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Iyara's Guide to updating MUSH without losing your old settings:

-Rename your old MUSH folder. The new name doesn't matter, as long as it's changed.
-Download a new copy of the MUSH package from: mushclient494_other
or for the VI client: mushclient494_vi
and unzip the new version into the same location as your old MUSH folder.

-In your old MUSH folder, rename your world file.
-Copy the renamed world file from the old MUSH folder into the same place in the new one. (MUSHclient/worlds folder)
-If you want to preserve your maps, copy the map file from old to new, replacing the new file. (mm_mapper.db, in the main mush folder)
-Copy custom plugins, if you have any, in the same way.

-Run the new version of MUSH, and close the world that automatically opens.
-Click File -> Global Preferences, then select the default world file, and remove it.
-Click Add, select your copied world file, and click OK.
Then click File -> Open Worlds In Startup List.
-Log into MM as usual.
-Your map and captures windows have probably moved, reposition them to the desired locations.]]>
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