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Personal mounts are contained in their own pocket dimensions, which can be USEd to spawn a mount once per hour. Only its owner can mount it, and the owner can also remotely recall it into its pocket dimension, so it will be available to spawn again later. Every Stable in the game has also been flagged with the new 'Stables' flag, which will bypass the hour timer.

Each personal mount type has different traits, with some randomization elements that will be explained more later. In addition, personal mounts will occasionally do something in combat to assist their rider. Whether it's a giant spider that spits acid in dungeons, or a pigasus that poison clouds opponents, submit your ideas and win a great prize!

The deadline is midnight, Friday, 11/14/14.]]>
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Subject: It'd be nice to know what direction the game is taking. - by: Primus Announcements Wed, 05 Nov 2014 20:28:11 +0000 Subject: Maintenance - by: Iyara Announcements Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:12:28 +0000 Subject: How to Update to MUSH 4.94 - by: Iyara
Iyara's Guide to updating MUSH without losing your old settings:

-Rename your old MUSH folder. The new name doesn't matter, as long as it's changed.
-Download a new copy of the MUSH package from: mushclient494_other
or for the VI client: mushclient494_vi
and unzip the new version into the same location as your old MUSH folder.

-In your old MUSH folder, rename your world file.
-Copy the renamed world file from the old MUSH folder into the same place in the new one. (MUSHclient/worlds folder)
-If you want to preserve your maps, copy the map file from old to new, replacing the new file. (mm_mapper.db, in the main mush folder)
-Copy custom plugins, if you have any, in the same way.

-Run the new version of MUSH, and close the world that automatically opens.
-Click File -> Global Preferences, then select the default world file, and remove it.
-Click Add, select your copied world file, and click OK.
Then click File -> Open Worlds In Startup List.
-Log into MM as usual.
-Your map and captures windows have probably moved, reposition them to the desired locations.]]>
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