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I just wanted to announce that I'm stepping down and retiring from playing. I was involved yesterday with an incident that makes me uncomfortable continuing to support this game and its current administration. I had a chance to sleep on it, so I'm not writing this in anger or in spite of anyone. Last night I had made a questionable comment on the games talk channel. It was like any other Friday night, where players who log on and use talk use it as a medium for making belligerent comments. I had contributed to this.

The reason why I'm stepping away is simple. Yesterday Alyce and other members of his alliance were killing Vyst while I had made my belligerent remark on talk. I was punished by Omnis for this. For those who don't know, Omnis is Alyce's immortal. Omnis had previously said that he would no longer be on live. I'm concerned, because of the fact that I was punished by Omnis, while Alyce was currently on a run. I don't want to throw any accusations out there, but if he is doing this while playing his mortal, I can't help but have other thoughts cross my head; wondering what else he might be doing. I should also mention that at the time there was 5 wizinvis immortals currently logged on and one of those immortals should have handled my punishment. I had logged on alternative characters to continue talking on talk. Each of those characters were handed a punishment, even though I hadn't said anything justifying punishment. Reason for those characters punishments were as follows: Rabble Rabble and circumventing previous punishment. Alyce and I had a conversation through tells later that night and I want to mention that he did apologize and I told him that I agreed that I should have been punished. However, I mentioned that it should not have been him who issued the punishment and it should never be him as it just looks bad for any person(s) who may oppose him in the future and/or play on the opposite specter of his beliefs.

Alyce is not a bad guy, it's because of him that this game is still around and I will be the first to thank him for that. Alyce has invested a lot of time and money into Alyria and we should all thank him for this.

The reason why I decided to share this with everyone is because I wanted to formally say my goodbyes. I walked a fine line when playing. I enjoyed PK and yes that's an aspect of the game that frustrates players on the opposite end of my PK situations. Many times have been CPK situations. Anyone who has been CPK'D by me has come forth and said that I'm not a bad person and more often then not, I would return the equipment to those players.

Please don't come out and say that I'm Floyding, I'm not emotional or hysterical right now or ever for that matter. I simply feel that with such a small player base that when even small situations like this arise, it makes me have less confidence of what's happening in the big picture and merely feel like investing further time into playing would be silly on my behalf, as I'll always be that person that is the opposition.

If anyone wants to remain in contact with me. You can either respond with contact information on here. Email address, Numbers, Facebook and PSN. I'll eventually also log on from time to time to check for i-mails if you don't feel comfortable leaving contact information on here. I know I wouldn't leave any contact info on here myself.

I want to wish Alyria the best of luck and I hope that it has many more years of success. I also hope the day comes where I feel like I can return and the player base is flourishing with more and more players. Until then all that's left to say is goodbye.]]>
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