully tested yet.

In the meantime, we patched the plugins_updater to use a proxy, to bypass https. This is a "band aid" solution, but it's working for now. It needs to be updated manually, following this:

1- Download this file:

2- Unzip it to your MUSHclient/worlds/plugins/MM folder.

3- In MUSHclient, Ctrl+Shift+P (to access the plugins window), select plugins_updater, and hit Reinstall.]]>
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