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I've been playing short stints of MM on and off for quite a few years. Even though I have a balanced and fulfilling life outside of MM, for some reason I keep coming back to immersing myself in the diversity of this community. Because I have enjoyed it so much, I have donated a bit to MM to show my appreciation. I hope you read my 2c of this debacle, from an unbiased player who does not have any grudges towards you, nor favors owes to the opposition.

First off, thanks for your apology. We are all human, and as such we all make human mistakes. I have no doubt you have MM's best interest at heart.

In essence, I think that an immortal should never have a mortal character, no exceptions.

If someone were to have some conflict with Alyce, and then prayed to Omnis for help, how would you take it?
Would you choose to intentionally ignore them?
Would you be unbiased in your decision?
Would you proceed to exact an overly severe punishment?
Would you treat people differentially depending on if they were your buddies and you owed them a favor?
Do you have the ability to separate your professional duties from your personal ones?

If you want absolute power, go play your immortal on the dev server, because if you continue this way, that is what the live server will become - a place that used to be magical and bustling with people, but will become an empty shell because anyone who has ever had a disagreement with you has been banished or left. If you enjoy playing your mortal, then remove all your immortal gear, rescind your immortal mantle and play on a level playing field in the shoes of a mortal.

Are there people out there who have the integrity to take the high road? In an ideal world yes, but based on what I've heard of your actions (free astral key, lightning wand, teleporting your form, tanking bosses with immortal, and let's not be naive here, definitely a tonne of other things that no one has caught you doing and you haven't admitted to), I think you've really undermined the MM community's faith in your integrity. Hey I don't think you are a bad person. Were I put in the same situation, honestly I would eventually also be corrupted by the allure of power, and I would say the same for all the other people currently siding against you, such as Toothgnasher, Adramalech and Spunkie. This goes back to the core reason of why there should not be a mortal with access to immortal powers.

Kayde and Hez did not have mortal characters, which is why I think they had the capacity to be the most fair and just in their authority.

From what I read on the other thread, I have to say I am quite surprised to hear what Kayde and Hez were accused of doing. Even though I totally believe Alyce should not have access to immortal powers, I think you guys have no right to remove the code and try and extort money out of it. If you had chosen to write 8 months of code for free without co-ercion, then that was your decision. If you had wanted to be paid, you should have discussed these issues in your employment contract in the beginning, and you could have freely declined if you did not agree with the terms. This is how real life goes.

It is inevitable that at some point you, Alyce, will come to the cross-roads of a conflict of interest. The only way to avoid it is to never have to come across it by not having both a mortal and immortal.

So yeah, please take a step back from this mess, and try and a see a broader perspective from the other side.

A regular MM player.]]>
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